Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

Using Electronic Media and Problems of Prophetic Communication Behavior at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Ade Abdul Hak, Tine Silvana Rachmawati, Agus Rusmana, Asep Saeful Muhtadi
Corresponding author
Ade Abdul Hak
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media literacy; information behavior; prophetic; communication behavior; uses and gratifications.
Humanization, liberation, and transcendence communication as prophetic communication behavior becomes a crucial part for the free use of electronic media. An aspect often overlooked with this freedom is the ethics of communication. A case sample occurring in the community is easily the spreading of untrue stories or hoax. No exception, it also happens in Islamic universities. For this reason, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of media literacy and information behavior to prophetic communication behavior for the lecturers of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. A questioner survey based on a stratified random sample of 100 lecturers at 11 faculties had been taken for this explanatory research. Data analyzed by SPSS 22 indicated that all questioner items were valid and reliable. The results showed that there were significant relationships between the media literacy, information behavior, and prophetic communication behavior: humanization, liberation, and transcendence. Simultaneously, the effects of information behavior and media literacy to the prophetic communication behavior are significant. T-Test analysis indicated that there was positive and significant effect for the information behavior, but not for the media literacy. Meanwhile, the most occurred in the effect of information behavior to the humanization communication with effect value of 64%. The value of study proves that it becomes important for lecturers to get the media literacy. Although it is partially no significant, the media literacy influences on the information behavior significantly. The prophetic communication behavior, as social ethical cognition to communicate in electronic media, will have a high value if the information behavior is high.
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