Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

The Analysis of Publishing Strategy for Islamic Reference Books in Indonesia

Nur Yudi
Corresponding author
Nur Yudi
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Islamic Publishing; Islamic Book Publishing; Reference Book Publisher; Book Publishing Strategies
Using a qualitative approach, this research aims to reveal the factual phenomenon related to publishing business strategy of Islamic reference books in Indonesia, with a case study in Almahira publisher. The publisher director in Jakarta has been the subject of research to describe the dynamics of its business factors and strategic actions to sustain and cope with the recent challenges. The study emphasizes the use of primary data obtained from in-depth interview and observation, which has been analyzed by using descriptive, interpretative phenomenology and triangulation techniques. The results obtained that the business strategy implemented by the publisher comprises within five integrated actions, those are: direct observation and creative analysis of community needs, enterprise innovations and open mind to competition and diversity, implementing strict pre-print editing procedures, selecting product premium for the segment of upper middle class, and presenting the complete integration of product design concept. With regard to business dynamics, it was known that there has been an increase in the awareness of middle class society for books and reading interest in Islamic studies. In addition, the trend of selling Islamic reference books remains steady and is increasing despite the intense competition and challenges of cultural change of society regarding the use of internet and digital books to obtain information resources.
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