Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

The Islamic Terms Translation in Kalimatun Sawa' an Indonesian Bulletin

M. Agus Suriadi
Corresponding author
M. Agus Suriadi
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Translation Approaches, Linguistics, Semantics, Transposition, Borrowing, Naturalization, Modulation, Paraphrase, Emphasis Change
This research study aims to find out how the Islamic terms on the source text (ST) dealing to the target text (TT) - English language- with same sense and meaning. It is analyzed qualitatively by using some translation strategies considered as linguistic approach and semantic approach. The data were obtained from Islamic terms taken randomly from a bilingual bulletin existed in Indonesia. From linguistics side, it found 3 data of borrowing, 1 data of transposition, and adaptation is 0 data. Meanwhile, from the semantic side, it found 5 data of modulation, 3 data of emphasis change, and 0 data of paraphrase. as the result, the most approach used to deal the meaning of the terms is semantics one. However, those approaches influenced to the transferences which were not successfully conveyed the real meaning to the informants. They who are common to the Islamic terms and otherwise got difficulties to unsderstand the transference, because the approaches were used still oriented to the word-form not to the meaning one. Semantic approaches as the meaning oriented is suggested to be considered to do transferring; however, the use of it in not right terms will be resulting in a missing link information originally contained in ST. Hence, it is important for the translators not only understand the approaches, but also use it and communicatively transfer the meaning by giving note as the way to inform clear context to the target readers and also give some note in the terms translated by the transaltors.
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