Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics and Banking 2015

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Measuring Dimensions Of Brand Personality

Gatot Wijayanto
The purpose of this paper is redefining constructs Brand Personality by analyzing the concept and measurement of Brand Personality. Brand personality study be undertaken by identifying and measuring the dimensions of Brand Personality. The problem raised in this paper is composed of brand personality...
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Tows Analysis To Improve Competitivenes At West Java Batik Industry

Nur Hayati, Dede Suryana
The main objective of this study is to make an analysis of the two (2) tools that can be used in order to increase the competitiveness of industry in West Java batik is batik industry examples taken from Tasikmalaya District. This study analysis the tourism industry through the TOWS matrix analysis and...
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Green Banking Concept As A Positioning Strategy To Gain Brand Image

Mohamad Hadi Prasetyo
The awareness of environmental preservation is the duty of every human being. In the current business world, all speaks about the concept of green. This paper is aimed at describing the concept of green banking as a positioning strategy to improve the brand image of the company (bank) itself. The method...
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Influence Of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) On Bank Image

Henny Utarsih
This study aims to determine the implementation of Customer Management Relationship Management (CRM) and its effect on the image bank at Bank Jabar Branch Bandung Surapati. The research was conducted on 100 clients of savings services at Bank Jabar Branch of Suci Bandung as a sample of study. Primary...
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Export Market Orientation for Manufacturing Small-Medium Enterprises in East Java Indonesia

A. Yahya Surya Winata
The best value creation for customers is a key to be able to achieve the survival and best performance of business in the long run. It can only be achieved if a business organization has a market orientation. Export market orientation according to some authors also referred to as advanced of market orientation...
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The Influence of Online Advertisment on Consumer Attitudes

Muhammad Aqsa, M. Risal
The rapid development of technology today makes Internet users continues to increase. This is supported by the ease of internet users access the internet either through a PC, laptop, mobile phones, tablets and other media. The increase in Internet users this makes the internet into a proper promotion...
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Green Banking: A Service Product Innovation In Brand Image Enhancement Through The Marketing Mix

Tera Saptina Maulani
Energy crisis and environmental phenomena such as climate change, natural disasters and global warming affect many countries. These are caused by the excessive exploitation of natural resources resulting in environmental damage. Economic growth and industrial activities are blamed for contributing to...
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An Analysis of Industry Develovment of Malay Woven Cloth in Province of Riau

Small industry is an important factor in sustain the national economic of Indonesia, as it capable in significant contribution for. In general, micro industrial development progress had classical impediment occurred including unqualified human resource, feeble management, low access to the market and...
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Role Of Locus On Control Customer Recovery Service Of Percieved Justice And Its Implication On Satisfaction With Recovery Services

Badawi, H.M. Thamrin, Priyo Susilo
This study examines the effect of locus on control customer to customer perceived justice in recovery service and its implications on satidfaction with recovery service. Respondents in this study is a customer of PD BPR Region of Cirebon totaling 250 respondents. Quantitative research is being done using...
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The Effect of Candidate Image, Advertising, Program, and Party, toward Candidate Election Decision

Julina, Diana Eravia, Qomariah
This study aimed to examine the effect of contestant image, advertising, program, and the party to local elections in the city of Pekanbaru. Data were collected using a questionnaire. After being tested for validity and reliability, the data were analyzed using multiple linear regression. This research...
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The Internal Branding Process: Base On Brand Audit

Dani Dagustani, Herry A. Buchory, Mutia Tri Satya
Small Business Borondong snack been there long enough in the District Ibun Bandung Regency has no 1960 late, but has not shown a good development. One problem has been that these products do not have a well-known brand, while strengthening the brand has significance for the development of marketing strategies,...
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The Influence Green Marketing and Green Innovation Toward Purchase Intention

Deni Hamdani
The research is aimed at finding out: the implementation of green marketing and innovation of organic vegetables at Yogya Riau Junction Department Store in Bandung, and the amount of their influences, whether directly or not, towards purchasing intention at Yogya Riau Junction Department Store in Bandung....
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The Influence Of Mobile Banking Transaction Used On Cost Reduction Of SMEs Employers

Sri Rahayu, Gilang Rahadian P.
The aim of this study is to investigate the use of mobile banking as a way to decrease the transaction costs for the SMEs entrepreneurs. Mobile banking is a facility that is provided by the bank to its customers to better facilitate them in the transaction. Efficient in terms of time and cost is one...
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Financial Performance, Macroeconomic Factors and Stock Return

