Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Intervention and Applied Psychology (ICIAP 2018)

The Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia held the 2nd International Conference of Intervention and Applied Psychology (ICIAP) 2018, on September 13–14 2018, in Depok, West Java, Indonesia. The theme was “Psychology and Social Issues: Bridging Intellectual and Practical Perspectives”.

ICIAP is an annual celebration of inspiring ideas and practices in applied psychology. This world-class event brings together graduate students, academics, researchers, and policy makers from Asian and neighboring countries across the spectrum of applied psychology. In year 2018, we focused on how to bring applied psychology into a more policy-relevant contribution.

The 2nd International Conference of Intervention and Applied Psychology (ICIAP) 2018 accepted 101 papers. Through the review process, 91 papers were accepted for publication. The review procedure was through blind review process. Each paper reviewed by two reviewers, one from Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia, and one from other universities. Reviewers from other universities also involved three reviewers from foreign universities. After review process for the content, the papers also reviewed by Enago for language and grammar review process.

The Organizing Committee of ICIAP 2018