Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Education, Management and Social Science (ICEMSS-13)

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Cultural Innovation: Localization and Internationalization of China’s Higher Education

Dengchao Zhou
The chief aim of the paper is to study the major function of higher education in cultural innovation through an analysis of how China’s higher education nationalizes and internationalizes and draws challenges for cultural innovation. The starting points are an original contribution to the understanding...
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New Probe into Problems of Earthquake and Energy Resources and Countermeasures

Wei-wen Du, Fan-fan Ouyang, Zhong-Wan Ouyang, Shiyi Ou
Objective-This research attempts to explore reasons why the earth is divided into six sections, why at the junction of the plate is generally the area of strong earthquake activities and in the interior of a plate is generally safe, and what kind of the force drives the plate to move greatly and continuously....
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Research on the Cost of Human Resource Fine Management of Municipal Power Supply Enterprises

Tao Li, Cong Wang
This paper introduces the concept of Activity-based Costing Management to analyze new division of human resource cost management control authority and the influencing factors in the degree of controllability, and makes a fine management plan for the provincial power grid company -the joint level, and...
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The Salary Design of Private Higher Education Institution

Tingyong Zhong, Ye An, Jiangna Li
The encouragement and retention is very important for the sustainable development of Chinese private higher education institutions and the designing a suitable salary system can achieve this goal. In this paper, we summarize the problems in these institutions and then propose a design of salary system...
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Biological Industrial Policy of Japan and Republic of Korea

Guijie Li, Qiang Wang
This essay analyzes the history and status quo of biological-industry policies in Japan and Republic of Korea. The Japanese government propels the development of biological industry by optimizing development strategies, increasing investment, promoting the combination of government, industry and schools,...
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Is Intersubjectivity Feasible in Poetics

Yongquan Wang
Poetics is characterized by intersubjectivity in writing and aesthetics. The paper analyzes the organism of intersubjectivity, pinpointing to its otherness, intuition and self-evidence, which explain the essential law of poetics. Based on the combination of intersubjectivity and poetics, it elaborates...
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Research on making tacit knowledge explicit

Hongling Guo
This study attempts to bring some clarification to the ideas of tacit knowledge. The article reviews the definition of tacit knowledge in broader management literature and believes that it is frequently used definition with multiple meanings. The different categories of tacit knowledge proposed by researchers...
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On Heideggerian Sense of Interpretation (I)---- The As-Structure as Disclosure

Ping Qu
Heidegger’s sense of interpretation has a closely inherent relationship (kinship) with his sense of understanding, the former is founded by the latter, and the latter is presupposed by the former. Interpretation is a derivative mode of understanding and gets explicit understanding. The former is ontical...
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On Heideggerian Sense of Interpretation (II)---- The As-Structure as Disclosure

Ping Qu
Heidegger’s sense of interpretation has a closely inherent relationship (kinship) with his sense of understanding, the former is founded by the latter, and the latter is presupposed by the former. Interpretation is a derivative mode of understanding and gets explicit understanding. The former is ontical...
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The Empirical Analysis for Resident’s Marginal Propensity in Shanghai Suburbs

Tianlang Li, Lei Zhou
The improvement of marginal propensity is the key to boost domestic consumption and to expand domestic consumption. From the empirical studies on residents’ marginal propensity in Shanghai suburbs, an fluctuating descending tendency from 2010 to 2011 can be found. Thus the marginal propensity to consume...
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Grey Correlation Analysis of Impact Factors for High-skilled Talents’ Professional Accomplishment

Yuehua Chen
In order to clear the primary and secondary impact factors of high-skilled talents’ professional accomplishment (HTPA) and facilitate the quantitative analysis, the paper indicates that the HTPA mainly displays in the dominant employment literacy and recessive enjoyment literacy. By using Grey Correlation...
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Endogenous Growth Model and Error Correction Model of China’s Science and Technology Activity

Yaozhong Chang
In present research on science and technology activity with economic growth being output, there are some research gaps such as shortage of theoretical model and simplex explanatory variable. In this paper, relations between input in science and technology and output of certificated patents and scientific...
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Supervision Practices between School Management Teams and Teachers in Public Secondary Schools in He Fei, China