Rita Zulbetti, A.H. K. Prihartono, Perwito
The objective of this research is to analyze the influence of Capital Adequacy Ratio, Non Performing Loan, Operating Expense to Operating Income, Net Interest Margin, Loan to Deposit Ratio, Economic Growth, Inflation Rate, Interest Rate and Exchange Rate to Stock Return of banking companies on SRI-Kehati...
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Equity Fund’s Performance Evaluation

Mirza Hedismarlina Yuneline
One of the long-term investment’s option is equity fund, since it suitable for the investor who have limited fund, time, and information. In Indonesia, there are 132 products of equity fund that offer many investment alternatives, but in the other hand investors must choose it thrifty based on their...
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Comparative Study of Students Financial Literacy And Its Demographic Factors

Hery Syaerul Homan
Results of a survey conducted by Indonesia Financial Services Authority in 2013 showed that only 21.84 percent of Indonesia's population are classified as well literate. Students are one of the components of society, which is quite large and will provide a major influence in the economy because in the...
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Banking Service Quality Analysis in Facing Challenges and Opportunities for Business Development

Edhi Asmirantho, Rorim Panday
Banking business competition is so tight, in terms of offering banking products. In the competition, there is always a challenge and an opportunity. Banking business included in service operations, thus each bank trying to service its services to provide satisfaction to its customers and to attract new...
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Strategic Management Banking Technology Readiness Analysis in Facing Challenges and Opportunities

Kamaludin Kamaludin, John Tampil Purba
Opportunities and challenges are the culture of the people in business arena. Those also happen in the Banking Industry over the world, transforming from the traditional systems into high end technology. Strategic Management is needed in preparing technology readiness (TR) of banks in customer-focused...
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Green Banking : One Effort To Achieve The Principle Of Good Corporate Governance (GCG)

Fia Dialysa
Environmental damage that occurs in most of the Earth causing environmental movement nowadays in various fields with the term green, eco. One of them is in banking. Implementation of green banking holds the principle of sustainable development that development should have a balance on three viewpoints...
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Mediate Job Satisfaction: Effect of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Citizen Behavior (OCB) (Studies on employees PD. Rural Banks (BPR) in Cirebon)

Kartono, Moh. Yudi Mahadianto, Mardi
This study examined the mediating role of job satisfaction influence of transformational leadership on organizational citizenship behavior in PD. Rural Banks (BPR) in Cirebon. Research quantitative with individual sample units totaling 128 employees PD. Rural Banks (BPR) in Cirebon has a minimum term...
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Impact of Firm Leverage to Performance: Evidence from Shariah and Non-Shariah Compliant Companies in Malaysia

Wan Shahzlinda Shah Bt Shahar, Wan Shahdila Shah Bt Shahar
This study are meant to investigates the impact firm leverage towards the performance of Shariah compliant listed companies with the non-compliant Shariah listed companies and to discover on their firm leverage practices from each other. A total 70 construction companies listed in Securities Commission...
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Reference to Shari’ah Advisory Council in Islamic finance: Effect of Changes to the Stakeholders

Nurauliani Jamlus Rafdi, Surianom Miskam, Noor Aimi Mohamad Puad
The passing of the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009 has granted the authority to the Central Bank of Malaysia for the establishment of the Shariah Advisory Council as the highest and sole authority for the purpose of Islamic financial business in Malaysia. The intention of the Parliament is to rectify...
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Green Accounting: Comprehension of Accounting Students

Shofiana Hanifa, Abdul Kahar
Increasing of society awareness supported by unlimited information access nowadays causing environmental issues always take widespread attention from any holder. Green accounting is an answer from accounting towards environment degradation issues which caused by business activities. In this terms, accounting...
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Trading Activity as a Liquidity Measure In Indonesia Stock Exchanges

Erna Garnia, Rachmat Sudarsono, Dian Masyita, Ina Primiana
Trading activity that is indicated by the trading volume or the turnover is the measures of stock market liquidity. This paper presents a theoretical and empirical investigation of the relation between return and trading activity. As a consequence of clientele effect that relating the holding period...
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Innovation Green Banking in Banking Service (Electronic Banking) to Improve Quality

Resi Juariah
The concern about environment is now even more intensive than some time before. This concern comes from various organizations, one of them is from the bank bringing the idea of Green Banking. Green banking is an environmentally friendly bank activity by considering three aspects: 3Ps (profit, planet...
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Mutual Fund Performance : Stock Selection or Market Timing

