Proceedings of the International Conference on Emerging Challenges: Business Transformation and Circular Economy (ICECH 2021)

Welcome to The 9th International Conference on Emerging Challenges (ICECH2021). This conference is organized by Hanoi University of Science and Technology – School of Economics and Management (Vietnam), University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (Vietnam), National Economics University – Faculty of Business and Management (Vietnam), The University of Danang – University of Economics (Vietnam), University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Vietnam National University – International School (Vietnam), Foreign Trade University (Vietnam), University of Hertfordshire (UK), AVSE Global (France) and PPM School of Management (Indonesia). The 2021 Conference consists of papers in across three sections themes: (1) Business Transformation, (2) Green Manufacturing and Consumption and (3) New Normal Adaptation. All the papers published in the Proceedings will make a significant contribution to emerging debates in the field of international business transformation to develop sustainable firms and economies. We are delighted that the ICECH2021 brings together domestic, international researchers and practitioners in the field of management and economics to share their latest ideas, problems and solutions, especially in business transformation, green manufacturing and consumption to adapt new normal situation, and the like.

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