Wei Yan, Jainabee L.S. Md. Kassim, Mohd Izham HJ Mohd Hamzah, Jamil Bin Ahmad
The objective of this case study is to explore the situations of supervision practices between members of school management teams and teachers in public secondary schools in He Fei, China. The conceptual framework developed on the “Model of Supervisory Practice” by Pajak (1990); meanwhile, combined with...
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Supervision Practices between School Management Teams and Teachers in Public Secondary Schools in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wei Yan, Jainabee L.S. Md. Kassim, Mohd Izham HJ Mohd Hamzah, Jamil Bin Ahmad
The objective of this case study is to explore the situations of supervision practices between members of school management teams and teachers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conceptual framework developed on the “Model of Supervisory Practice” by Pajak (1990), then, the questionnaires were set up with...
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Research on Art Design Courses Score Evaluation Model

Ying Wang, Hongwei Xiao
At present, specialty in comprehensive university in china, the art design is an important course in a practical. The score evaluation mainly through new model evaluation methods, evaluation forms and achievements to enrich the diversity evaluator scores organizational structure, so that the evaluation...
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The Relationship between Postgraduates’ Academic Procrastination and Psychodynamic Variables

Naiyi Wang, Ping He, Qian Li
Academic procrastination refers to the tendency to procrastinate academic tasks, and the concomitant negative emotions. Based on questionnaire surveys of 305 postgraduate students, the study investigated the relationship between academic procrastination and three psychodynamic variables- achievement...
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Analysis of the Competitive Relationship among Commercial Banks in China from the Perspective of Game Theory

Jin-xia Yin, Yun-chao Ying, Han Jiang
Commercial bank is the main body of the financial system in our country .Since China joined the WTO, an unhealthy competitive relationship has appeared among commercial banks under the effect of a variety of factors. As the game theory is an important analysis methods of economics, it can analyze these...
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Multiple-Way Effect of Ownership Factor in the Catch-up of the Latecomers of Enterprises in China Telecom Manufacturing

Yaozhong Chang
Present researches on ownership of latecomers of enterprises in technology catch-up pay little attention to indirect influence of ownership on latecomers through industry-school-institute-user platform and market buyer’s power. In this research, resource dependence theory and corporation governance theory...
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Executives External Pay Gap, Ownership Concentration and Corporate Performance

Juan Wang
Researches on the influence of external pay gap of executives on corporate performance have not come to a unanimous conclusion, and studies that the ownership structure was involved in their relationship have not been confirmed. This paper attempts to study the influence of external pay gap of executives...
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The Development Analysis of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative List

Peng Ye, Yao-lin Zhou
Papers expounded the Chinese intangible cultural heritage list system by quantitative statistics and data analysis. According to the existing results and protection systems of Chinese intangible cultural heritage representative list, it puts forward development problems and key points for solution.
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On the Implementation of the Talent Training Objective of the School of Business of Utah State University and Its Implications

Lijuan Zhang, Chongning Sun, Yanwei Wang, Nan Wang
The talent training objective is the first link of talent nurturing mode and the core factor of institution of higher education. It is also a concrete embodiment of educational value. This essay presents an explicit explanation on the way, the school of business of Utah state university practices its...
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Research on Formulating Work-integrated Learning Talent Training Program of Higher Vocational Education

Xianbin Li, Dongjie Bao, Pengfei Jia, Xuedong Wang, Xuefeng Yuan
Higher vocational education program is guidance document that is to determine its educational objectives and guarantee the quality of education. In this paper, we defined the connotation on core concepts of talent training program and work-integrated learning, studied the elements on formulating talent...
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Constructing Teacher Performance Evaluation System about Chinese Research Universities

Fangyuan Liu, Jialin Yu
Constructing a scientific and reasonable teacher performance evaluation system was a guarantee for research universities to motivate teachers’ creative enthusiasm, optimize teaching staff, promote discipline construction and establish high-level research universities. This paper analyzed the problems...
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An Exploration of “Eurocommunism”

Ping Sun
“Eurocommunism”, which was founded in the 1950s, has produced great influences on the International Communism Movement. The understanding of this important contemporary trend of thought provides a great reference for the building up of socialist modernization.
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A Phenomenological Investigation into the Problem of Faithfulness in Translation I

Dong-mei Wang
As being-in-the-world, human beings not merely have a strong inclination to be ensnared in entities within the world of their circumspective concern in a way in which they can be definite in finding out a fact that who they are is determined by those entities through interpreting themselves in terms...
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A Phenomenological Investigation into the Problem of Faithfulness in Translation II

Dong-mei Wang
As being-in-the-world, human beings not merely have a strong inclination to be ensnared in entities within the world of their circumspective concern in a way in which they can be definite in finding out a fact that who they are is determined by those entities through interpreting themselves in terms...
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Modals in Chinese Senior High School Students’ Written English

