Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2017)

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The Research on the Ways of Finance and Taxation Skills Training in Private Higher Vocational Colleges-As an Example of the VAT Anti-counterfeit Tax Control Invoice System

Qun Liu, Yan Cheng
The concept of value added tax as one of the most important taxes in our country and its role in national economy were introduced. The relevant laws and regulations relating to the tax were narrated. The function and effect of the VAT control system were described. The importance of the research on the...
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Chinese Balance of Payment: Disequilibrium and the Influences?

Xuezhen Kang, Chengwen Kang
After 21st century, the continuous disequilibrium of Chinese balance of payments (BOP) has become a significant issue faced by Chinese macro-economic development. As can be revealed by the research, Chinese BOP was relatively stable and balanced from 1982 to 1993; from 1994 to 2011, it remained continuous...
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Research on the Application of WeChat Public Platform in College Party Construction

Ying Gao
Under the background of the rapid development of new media, and based on the current situation of college party construction work, carrying out innovative college party construction work via the WeChat public platform, in order to clear the blind area, occupy the highest point of public opinion, and...
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A Study on the Construction of the Small TCM English Corpus

Yanxia Wu, Weicai Song
TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) English is a special expression system generated by English language in the process of translation and exchange of TCM. The corpus now generally refers to the combination of a large number of language material and positioning retrieval software stored in a computer....
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Discussion on the construction of "Double-qualified " teachers in Application-oriented Undergraduate Institutes

Haiyan Zhan
The educational objective of Application-oriented Undergraduate Institutes is to cultivate application-oriented talents. It is an important guarantee to own a good team with noble morality, business skills, reasonable structure, full of vitality of the teachers in both theory and practice. However, the...
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To Build Open Community and Cluster Closed-unit under the Circumstance of Land Unit Use

Xiaofan Zhao
Reflection on China's residential area. We will see the hierarchical land use model of residential areas--residential unit-housing cluster development. According to present and future needs, we face the problem between transportation and land use in urban area as follows: urban traffic microcirculation...
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Schedule-cost Joint Management of Thermal Power Construction Project Based on Improved Earned Value Method

Meiqiong Wu, Meng Wang, Dongxiao Niu
The risk of schedule and cost is the core part in the thermal power construction projects, while the traditional earned value method often ignores the existence of the risk in the schedule and cost analysis. This paper presents an improved earned value analysis method considering risk factors. In the...
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Key Members' Impact on Ecosystem Niche Creation: An Empirical Study on Shanzhai Ecosystem

Jie Hou
Keystones, dominators, government are key members in business ecosystem. This paper examines the impact of these key members on niche creation rate in shanzhai business ecosystem. By employing negative binomial regression, this paper analyzed the shanzhai business ecosystem with 9957 registered mobile-communication...
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The Theoretical Basis of Cooperative -Autonomous Teaching Model

Bing He, Maohua Sun
The goal of modern education is to cultivate talents with sustainable development and perpetual learning ability. With the promotion of quality education, College English teaching reform has made remarkable achievements. But there are still many problems, the most important of which is that the students'...
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Spatial Pattern and the New Growth Points Cultivation of Service Trade of "Maritime Silk Road" in Zhejiang Province

Qiuyang Gu, Yechen Huang, Yonglong Wang
Zhejiang Province, as an economic province at the frontier of reform and opening up in China, can give full play to its unique advantages of land and ocean integration and becomes the strategic channel which connects the "Land Silk Road" with the "Maritime Silk Road" to promote its opening to the west...
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A New Method for Curriculum Design Based on Hall 3D Structure

Jing Guo, Ying Deng
Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) suggested new various criteria for accrediting engineering programs at the university level in 2016. According to ABET's suggestions, this paper discusses the Multi-dimensional principles of curriculum organization and employs A.D Hall three-dimension...
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Cantonese with an Accent" Identity and Symbolic Power in Guangdong

Wei Wang
The purpose of this paper is to study the role of Cantonese in the identity reconstruction process of migrant people, and its relationship with symbolic power. To aid my analysis, I conducted 22 open-ended interviews; most of the subjects were migrant people who came from remote areas. Their experience...
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Study on Chinese-English Translation in Tourism Culture of Internationalization-A Study of Chinese Poem of Tang Dynasty"Song of the Parting Son"