Moh. Benny Alexandri
The number of mutual fund investors in Indonesia as an emerging market in compared with the population of Indonesia is very small. In the United States, mutual funds have become part of a family, where in 10 families, 8 have invested in mutual funds. While in Indonesia is still needs more time to achieve...
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Capital, Operational Efficiency And Credit Risk In The Banking Intermediation

Herry A. Buchory
Regional Development Bank in Indonesia was established to accelerate the growth of the economy. But in reality the contribution of BPD to Gross Regional Domestic Product in 2014 was still relatively small. The aim of this study was to analyze the factors that affect the banking intermediation include...
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Independent Comisioners As A Good Corporate Governance Mechanisme To Increase Coporate Performance

Dito Rinaldo, Vina Anggilia Puspita
This study aims to determine the effect of independent commissioner in the composition of the board of commissioner on corporate performance that measured by return on assets. The research object are Islamic banks that listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI). In examining the effect of the composition...
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Social Performance Analysis of Indonesia Islamic Banking Using Islamic Social Reporting Index

Resa Saridona, Martha Fani Cahyandito
Banking plays a vital role as the world’s economic driver in a country, including Islamic bank, which is now thriving rapidly. However, it could not be denied that there are social and environment impacts which are caused by Islamic bank. The study aims to explore the social and environment performance...
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Restatement And Accrual Basis Issue In Government Accounting

Erlynda Yuniarti Kasim
Beginning of the year 2015, Indonesian Government start to implement Accrual-based accounting. The government need to prepare the restatement of financial statement. This paper discuss what and how to prepare the restatement and also some issues in implementing the accrual-based accounting in government...
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Analysis of Relationship of Environmental Performance and Firm Value

Kannya Purnamahatty Prawirasasra
Environmental has been an isuue for Indonesia, which impose threats to sustainable development, such as the impact of climate change and also energy and food crisis. Bank Indonesia as a regulator in banking industry, decided to publish the regulation about Green Banking, as an act to focus on raising...
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An Influence Of Psak 28, 36, & 62 Implementation To The Technical Reserve And Underwriting Revenue In General Insurance

Ramson Sinaga
The general insurance is a business with specialization in protection to the endured in overcome of risk on lost, revenue lost, and liability to the third party in due to the uncertainty event. The study intends to review on how influences the establishment of reserve on premise that was not become a...
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The Influence Of Director Ownership on the relationship between firm's Financial Performances (FP) and Social Peformance (SP): Malaysian Evidence

Sarifah Ismail, Teh Suhaila Tajudin, Zainab Aman
The slack resource theory is argued that companies who are financially strong would have slack resources that would provide the opportunity to invest in social activities for community, employee, and environment. If slack resources are available from previous financial performance, better financial performance...
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The Development Of Islamic Pawnbroking in Malaysia, Application and ITS Challenges

Nor Fadilah bt Bahari, Shafina bt Fisal, Wan Shahdila Shah bt Shahar, Tajul Azli bin Shahadan
Islamic Pawn Broking industry, known as Ar Rahnu, have since received tremendous support in the Malaysian market, especially amongst micro, small and medium entrepreneurs. The pioneer of Ar Rahnu in Malaysia was Muassasah Gadaian Islam Terengganu(MGIT) introduced in 1992. This paper aims to provide a...
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Determinant of Saving Behavior among Staff in International Islamic University College Selangor

Nurul Wajhi Ahmad, Mawar Murni Yunus, Nuzul Akhtar Baharudin, Norhanizah Johari, Norazlina Ripain
This paper analyses the relationship of saving behavior to financial management practice, financial distress, and financial literacy. This paper utilized questionnaire- based surveys to obtain information about saving behavior. The sample comprised of 150 KUIS staffs in academic and administration department....
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The Character of The Disposal Of Wealth from Quranic Perspektive

Sa'diah Abdul Karim
This paper investigates the character of disposal of wealth from Quranic perspective with constructive reference towards the disposal of wealth for the cause of Allah. We do believe that the discussion of the disposal of wealth is clearly general and involves various variables, yet this paper particularly...
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The use of Key Performance Indicator in Malaysian Government-Linked Company

Noor Raudhiah Abu Bakar, Nor Aziah Abu Kasim, Mazlina Mustapha, Rozita Amiruddin
Government-linked companies (GLCs) play an important role in the development of the Malaysian economy. To enhance performance in GLCs, Malaysian government introduced GLC Transformation program. The first initiative in GLCT is to intensifying performance management systems. The GLC Blue-Book as a guidance...
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The Relationship Between Role Conflict As Internal Barrier And Career Advancement Among Women In Banking Sector

