Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

Animal in Islam: a Literary Study on Eka Kurniawan's "O" Through Alquran Perspective

Padel Muhamad Rallie Rivaldy
Corresponding author
Padel Muhamad Rallie Rivaldy
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O (novel); intrinsic approach; non-human animal; Alquran
This paper aims to observe the position of non-human animal which is portrayed within Kurniawan's O. The novel narrates the journey of a female monkey named O that looked for her soulmate Entang Kosasih, a male monkey that seemed transform into Kaisar Dangdut after his mysterious disappearance from Rawa Kalong forest. O's journey unexpectedly guided her to meet human characters within the novel. The objective of this study is to analyse relationship between human and non-human animal which focusing on the conflict between Betalumur and Syekh Nuruddin Asyhadie as humans and non- human animal characters because both of Syekh Nuruddin Asyhadie and Betalumur portray distinctively two manners on the treatment to non-human animals. By using qualitative method, this work examines Eka Kurniawan's O through literary study framework by using intrinsic approach of Rene Wellek and Austin Warren, and the notion of animal in the Quran by Sarra Tlili to reveal the position of non-human animal characters within the novel. The analysis finds that through Betalumur the novel puts animal as the object of oppression and exploited in a capitalistic way. On the opposite side, through Syekh Nuruddin Asyhadie the novel draws animals as a source of inspiration and are not placed below human authority and domination. Thus, Kurniawan's O offers multidimensionality of treatment on non-human animal and help the readers to increase the understanding about non-human animal's usage.
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