Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2017)

Session: 6. Sports

7 articles

Research on Motor Function of the Elderly Based on Anthropometry in Guangzhou

Feng-hong Wang, Lin Lin
Taking the elderly in Guangzhou as an example, this document collects the date of elderly upper limb range of motion by hand-measuring. After analyzing the data of elderly upper limb range of motion, the anthropometry database of older people in Guangzhou will be established, and the upper and lower...

Exploration and Analysis on the Differences Between Competitive Wushu and Traditional Wushu

Xuepeng Zhang
Using literature, expert interviews, comparative analysis, the difference of competitive martial arts and traditional martial arts "as the research object, the difference between the two factors of thinking, in order to harmonious development path of the two. The article thinks: in the functional level,...

Health Perspective Interpretation of Changjiaquan

Fan Zhang
In this paper, using the research methods of literature, logical analysis and so on, changjiaquan health functions to explain the research that: along with the people living standard to improve health awareness, and gradually increase the participation of social activities also tend to influence on its...

An Interpretation of Shadowboxing from the Perspective of Perceptual Phenomenology

Xin Shu
On one hand, this paper applies spatial phenomenology theory, using the method of literature and logical analysis, the cultural structure of Shadowboxing as the research object, through in-depth analysis on Shadowboxing culture body structure, to promote awareness of Shadowboxing culture on the one hand,...

Study on Strategies of Construction of Characteristic Towns with Sports Specialty in Qinling Mountains in Xi'an District

Nan Zhang, Chaoyang Gao, Manhua Li
This paper analyzes the advantage of resources in constructing characteristic towns with sports specialty in Xi'an Qinling Mountainous areas. According to both the theory of constructing characteristic towns with sports specialty and experience of it from home and abroad, this paper also proposes the...

The Analysis of Cultural Communication and Regression of Wushu Association

Qiuping Zhang
From the development of Wushu Association in Song Dynasty and the spread of Wushu culture, with the changes of social environment influence to the martial arts community as the starting point, through the corporate culture, weakening the single mode of communication, cultural heritage and living environment...

Research on Development Strategy of Sports-tourism -- Case Study of Heilongjiang Province

Yang Zhao, Jiaxing Wang
As a newly developed tourist activity, sports-tourism has been paid great attention all over the world and become a important component of tourism development in recent years. Heilongjiang province is abundant in sports-tourism resources, which is the natural advantage to develop sport-tourism. The paper...