Proceedings of the 1st International Conference for Health Research – BRIN (ICHR 2022)

Conference name: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference for Health Research – BRIN (ICHR 2022)
Date: 23-24 November 2022
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia (Virtual)

Health stands as one of the top priorities in Indonesia and elsewhere globally although this might be seen and defined differently. Betterment in health in the regards to simultaneous prevention, treatment, and control strategy are the most critical goals to achieve. Therefore, we see the urgent need to exchange knowledge and current approaches performed in putting outcomes of research into implementations in, but not limited to, clinical realm. In order to address this, we have organized our very first conference, which we proudly called the International Conference for Health Research on November 23– 24, 2022. Our subtopics ranged from biomedical sciences to zoonoses, emerging and re-emerging diseases. Although it was our first event, we confidently applied a rigid selection process on the submitted manuscripts. This resulted in only 88 manuscriptswhich are in the process of publishing. We regretted to reject the other 144 manuscripts as not fulfilling criteria we have prior-set since but we have never lose hopes that the rejection would only help the authors to improve as they were provided with complete review comments. We entertained submissions from researchers, scholars, as well as from practitioners. Output we all do expect from the entire process of the conference, especially from the publishing presented manuscripts stuff, that we are side by side enhancing and strengthening health research and bridging multinational collaborations in near future. And we will not be feeling any more honored to be an integrative part of this mission.

Ika Nurlaila
Editor in Chief