Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

The Development of Indonesia One Search: Retrieving Information Resources in Indonesia

Muhammad Azwar
Corresponding author
Muhammad Azwar
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Portal of Indonesia One Search; Retrieving; Information Resources; Libraries; Journals; and Repositories
The article discusses about development of Indonesia One Search portal. It is applied to retrieve a large number of references in all libraries, journals, and repositories from various institutions in Indonesia. The information resources are obtained by harvesting technique from membership online repositories. With Indonesia One Search, every people can easily access digital collection by watching, downloading full text, video learning materials, and etc. The goal of the article is to acknowledge development of the One Search in the future. The research in this current article uses the qualitative approach as a descriptive type. The main source of this research is Ismail Fahmi, Ph.D who appears to be the initiator of One Search Indonesia and provided with various literatures relating to the digital library technology. This portal is developing through three stages. The first stage is the bibliographical metadata gathering process from various repositories (started in 2015). The second stage involves the crawling PDF full text in every related collection, the text analysis using NLP technology (Natural Language Processing), Information extraction & knowledge mapping based on NLP, and the research mapping between institutions (2017-2018). As for the third stage, it involves the system and anti-plagiarism services by applying the plagiarism clarification (2019-2020). Indonesia One Search website answers the complications experienced by the academic learners and studious society in obtaining the access of scientific information by establishing an open and integrated access from various institution and preventing by suppressing the possibility of plagiarism which is currently occurring in Indonesia.
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