Proceedings of the International Conference on Educational Sciences and Teacher Profession (ICETeP 2018)

Welcome to the 1st International Conference on Educational Sciences and Teacher Profession (ICETeP 2018). It is a great honor and pleasure to bring you the collection of articles from the ICETeP 2018. This conference was organized by the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training – University of Bengkulu, Indonesia, and was held on University Bengkulu campus on October 26-28, 2018.

The current condition of educational sciences and teaching profession in Indonesia, particularly in educational management, learning & teaching process, still requires revitalization. Interaction and communication between researchers from many regions in Indonesia can generate ideas and research collaborations to address actual issues in educational sciences and educational teacher profession. The research formed from such collaborations will be able not only to improve an institution but also to improve self-creativities, innovativeness, and competitiveness to continue providing competence human resources. Therefore, the conference theme is “Revitalization in Educational Sciences and Teaching Profession toward Industry Revolution 4.0 Era”.

We would like to express our gratitude to all keynote speakers and presenters from around the world who travelled to Bengkulu to deliver and exchange their ideas. Our appreciation goes to all the committee members who have worked hard to make this event possible. This volume of proceedings provides an opportunity for readers to engage with a selection of refereed papers that were presented during the ICETeP 2018 conference. Scopes of the conference are ranged from, but not limited to: Educational Management and Policy, Curriculum and Educational Technology, Teaching Profession, Specific Education, Science Education, Other Areas of Education.

We wish scholars, professionals, and stakeholders from all parts of society and all regions of the world enjoy and discover valuable engagement with authors’ ideas in sustaining professional development in the area of Educational Sciences and Teacher Profession.

The Editors
Ade Gafar Abdullah (Editor-in-Chief)
M. Lutfi Firdaus
Isma Widiaty
Safnil Arsyad
Asep Bayu D. Nandiyanto
Ari Arifin Danuwijaya
Cep Ubad Abdullah