Shahida Mansor, Hazelena Dewi Fatahul Ariffin, Mohd Hakimi Md Baharudin, Zulhizzam Hamzah
The main purpose of this study is to identify the relationship between role conflict as internal barrier and career advancement among women in banking sector. In this quantitative study, a set of questionnaire focusing on women executives was used for data collection. A total number of 263 women employees...
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The Relationship Of Regulatory Of Leadership Changes Toward Employee Motivation At Polytechnic LP3I Bandung

Yuyun Taufik, Iin Kurniawati
The main objective of this study is to determine the relationship of regulatory changes in leadership and employee motivation at Polytechnic LP3I Bandung. Using a qualitative descriptive research method correlation. Sampled population / resource was permanent employees of LP3I Polytechnic Bandung who...
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The Implementation of Controlling, Coaching and Counseling; For solving corruption problem in Indonesia

Nana Darna, Ati Rosliyati, Elin Herlina
Corruption has involved all professions in Indonesia. It has been a tradition from lower level up to the highest level of social communities. It is not only because of the condition but also degradation of moral. Building a character is not easy because it needs understanding and struggling of all the...
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The Implementation Of Education Concept 2 + 1 And Estabishing The Professionalism Of Graduates Polytechnic LP3I Bandung

Iin Kurniawati, Yuyun Taufik
The purpose of this study was to determine the extent of application of the concept of education 2 + 1 and the formation of life in the form of soft skills professionalism and hard skills of graduates (exit study) LP3I Bandung Polytechnic year 2011. Using descriptive qualitative research methods, the...
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Effect Of Human Capital On Employee Performance In Sharia Rural Bank HIK Parahyangan

Puteri Andika Sari
The role of human resources in an organization occupies an important position as human resources which can be a differentiating factor with another organization. Along with the development of human resources for the switches position as the capital of an organization so that can be a competitive force...
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The relationship among Personality and Beliefs about Knowledge on Study Approach : Evidence from Top Indonesian Universities Accounting Students

Alfiati Silfi, Mohammad Ali Abdul Hamid
The objective of the study is to investigate the relationship between personality factors and beliefs about knowledge on study approach among on accounting student in Indonesian top universities.Personality factors consists of five dimensions of personality known as The Big Five Personality and Beliefs...
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The Effects of the Ageing Population on Healthcare Expenditure: A Comparative Study of China and India

NurHaiza Nordin, NurNaddia Nordin, Nor Asma Ahmad
The motivation of the study is to compare the impact of aging population on healthcare expenditure between China and India as demographic projection forecast that the percentage people above 65 years will be 26 percent by 2050. The used of long time series data of China and India from 1970 to 2011 helps...
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The relationship between human resource management practices, servant leadership,organizational structure, with organizational commitment: The mediating role of organizational learning capability.

Azharuddin Hashim, Muhammad Firdaus Mohamad Sabri, Mazlina Che Malek, Nadwatul Husna Mustapha
Organizational learning has aroused a great deal of interest among the academic circles and practitioners as a strategic tool to enhance an organization's core competence and create competitive advantages for success. In extension of organizational learning study, the concept of organizational learning...
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Employee Engagement Toward Intention To Quit With job Insecurity As Moderating Variable At Goverment Bank In Bandung City

Deddy Rusyandi
The purpose of this research was to demonstrate the importance of employee engagement and its relationship to employee intent to quit witch moderated by job insecurity on employees frontline state bank in Bandung City Indonesia. The method used is explanatory survey method that this study took a sample...
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Student Acceptence of Online Learning in KUIS

Norhanizah Johari, Hanifah Mustaffha, Norazlina Ripain, Aliah Zulkifli, Nurul Wajhi Ahmad
This paper explores the students’ acceptance on online learning courses developed under My Learning Management System (MyLMS) by Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (KUIS). This study was conducted to 99 first year students of Faculty of Management and Muamalah (FMM) where a web-based survey...
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Winning election model

Ganjar Garibaldi
The election of president in Indonesia at 2014 was the big moment to ensure how democrat ion by performance happens can be proof. As far as we know, from the background condition in Indonesian before, at Indonesian, the entrusted condition to the government and the parliament was very not well. Jokowi...
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The Effect of Total Quality Management (TQM) on Productive Behavior of Small Industries of Cibaduyut Shoes