Shaoyun Long
This study examines the characteristics of modal verbs used in ST2 from CLEC.2.Methods: keyness analysis: frequency of modal verbs used in ST2 from CLEC are unusually high in comparison with those in A Level from LOCNESS as a reference corpus, producing keywords. 3.Results: only the modal verb must which...
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Research on Construction of the Chinese University Internal Control system

Fan He, Boyang Zhu, Jie Zhao, Yuequn He
With the deepening of education system and the college expansion plan in China, universities have witnessed great changes in personnel training, capital source, funds management and performance evaluation. However, the current system of internal control in universities fails to match to these new trends...
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Study on Symbiotic Mechanism of the Industrial Clusters Ecosystem Based on City Innovation

Xizhan Yu, Yinghui Sui
In industrial ecosystem, the symbiotic relationship and mechanism of the various communities are the keys to normal operating such as natural ecosystems. In the process of industry innovation, the Community main bodies, such as enterprises, universities and research institutions, intermediary institutions...
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Keeping the Best - Human Resources in Subsidiaries of Sino-European Multinational Companies located in P.R. China - Which Monetary and/or Non-Monetary Employee Benefits Lead to More Job Satisfaction of the Organization Members

Helmut Kasper, Georg Kodydek, Stefan Schilcher, Ronald Hochreiter
The fast developing economy, the rise of FDI and the shortage of talented employees has resulted in a war for talents on the Chinese labour market. Consequently, organizations have started offering fringe benefits to attract talents and reduce labour turnover. For best results, companies have to consider...
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The Innovation of New Talent Training Mode of School-enterprise Cooperation

Junmei Chen
School-enterprise cooperation is a very important mode of talent training. This paper discusses a new mode of cultivation of innovative talents, including the following: the innovation mechanism, optimize specialty, reconstruction of curriculum and teaching material system, creates the "teaching" enterprises,...
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The Practical Research for Enhancing the Capability of Scientific Research and Innovation of Graduated Students

Xiying Ma, Quanying Wu
The cultivation of scientific research and innovative ability is the core of postgraduate education. In this paper we presented some useful practical approaches for improving scientific research and innovative ability of graduated students. We build up the knowledge system of the students with innovative...
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Study of the Expectations of Life Science Students on Their University Education

Fai-hang Lo
The recent education reform in Hong Kong led to unprecedented diverse education backgrounds of secondary school students entering the university. The present study was conducted to investigate the views and expectations of life science students (LSS) regarding their university education. LSS considered...
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Factors Affecting Scale Evolution of Hog Production ---- A Case Study of Santai County, Sichuan Province

Hongyun Han, Xingyue Zeng
Using field surveyed data of 144 hog producers in Sichuan province 2013, this paper aims to examine factors affecting evolution of farmers’ hog production scale,.Regression results suggest that the farmers with capital advantages prefer larger scale than others. The capital include generations in the...
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Constructivism Foreign Language Listening Teaching

Xiaoxia Li
The constructivism theory is student-oriented, emphasizing that the students should actively explore and discover the knowledge, and construct their own knowledge structure. This article takes the constructivism theory as the guidance and students as the main subject, by setting up a realistic scenario...
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Curriculum System Research on Talent Training Mode of “School-enterprise integration” in Hotel Management Major

Quan-Jun Zheng, You-Rong Xiao, Xiu-Juan Jiang
The curriculum system on talent training mode of school-enterprise integration in higher vocational college must based on the working process systematic curriculum system, the development of which follow the process of “Post (group) investigation analysis and research(including processional growth phase...
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The Construction of Talents Cultivating Plan Based on Hotel Management Major of Systematic Working Process

Quan-Jun Zheng, You-Rong Xiao
The development of curriculum system based on systematic working process follows the process of “Post (group) investigation analysis and research(including processional growth phase nanlysis ) work task decomposition action in induction learning areas conversion learning situation design”. This thesis...
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The Impact of Executives’ Background on the Financial Constraints: Perspective from Political Connection and Financial Connection

Mingjing Yang
Based on statistics of A-share enterprises in the period of 2007 to 2010, our literature mainly discuss the impact of executives’ political and financial connection on the financial constraints of the firms with different properties of ownership and in locations with different degree of marketization....
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Overviews of Current Researches on Influential Factors of Effective Instruction in China

Qiujin Zhang
In this paper, by using the literature analysis, current research literatures on influential factors of effective instruction in China are divided into two categories: one focus on the theoretical analysis, the other focus on empirical research, and the literatures are combed through and analysed. On...
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Developing States Challenge ICSID

Jia Liu
ICSID (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes) plays important role in resolving international investment disputes and enhancing international investment. But this mechanism also faces a lot of criticize from developing countries. Because the core international investment theory of...
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Gender Differences in Realization Patterns of Disagreement in Chinese

