Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

The Spirit of Togetherness in Library Resource Sharing Among Indonesia Islamic Universities

Pungki Purnomo, Fadhilatul Hamdani, Abdul Hafiz Dinullah
Corresponding author
Pungki Purnomo
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Indonesia state Islamic university libraries; Library Resource Sharing; UIN Jakarta; UIN Yogyakarta, UIN Malang.
There are two objectives of this study. First is to investigate the impact of togetherness spirit in resource sharing program among Indonesia Islamic university libraries on the internal aspects of each library and the other one is its impact on the external aspects of library members collectively. The findings of this study internally that spirit of togetherness through library resource sharing program becomes the main argument to convince the university leaders to support the library to build institutional repository and also using the latest advancements of information technology tools. Externally that togetherness spirit through the establishment of the association of Indonesia Islamic universities libraries (APPTIS) is able to be collective efforts as communication medium among them and also attract the directorate of Islamic higher education to support the association objectives. However factually it is not easy for the association to implement their objectives optimally in practice.
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