Lin Zhao
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy and the vigorous development of the tourism industry, more and more foreign tourists to come to China,and English translation in tourism has heightened the importance of its cultural transmission.Chinese Poetry of Tang Dynasty(618-907) has...
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Review of the Research on Talent Ecological Environment

Ran Gu, Hua Shang
With the increasingly globalization of economics, the competition for talents has become more intense worldwide in twenty-first century. The competition of talents is essentially the competition of talent eco-environment. At present, more and more research is focused on the evaluation of talent eco-environment....
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A satisfaction survey of international master students' cultivation management in China and some reform proposals --Taking Dalian University of Technology as an example

Xincheng Zhu, Yunmei Yang, Shuai Guo, Hua Shang
Under the economic globalization 's environment,international students' cultivation has become an integral part of educational strategies around the world. Furthermore,it has also become an important way to promote the internationalization of higher education in every university.This paper takes the...
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Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting by Forest Companies: the Study of Forest-based Industry in China

Jia Li
With growing public interest in and global consciousness of environmental and social issues, the availability of sustainability performance of forest-based companies link closely with ecological environment is recognized critically important in contemporary global business management, in particular with...
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Religion and Self-Regulation

Hui Hou, Benfa Wang
Previous research has identified the positive correlation between religion and self-regulation. In this paper, progress of current researches concerning the religious self-regulation hypothesis would be introduced and reviewed, from the theoretical explanation, the mode of action and the main research...
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A Study on the Motivation and Demand of College Students' Volunteer Tourism: a Case Study of Shenzhen College Students

Peng Du, Xiaoyi Huang
Volunteer tourism has become one of the major public interest activities of college students with a lot of attributes, such as charity service, self-promotion, travel experience, green ecology, and education poverty alleviation and so on. Taking college students of Shenzhen as the research object, this...
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Real Estate Company Project Cost Management Responsibility System

Ji Chao Wen
This paper analyzes the existing cost management level of the project management of the real estate enterprises in China is uneven, and not clearly defined the scope of management, feedback is low efficiency, the project cost management theory, the paper proposes to set cost management model, strengthen...
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Research on the Competitiveness of High-tech Service Industry in Dalian

Xiaonan Fan, Jiaqi Lv
From the 90s of last century, the service industry began to change from labor-intensive service-oriented to technology-intensive service-oriented. The high-tech service industry has the advantage of technological innovation ,which makes great contribution to the economic growth. In recent years, the...
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Reshaping Classics With Joint Efforts Home and Abroad--The Chinese-English Edition of Hawke's Version of Hongloumeng

Lin Chen, Keqiang Liu
Forty years after The Story of The Stone, one of the classics of the English translation of Hongloumeng was published by the Penguin Group in the 20th century, the year of 2012 witnessed its Chinese-English version published by the Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. With joint efforts contributed...
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To Unveil an Iota of the Muslim Cultural Mask

Zhengshun Han
Mohamed Moulessehoul, a world famous Algerian writer,adopts as his pen name his wife's Yasmina Khadra to publish all his bestsellers in French out of reasons for his appreciation for and awe of her, but also for avoiding political censorship in Algeria.Among his most-noted works include his trilogy The...
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Why is the Flower of Youth So Red and Radiant?

Zhengshun Han
The Thai Movie of Timeline is a clear manifestation of campus love that moves one into tears and stays unforgettable throughout one's whole life. It tells the story of a handsome young guy of Tan who was raised up by his early widowed mother ---Matt---through thick and thin in the country, but upon entering...
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An Empirical Study on the Interpersonal Relationship between Customers and Staff in Professional Services in China

Shunan Song, Raymond Liu, Dahai Dong
This study examines the interpersonal relationship between Customers and Staff in professional service in China, which differs from the Chinese "Gunxi" in the B2B field. Based on the attitude theory, this study examines the interpersonal relationship between customer and staff from both cognitive and...
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On the Reform of Teaching Mode in Innovation Education-a Case Study of Financial Management Courses

