Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

The Relationship Between Ranau Krui and Retta

Darsita Suparno
Corresponding author
Darsita Suparno
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reflex of phoneme; primary; secondary rule; lexicostatistic; reconstruction technique; innovation and retentio
This research examines the historical relationship between Ranau, Krui and Retta languages. As they are all members of the Austronesian language family, those languages have similarities and differences in their lexical or phonological features. The aims of this study are: (1) to describe synchronically the phonological system of Ranau, Krui and Retta, (2) to describe the reflexes of Proto Malayo-Polynesian phonemes which have either retention or innovation that occur in Ranau, Krui and Retta, and (3) to describe the historical relationship between Ranau, Krui and Retta by observing the sound correspondence that can prove the existence of kinship relationship between the three languages. The data used in this research are secondary data drawn from the collection of data in the previous study for Ranau and Krui, and primary data especially in the Retta language from its native speakers. This research was conducted with the method and framework of diachronic linguistics theory that applies quantitative and qualitative approaches. Both methods were used to find evidence to explain the historical relationship between the three languages being studied. Based on lexicostatistical technique, it is known that the average cognate percentage of the Ranau, Krui, and Retta languages is 46 %. This proves that the relationship between the three languages make them members of the same subfamily language of Malayo-Polynesian branch. A number of findings that explain the characteristics of those languages in sporadic or secondary rules include lenition (sound attenuation), apheresis, apocope, and syncope.
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