Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

Morphological Interference of Javanese in Banyumas Dialect in Purwokerto

Yunilis Andika, Mr Sumarlam, Wakit Abdullah
Corresponding author
Yunilis Andika
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Morphological Interference; Banyumas Dialect; and Purwokerto
Today, many people in Purwokerto become reluctant to use Javanese in Banyumas dialect in their communication. It is influenced by many immigrants from outside city who settled in Banyumas district to work or study. The decline of the existence of the Banyumas dialect as part of Java language leads to a decline in the ability of the community to use the language itself. As a result, in society, the Javanese language in Banyumas dialect interfered with other languages. This study relates to the interference of bahasa Indonesia to the Javanese in Banyumas dialect. It also aims to identify the morphological interference which founded on the Purwokerto citizen's speech. The data of research obtained by the listening method/ simak method and continued with the SBLC technique (free listening with conversation involvement technique), recording technique, note technique, and indepth interview. The research method used in this research is the padan method with the substitute technique. The results of this research showed that there was morphological interference of Banyumas dialect as Javanese language in Purwokerto. The interference is formed through the process of affixation and reduplication. The affixation processes are divided into three types. They are prefixation, suffixation, and confixation. While on the reduplication, it is founded the complete reduplication process with affixes using the suffixation form. The existence of morphological interference in the Javanese with Banyumas dialect signifies that the language has experienced a language shifting.
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