Proceedings of the International Conference on Innovation in Research (ICIIR 2018) – Section: Economics and Management Science

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Knowledge Combination Capability in Tourism Related SMEs in Indonesia: Does the marketing innovation moderate the product innovation-performance relationship?

Ratni Prima Lita, Maruf Maruf, Meuthia Meuthia
This study aimed to identify the relationship between knowledge combination capability and product innovation and their influence on company performance. It tested the moderating effect of marketing innovation on a product innovation-company performance relationship on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)...
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Entrepreneurship Sorghum towards Industry 4.0

Endang Noerhartati, Pratiwi Dwi Karyati, Soepriyono Soepriyono, Bambang Yunarko
The purpose of this research is to develop entrepreneurship based on sorghum by exploring all potential sorghum as raw materials for entrepreneurship towards industry 4.0 that must have creative and innovative ideas in developing entrepreneurship. Observations cover various aspects of the superiority...
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Preservation of the ‘Maedeng Godel’ Tradition Before ‘Tawur Kasanga’ in Pakraman Village Susut-Buahan Payangan Gianyar-Bali

A. A. Kade Sri Yudari, I. B. Gde Yudha Triguna, I. A. Komang Arniati
The legacy of various local traditions in Bali is diverse in shape and continues to be preserved for generations by the community according to the interests of each region. One of the local traditions in the village of Pakraman Susut-Buahan Payangan which is classified as unique is 'Maedeng Godel'. This...
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The Effect of Cause Brand Fit on Brand Credibility through Altruistic Attribution and Moderated by Altruistic Value

Adrianto Trimarjono
This study aims to examine the effect of cause brand fit on brand credibility through altruistic attribution and moderated by altruistic value. The research was conducted on aqua consumers in East Java by using purposive sampling technique. To test the hypothesis used Moderating Regression Analysis (MRA)...
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Analysis of the Interest and Perception of Indonesian Communities Against Sharia Banking

Eva Wany, Maqbulla Arochman, Budi Prayitno
The role of Islamic banks in spurring regional economic lines is increasingly strategic in order to realize a proper and balanced economic structure. Support for building Islamic banks also needs to be demonstrated by the "dual banking system," where conventional banks are allowed to open sharia business...
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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Barriers in Running a Business

Aries Kurniawan, Sukaris Sukaris, Moh Asharudin
The fact that SMEs become the backbone of the economy in a country cannot be refuted. However, the treatment, guidance and mentoring of SMEs are not done optimally in overcoming the problems faced by SMEs themselves. Until now, UMKM is still experiencing classic barriers that has always faced. Therefore,...
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Analysis of a City Readiness in Indonesia in Implementing Integrated Information Systems toward Smart City Actualization

Asniati Asniati, Syahril Ali, Amsal Djunid, Reza Novandri
The purpose of this study is to analyze the readiness of a Municipality in implementing an integrated information system to make a smart city becomes a reality in Indonesia. In order to achieve the smart city, the Municipality needs to conduct bureaucracy reformation and good government governance. This...
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Democratization at the Regency and City Level in Indonesia in the Era of Regional Autonomy

Bambang Suprijadi
The purpose of this study is to analyze and describe democracy in the level of regency and city in Indonesia in the era of regional autonomy. The research method is explanatory case study using qualitative approach. The results of the study suggest that: 1). Democratization in the form of institutionalization...
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The Role of Universities in Overcoming Corruption of Village Financial Management

A. Djoko Sumaryanto, Siti Ngaisah, Yulius Puguh Adi W.
Corruption occurs because there is power and money. Corruption is an extraordinary crime (Extra ordinary Crime) that requires extraordinary law enforcement (Extraordinary law Enforcement) and extraordinary corruption prevention (Extraordinary prevention), the realization of village development funds...
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Application of the PAIKEM Method to Improve Learning Outcomes

Durotul Yatimah, Adman Adman, Solihin Solihin
Education is a benchmark for progress for a nation and state. Seeing this, various types of strategies and methods have been developed so that the concepts can be conveyed to students. One of them is the PAIKEM method. The purpose of this study was to determine the learning outcomes of students with...
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The Development and Testing of Technology Acceptance Models for Consumers towards the Intention to Use E-Wallet

Sugeng Purwanto, Sri Hartini, Gancar Candra Premananto
Acceptance of technology for consumers is still an interesting part to be investigated to date. Although the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) has been widely referred by researchers from various sciences, there are still weaknesses that can be investigated, including not fully answering the problems...
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Analysis of Agropolitan Area Sustainability of Laying Hens in Limapuluh Kota District

Dwi Yuzaria, James H., Fitrini Fitrini, Fitrimawati Fitrimawati, Muhamad I. R
The Government of Lima Puluh Kota has established Mungka subdistrict as Agrocity area for laying chicken, however its development looks sluggish due to some obstacles. This study aims to examine the sustainability of the area development using multidimensional scaling method, viewed from 5 dimensions...
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Action Aggressiveness and Firm Performance with Moderator Repertoire Competition: Psychological perspective of Top Managemant Team (TMT)

Erminati Pancaningrum, Badri M. Sukoco, Dwi Ratmawati
This study aims to explore strategies for competitive action conducted over time with a dynamic process model of the competitive interaction between firms with a top management team (TMT) psychological perspective. The data analysis was based on a sample of 124 respondents from the top management team...
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Creative Economic Development Strategy Based on Processed Agriculture Product in Surabaya City

Erna Haryanti Koestedjo, Dwie Retna Suryaningsih
This research aims to analyze the implementation of policy strategies for developing creative businesses processed by food crops and fisheries. through an increased production approach to take advantage of open market opportunities. The target respondent is by using respondents from the first-year research,...
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Intercultural Business Communication for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Surabaya towards Global Market

Febrina Hambalah
The formal establishment of ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 has marked a distinctive change of how business runs in the region. Within free movements of goods, services, and investments, as well as freer flow of capital and skills, The Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in Surabaya, are forced to adjusting...
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Bilateral Investment Treaty Effectiveness in Completion of Capital Investment Disposal

Fries Melia Salviana, Desy Nurkristia Tejawati
Investment is one of the important aspects of a country's economy. This is because the country will get many benefits, both directly and indirectly. Legal certainty is an important matter in attracting foreign investors, especially legal certainty related to dispute resolution. Article 32 of Law No....
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Consumer Behaviour at Fish Product Centre Sentra Ikan Bulak Surabaya

Herman Herman
The Consumer decision to make a purchase in a shopping place influenced by many factors. