Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics and Banking 2015

The Internal Branding Process: Base On Brand Audit

Dani Dagustani, Herry A. Buchory, Mutia Tri Satya
Corresponding Author
Dani Dagustani
Available Online May 2015.
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Internal Branding Process, Brand Audit
Small Business Borondong snack been there long enough in the District Ibun Bandung Regency has no 1960 late, but has not shown a good development. One problem has been that these products do not have a well-known brand, while strengthening the brand has significance for the development of marketing strategies, especially strategies positioning and marketing communications. The purpose of this study was to perform an internal process to build the brand through brand audit to brands of employers in the district of borondong, Ibun. It is observed that the unknown condition of the company's internal strength in an objective and external conditions such as market attractiveness of the borondong business. This research was conducted with descriptive method through surveys and data analysis using matrix mapping analysis 9 cell from the general electric, by mapping the results of the audit to the brand. Results of this research generally shows the external brand strength is high position and medium except the brand Az-zahra, meaning that the traditional food business borondong brand still reliable, especially when calling Borondong Majalaya for internal positions of employers existing brand at medium and high levels. Each brand is highly recommended to make a differentiation that is unique and relevant to the needs of its target market so that products borondong not become generic
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May 2015
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This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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