Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics and Banking 2015

Winning election model

Ganjar Garibaldi
Corresponding Author
Ganjar Garibaldi
Available Online May 2015.
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Competence, Leadership, Performance, Trust, Communication
The election of president in Indonesia at 2014 was the big moment to ensure how democrat ion by performance happens can be proof. As far as we know, from the background condition in Indonesian before, at Indonesian, the entrusted condition to the government and the parliament was very not well. Jokowi as a candidate from PDI party, and Prabowo as candidate from Gerinda party, are the two strong candidates, who have been much closed being a president at Indonesian election in 2014. The competition of two candidates was very hard and hot with issue, black campaign, and very interesting for every people at Indonesian, and others country around Indonesia who concern and had important needs from the result. In another similar condition of the election, at a central city of west java in Indonesia, named Bandung city, there is mayor election of being a mayor of Bandung city. Ridwan kamil as one from five candidates from this election, is the popular and independent candidate, who has support from Gerindra as one of the big party at Indonesia. From these interested election result of phenomena, the researcher was very interest with this condition. The question that rises from that condition, what is the approach science from organizational behavior (business management) subject that will close to explain to this condition. The conclusion from these phenomena it hope can be applied at company as the organization. This qualitative research try to fit the human resources business management functions to analyses and take an right perception and conclusion from these phenomena
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May 2015
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This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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