Yan Yang
Studies on gender differences in realization patterns of disagreement in Chinese context, by so far, have been found insufficient. Disagreement is a commonly–occurred speech act in everyday human interactions and by its very nature is a face-threatening act that harms the solidarity between speaker and...
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The Web 2.0 and the globalization impact on new consumer emergence and classification

Monica Izvercian, Sabina Alina Seran
The advances in telecommunications and the rise of the Internet have empowered traditional consumers to act as value producers. They started with self-service technologies and developed unlimited reach and collaboration possibilities in the virtual world. By commuting principles and long established...
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Chou En-lai’s Exploration of China’s Democratic Political Construction

Yanhua Li, Hongyu Zhao, Jianmei Jia
Chou En-lai explored the Chinese democracy construction, asserting that democracy was the essence of socialism. He summarized principles and approaches of expanding democracy and advocated consultative democracy and democracy within the Party, setting a base stone for people's democracy and guiding the...
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Study on Value Orientation of Environmental Law

Yongmei Xia
Legislation values provide ethic foundations for environmental legislation, and then affect the value orientation of environmental legal system. This paper reviewed the generation and the development of environmental law, and the evolution of ethic foundations. The impacts of anthropocentrism and ecocentrism...
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Teaching Methods Exploration in Course of Interchangeability and Measurement Technology

Chang-Rong Qu, Jian-Hong Gong, Xiu-Qi Zhang, Hui-gang Liu
This paper is combined with the ‘Interchangeability and Measurement Technology’ under course of practice teaching content. It is started with several aspects from how to lead good first class, how to seize the main course, how to adopt modern methods of teaching and to introduces the ‘Project’ to the...
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Study on Quality Education to Face the Demand-Oriented

Guohua Zhao, Weizhi Wang
The basic goal of quality education is to cultivate the learners’ ability of forming the spirit of science, professional knowledge, technical skills, and the sound personality. In order to meet the needs of the learners’ personal development and the social development, the demand-oriented quality education...
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Economic Analysis for Internet Industry in China

Huan Wei
With the popularity of Internet networks, its impact in people's production and life increasing broadly. Based on internet, network economy as a symbol of the network industry has developed rapidly in our country. Analysed the status of the network economy, investigated the positive and negative implications...
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Study on the Main Characteristics and Development Countermeasures of Creative Tourism

Yurong Zhang
In recent years, with the rapid development of cultural and creative industries, creative economic rises rapidly. The integration and development of tourism and cultural creative industry is an inevitable choice under the background of creative economy. Creative tourism is a new tourism form based on...
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Discussion on the English Teaching Mode of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Xiaofang Wang, Cheng Liu
At present English Teaching in China mostly adopts the traditional way of teaching, and it still needs to be studied and improved. Based on the characteristics of the current college students in China, this paper constructs a new English teaching model of traditional Chinese medicine characteristics....
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Acquisition of English Causative Psych Verbs by Chinese Learners

Jiandong Kang, Binhua Hou
This study centers upon, the form-meaning connections of second language (L2) causative psych verbs. More specifically, it attempts to (1) interpret the Chinese learners’ internal representation of knowledge on English causative psych verbs, (2) explain how and to what extent the transfer of the first...
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Trends in Economic Growth and Unemployment in Slovakia

Sergej Vojtovic,, Emília Krajnakova
This study deals with one of the current and relatively often discussed phenomenon, which accompanies economic and social development in both developed and economically struggling countries; the countries of Central and Eastern Europe being no exception from this pattern. The analysis of unemployment...
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The Analysis of Formulaic Sequences in English Editorials from the Perspective of Theme Theory

Huifeng Li, Yuanyuan Liu
The value of formulaic sequences can never be over-estimated in second language acquisition. The present paper aims to analyze the distribution of different types of formulaic sequences in 30 randomly chosen English editorials from three modern English newspapers. The tool of the theme theory of Halliday...
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Power Relation and Critical Pedagogy in Classroom Discussions: a Case Study of EFL Education in China

Quanyou Ruan, Huimin Ma
Based on the analysis of discourse in an EFL classroom engaging critical pedagogy, this paper argues that even though critical pedagogy encourages the voices of students, it is still obvious to find evidences of power relation in classroom interaction. Accordingly, a case study is conducted to explore...
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Exploration and Practice on New Mode of Industry Training Base and Professional Training Base Combination