Yuan Gao, Ye Zhao
Innovation is an important driving force for the development and progress of human society. In the meantime, innovation education is also the driving force of educational development. The innovation of teaching mode must be carried out in the development of innovative education. In order to cultivate...
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How Service Brand Equity Can Be Built Up: A Case Study on the Branding Strategy of Cathay Pacific Airway

Jieli Du
Cathay Pacific Airway builds strong market brand through presenting its brand in a unique way, such as offering the excellent services to the customers, creating an emotional connection with customers, and internalizing its brand with internal employees. With the strategy which integrated with brand...
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The "Without Me" in Wang Wei's Landscape Poems

Changlin Wu, Jichong Tang
This article mainly introduces the landscape poetry of Wang Wei in "Without me", Wang Wei as a representative of the Tang Dynasty landscape and pastoral poetry, his poems into Zen thoughts, unique quiet beauty, read his poems can feel the self-consciousness of a poet to the "Without me" of the state....
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Construction of Environmental Quality Evaluation Index System from the Perspective of Sustainable Development

Qi Wang
This paper analyzes the relationship between human development and environment from the perspective of "sustainable development". Based on literature review and following the general principles and methods of sustainable development, we establish a series of environmental indicators system, which is...
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Study on Coordinated Development of Economy and Environment in Baoding

Shuting Gu, Qiaozhi Zhao, Rui Chen, Qi Han
Based on the data of 113 key national environmental protection cities in 2014, this paper evaluates the economic and environmental development level of Baoding in comparison with other 112 cities First, it established the economic and ecological environment evaluation index system. And then the weight...
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Construction of Natural Tourism Resource in ChangBai Mountain Under MOOC Idea

Xiu-li Li, Zhe Xu
In this paper, the author combines the new ideas of "MOOC concept" and "wisdom tourism", combined with the investigation of domestic tourism websites. To build a scientific human nature tourism information database for the purpose of giving visitors a better travel experience.
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On Cultural Connotations of English Idioms

Yan Wang
Idioms are widely recognized as the essence or the crystallization of language. They are closely connected and cannot be separated from culture. English idioms are formed in a particular historical period and passed from generation to generation, embedded with unique cultural connotations, such as historical...
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Oral English Testing of English-Majors From the Perspective of Communicative Language Testing Theory

Jing Xiao, Jing Wang
English testing plays an important role in language learning and teaching, serving as a guidance for teachers and students. A scientific and effective oral test will bring positive backwash effect on college English oral teaching. Different from the traditional language testing, communicative language...
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A Study on the System of Marketing Authorization Holder in China

Shiyuan Cheng, Yuzhong Luo
This paper analyzes the characteristics of the current drug registration permit system in China and its shortcomings in the face of new drug development. It points out the necessity and positive significance of the system of marketing authorization holder (MAH) in China. Through interpretation of the...
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The Perspective of Localization in Liaoning Province Tourism Handicraft Design Research

Liuchun Wang
In this study, the development status of Liaoning tourism crafts was analyzed. In addition, aiming at the problems of the relative lack of the new products' development and design in the current market of tourism crafts and the inadequate attention to their design of local tourism sector, the study of...
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Research on the Mechanism of Cooperative Education: Collaboration Between Private Universities and Private Companies

Dehui Li, Xiaoli Xie, Yanxin Qi
Private universities inherited the property rights structure of diversification of non-government education, low-cost advantages and flexible mode of operation. However, because of the short setup time, they lack experience, and their ability of fulfilling social needs is insufficient. Transportation...
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Research on the Risk and Countermeasure of China's Foreign Direct Investment under the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative

Siyu Zhou, Tianshan Liu
Chinese enterprises overseas investment is facing a series of direct investment risk, under the Background of The Belt and Road Initiative. Based on the current situation and characteristics of China's direct investment in the Belt and Road economic zone, this paper analyzes the investment data of Chinese...
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Chinese Traditional Morality and Contemporary Moral Construction

Chang Liu, Lin Li
The construction of morality is very important to improve the overall quality of teachers. The excellent traditional culture of China includes rich philosophical thought, humanistic spirit, educational thought and moral idea. They can provide useful inspiration for people to understand and transform...
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The Analysis and Mining of the Profit Model of "Popular Web Star"