Hamidah Rachmat
Small and medium entreprises (SMEs) have a role and contribute to develop the national economy of Indonesia. Therefore, SMEs are required to improve quality of products so that can compete well in domestic and global market. The main objective of this study is to explore the potentials and constraints...
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Conceptual Approach For Determining Variables Related To Performance Measurement For Research

Muhammad TresnadiHikmat, Ina Primiana
Implementation of Performance Measurement System (PMS) has been challenging for researchers in the academic fields. And researchers find it important to know the possible variables to be studied in relation to performance measurement. This paper has a purpose to discuss the theoretical backgrounds and...
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Borda Application Of Selection Planning Scheduling Method In Dock Engineering Consultants In Central Sulawesi Province Indonesia

Siti Fatimah, Ahmad Laongko, Muzakir Tombolotutu
Purpose : The aim of this paper to find out the planning scheduling method that used in dock engineering consultants as a project supervisor dock. Design/Methodology/Approach: This research use qualitative approach to find the most preferred method by engineering consultants, this research was explorative...
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Partnership Program For Community Economic Empowerment (Study On Corporate Social Responsibility PT Telkom Indonesia)

Iwan Sukoco
This study examines the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership Program at PT Telkom Indonesia in community economic empowerment. The type of study that is used is qualitative descriptive study with case study design. The object of this study is partnership program as one of the...
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Brand Equity of Green Products through Customer Trust and Customer Value

Ivan Diryana, Gatot Iwan Kurniawan
The increasing demand of enviromentaly friendly products makes a lot of company produce more products with green atribute. Yet not all of those products really have a significant impact on the environment. Greenwashing or an act of misleading the consumer become more common thus affecting customer trust...
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Impact on Green Purchase Intention by Brand Equity Dimension

Gatot Iwan Kurniawan, Ivan Diryana
Green products have a better value to offer compare to conventional products, it give the consumer a chance to contribute to the environment. While other research shows that customer are willing to buy products with better value but that's not what happen to green products. Also people are reluctant...
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Defining Mainstreams Of Innovation: A Literature Review

Edy Suroso, Yudi Azis
The importance of innovation in current business justifies the increasing interest that researchers are taking in it. This propose of this article is to identify and organize the overall innovation research current state to investigate and analysis the key findings of these studies.The method used in...
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Economic Freedom and Research and Development (R&D): Study based on different income level on developing countries

NurNadia Nordin, NurHaiza Nordin, Nik Madeeha Nik Mohd Munir
This researchs stress on three important issues of economic freedom, domestic and international research and Development (R&D) and productivity growth by using Panel Dynamic Ordinary Least Square (P-DOLS) proposed by Stock and Watson (1993) in estimating 37 selected developing countries that classified...
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Revenue potential Retribution (Case Study Cianjur District)

Yuyus Yudistria
The problem of this study is to identify the type of potential retribution improved in Cianjur and doing Projection types levies in Cianjur. The model used to look at the sources of potential retribution by using a matrix potential is based on the calculation of the levy revenue realization growth and...
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Applying AHP Application To Determine The Risk Of Supply Chain And The Effect On The Price Of Fish In Ports Central Sulawesi

StefiSilfia Sari Makalew, Siti Fatimah
Purpose: To describe the risks in Supply Chain Management that can affect the ports of central Sulawesi. Design/Methodology/Approach:This study uses a research ection approach so that researchers were able to identify the over all risk ofthe supply chain of fish in the ports. This research was also supported...
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A Descriptive Study on Awareness and Knowledge of Small Business Budget in Selangor

Shuhaimi Jaafar, Nor Suhaily Bakar, Awaluddin Norsuriana
Budget is a quantified financial planning for a future accounting period. It concerns with the middle and long term plan for the year ahead. Budgets are a clear indication of what is expected to be achieved during the budget period. Budget preparation also motivating managers to strive in achieving the...
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The Effect of Career Paths and Career Planning toward Career Development of Employees: A Case Study Penetentiary Office In Pekanbaru

Sahwitri Triandani, Irien Violinda Anggriani
The purpose of this study to determine the effect of career paths and career planning to the career development of employees. Career development is a process where an employees wants and increase in its work. The increase includes the increase of position authority and responsibility. Clear career advancement...
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Calligraphy in Creative Economy Perspektive

Ahmad Hidayat
Creative economy sector is the economic sector that is supported by the creative industry, namely industry driven by the creators and the innovators. The development of creative industries in Indonesia is expected to motivate people to participate in the creative industries. Meanwhile, Arabic calligraphy...