Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

Rational Jihad: Measuring Rationality of Jihad Resolution

Zakiya Darojat
Corresponding author
Zakiya Darojat
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Jihad; Islamic social movement; Jihad Resolution; Radicalism; Rationality.
The World now is facing the common enemy namely terrorism, and Islam becomes one of world culprits as an actor of terror. The doctrine of jihad is accused as the cause of radicalism in Islam. Jihad is considered as an emotional expression which is implemented by terror actions, taking some Indonesian Islamic social movements as samples. This article seeks to show that the use jihad as the basis of their struggle is considered as a rational movement, and not solely caused by emotional expression. This article was s written using socio-scientific history approach which meant that historical approach combined with other social science approaches, such as sociological, theological-normative, and political approaches. The main sources of data were taken from literature related to the topic, documentation study, and in- depth interviews with relevant parties. This article considers that jihad was a rational act for the actors. They showed collective acts that were structured and organized through mobilization mechanism to bring them strategic resources for sustainable acts. The writer also viewed that some Islamic social movements, or in this case was the Jihad Resolution, was triggered not only by the cost-benefit calculation but also by the pursuance of martyrdom as expected by every mujahidin, as well as a practice of altruism by the doers. This is what the writer considered as Religio-Rational Action Theory (RRAT).
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