Qingyun Yang, Liuyi Chen
Under the background of the e-commerce's rapid development, "popular web star" has been developed explosively. This article summarizes the emergence and development of the "popular web star", and analyzes its characteristics and drawbacks. It also summarizes and analyzes the profit model of "popular...
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Refresh Memory: Chinese Ceramics Goes to the World - the Ceramic Conversation among Chinese IAC Members

Ganlin Zhang, Qin Yu, Feng Mingyan
As the only international organization that represents ceramic academic field in UNESCO, the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) has developed in China within more than 10 years. But in such a short period, with the participation and effort of Chinese IAC members, the Chinese contemporary ceramic...
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Research on Enterprise Employee Demand Recognition Model Based on Kano and QFD

Ting Wang, Wei Wang, Yutong Li, Guoxing Zhang
In this paper, the Kano model is modified by two-factor theory and Maslow's demand hierarchy theory, and set up construct HR-Kano model, than using the HR-Kano model to analyze the relationship between staff satisfaction and incentive policies, determine the type of staff requirements. an broader rating...
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Materialization Operation Mode of Folk Wushu Association

Qiuping Zhang
Based on materialization view of folk martial arts association, the research and analysis of its operation pattern,combined with the current development of the folk martial arts association, speculative and expounds the present situation and problems of the materialization.Furthermore, according to the...
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On the Artistic Development of Wushu Routine from the Perspective of Communication

Fan Zhang
In this paper, the use of literature, logical analysis and other research methods, from the perspective of the image of martial arts. Research shows that people of Wushu thinking mode is the construction and molding of imagery thinking based on Chinese traditional thinking inertia, plays an indispensable...
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Analysis on the Influence of Big Data Age on Consumers' Purchase Behavior and Marketing Innovation

Yao Li
Big data refers to a collection of data that can not be captured, managed, and processed with conventional software tools within an affordable timeframe. Dissemination and application of big data has led to a series of changes of consumer behavior, which also put forward new requirements for the enterprise's...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Crisis Management in Higher Vocational Colleges based on the Network

Nan Zhao
The campus crisis based on the network media has a new change which is different from the traditional campus crisis. Its spreading speed and wide range challenge ability of the school managers to deal with the crisis. The research on the school crisis management in China has the phenomenon of "hot and...
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Research on Motor Function of the Elderly Based on Anthropometry in Guangzhou

Feng-hong Wang, Lin Lin
Taking the elderly in Guangzhou as an example, this document collects the date of elderly upper limb range of motion by hand-measuring. After analyzing the data of elderly upper limb range of motion, the anthropometry database of older people in Guangzhou will be established, and the upper and lower...
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Study on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of Agricultural Products Logistics Development in Heilongjiang Province

Shuang Liu
Since ancient times, China is a large agricultural country. Agricultural products are the most basic material need of the people. How to ensure the quality and quantity of agricultural products in circulation has become a subject. Logistics has become the "third profit source", we should combine agricultural...
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Strategies on Promoting Vocational Guidance in Universities

Hongjin Fu, Yunfang Li
It is necessary to set up a special service system focusing on vocational guidance to promote the scientific development of vocational guidance and create a good guidance service for students to make plans on career development. This paper probes into the problems and establish conditions of guidance...
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Circulation Research on China's Current Land Trust

Tiankun Yu
China's "rural, agricultural and farmers" issues focus on rural land issues. In recent years there have been more serious waste of land resources in rural areas, which has increased the social instability. The trust mechanism in land circulation has become an innovative system in this background, has...
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Empirical Study on Chinese Brand Concept in the Mind of the Foreigner Based on BCM Technology

Jing Li, Hai Hao, Meng Huang
Nowadays brand internationalization becomes an important topic discussed by manager and scholar. In the business environment of product homogeneity, it becomes more and more important to consider brand strategy in the perspective of the consumer. This paper introduces the BCM(Brand Concept Map) technology...
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The Executive Compensation Incentive Effectiveness Research of Listed Company of Beijing

Wenqi Li, Zengmin Wang, Xiaofan Xu, Yujing Liu
With the separation of the ownership and management right of modern enterprise, asymmetric information between management and owner leads to the principal-agent contradiction. At present, the monetary compensation incentive and equity compensation incentive are regarded as the most direct and effective...