Bin Hu
Practical teaching system construction is an important content in national vocational colleges construction. The introduction of industry support, cooperation with enterprises to build a training base, is the main way to improve the conditions of vocational practice teaching. In the building of training...
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The comprehensive evaluation and study based on national happiness index system

Dongxiao Niu, Qiaoling Wu, Leilei Fan, Chunxiang Liu
Happiness index is used to measure people's satisfaction with the social and economic development. In this paper seven typical cities in Yangtze River delta are selected as the research object, and eleven variables from five aspects are selected to establish the comprehensive index system of residents'...
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On Practical Ability Training of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering Major

Ke Kong
The development of water conservancy cause needs more and more engineering technical personnel. Universities concerned should adapt to this situation and reinforce the practical ability training of the hydrology and water resources engineering major. Based on the major characteristics and the industry...
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Empirical Analysis on Foreign Trade and Economic Development of Central China

Bo Song, Zhiji Li, Feng Zhou, Haiyang Yu
Based on the data of foreign trade and economic development of central China in 2001-2010, this paper explores the correlation between them. A linear regression analysis model to empirically explore the correlation between them is built. The result shows that there is a positive high linear correlation...
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A Slow Train or a Quick Flight ----A Deep Reflection on Students’ Choices Concerning Their Own Learning Strategies

Catherine Cheng Mei-seung
This paper focuses on the author’s reflections as a researcher on students’ choices concerning their own learning strategies, based on the findings of a pilot study in a government-funded ePortfolio Project (Project) in a Hong Kong Higher Education Institution (HEI). The major purpose of this pilot study...
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Case Analysis of Transnational Investment Project Decision-making

Huiling Cheng
With economic globalization, more and more enterprises begin to consider transnational investment to participate in international business. However, scientific decision analysis must be relied on the financial feasibility report. At first, this paper briefly expounds the main points of the transnational...
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Philosophy of Being - The Franciscan Mission in Yuan-, late Ming-, and Early Qing- Dynasty China as an Example of Cultural andIntercultural Approaches

Sigrid Steinschaden
In this paper a first overview to an approach of the intercultural development of an individual self, working and living abroad is given. The main focus is set on the Franciscan mission in Mongolia and China by developing an idea of specific turning points in the modes of experiences that are part of...
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Measuring Technical Efficiency of Cars: A Field Investigation in the Italian Domestic Market

Corrado Lo Storto
This paper implemented Data Envelopment Analysis to develop a measure of technical efficiency (TE) for a car. The measurement of TE uses published technical data and judgements by industry experts. It is assumed that the technical value of a car is a function of a functional feature performance set of...
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Factors Influencing the Selection of a General Practitioner in South Africa

Richard Shambare
This study investigates factors influencing the choice of a primary health care doctor (PCD) in South Africa. Healthcare is important such that consumers embark on considerable effort when choosing a GP. While it is widely believed that patients’ decisions to use a specific PCD is influenced by factors...
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Delivery of Goods without Original Bills of Lading: A Survey of Recent Law and Practice in China

Qinghui Cai
It is a common practice, in international carriage of goods by sea, for the carrier to deliver the goods without presentation of the original bill of lading. Chinese laws in this area have been vague and resulted in divergent practice among different courts or even different judges with the same court....
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The Construct of Online Attention Dimension of Tourists to Economy Hotel in Xi’an ---The Exploration of the Grounded Theory

Lu Pang, Junyi Li, Gaojun Zhang
With the rapidly development of domestic tourism, the online reviews on hotels and tourism service are the most important source for tourists due to the network technology and online communication. Online reviews can have a significant influence on individual travelers as well as an impact on the competitive...
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The Impact of Inflowing Labors on Macau Wages: Evidence in Macau

Ya-Nan Song
With the rapid economic growth, importing outside labors become main method to alleviate employed population insufficiency in Macau. This paper establishes vector autoregressive (VAR) model and uses the impulse response analysis investigating the interaction effects and response path between inflowing...
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A Research on Problems in the Management of Universities' Official Visit Funds ---A Case Study of Beijing University of Agriculture

Shaojing Li, Chunyan Huo, Zhiyong Zhang
This paper makes an analysis of problems of sources and disbursement of universities' official visit funds and from the perspective of functions of foreign affairs department, the paper brings up strategies dealing with problems in the management of official visit funds and official visit tasks as well...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Energy-Economy-Environment Harmonious Rate in Chang-Zhu-Tan

Yudong Guo
Energy is material foundation of economic development and social sustainable development, economic growth relies heavily on energy consumption, green energy is necessary to reduce environment pollution. Finding energy-economy-environment harmonious rate in Chang-Zhu-Tan has important practical significance....