Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Energy and Mining Law (ICEML 2018)

The International Conference on Energy and Mining Law: Reformulation of Law and Policy On Energy and Mining Management (ICEML 2018) was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, September 18-19, 2018. It was organized in order to celebrate the 56th Anniversary of Brawijaya University and the 61st Anniversary of Faculty of Law Brawijaya University. It was also co-organized by seven high reputable law schools in Indonesia coming from Brawijaya University, Esa Unggul University, University of Pancasila, Borobudur University, Islamic University of Jakarta, STIH BINTUNI PAPUA and STIH Sumpah Pemuda.

The ICEML 2018 provided an ideal opportunity for experts, lectures, lawyers, practicioners, students and researchers in the field of energy and mining sectores. In particular within some subthemes, which are: Business Contract, Investment, Licensing, Law Enforcement, Tax, technology and Labour related to Energy and Mining Management. Also, the conference provided an excellent venue to present your project and receive quality feedback. Keynotes speakers and presenters shared new concepts, best practices, knowledge, experience, strategies, and solutions, with a focus on promoting knowledge, sustainable development, law enforcement, economic justice, communities conflict and mining management.

This conference also aims to record the latest findings and promote further research in these areas. Scholars from all relevant academic fields are invited to submit high quality manuscripts that describe the latest, reformulation on law and policy on energy and mining management research results or innovations. All papers had undergone careful peer review by expert referees to professional and scientific standards before being selected for publications in these proceeding. The total number of submitted papers was 110 and 81 were accepted.

We are delighted to welcome authors and delegates to this conference. We would like to thank the local organizing committee, the lecturers committee, the reviewers and lastly the authors of the papers featured in this conference proceedings. We would also appreciate the assitance of Atlantis Press in producing the volume of the collected papers. We extend our warmest welcome to all our conference delegates.

The Chairman Committee of ICEML 2018
Dr. Indah Dwi Qurbani, SH, MH