Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics and Banking 2015

Calligraphy in Creative Economy Perspektive

Ahmad Hidayat
Corresponding Author
Ahmad Hidayat
Available Online May 2015.
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Creative economy, Arabic calligraphy, Creative and innovative
Creative economy sector is the economic sector that is supported by the creative industry, namely industry driven by the creators and the innovators. The development of creative industries in Indonesia is expected to motivate people to participate in the creative industries. Meanwhile, Arabic calligraphy or identical with the art of writing beautifully has an important role in the civilization of Muslims because of its function as a major tool in preserving the Qur’an. Arabic alphabet character dynamics are flexible and easy to artictic estesis exploited, so that the development of Arabic calligraphy that was originally only to copy the verses of the Qur’an br growing at the rapid start of the media, technique, its application to a broader functions. Arabic calligraphy artistic and ptencially in the development of the creative economiy sector, as there are creative and innovative elements that permeate the calligrapher in his creation. Over time, there was a contemporary calligraphic style known as calligraphy painting trying to get out of default rules of calligraphy, thus providing its own color more economic value. Arabic calligraphy is affiliater to the art, potencially as a commodity that has always seen the trend enthusiasts (marketable). So that the dimensions of the creative economy is driven by the creative industries, calligraphy have open space in the market sector of artworks and craft sector
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May 2015
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This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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