Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Education and Training (ICET 2017)

Building A Community of Inquiry (CoI) Through the Implementation of Lesson Study in Higher Education Level

Taufik Ikhsan Slamet
Corresponding author
Taufik Taufik Ikhsan Slamet
professional development, collaborative work, community of inquiry, learning, and teaching
This article describes the implementation of lesson study in the higher education context. It aims to pioneering lesson study as a part of professional development training for lecturers in any discipline. We document four lesson study activities which consist three cycles for each activity, and describe changes occurred along the process, especially in the phase of the plan, do, and see the step. Unlike the intended subjects of lesson study, the topics delivered in the activities are commonly from social science and humanities. The characteristics of the subjects eventually provide greater opportunities to attempt a various form of instructional approaches. Therefore, it is highly recommended for all higher education institution to implement and monitor the progress of lesson study professionally, based on the characteristic of the students and environment.
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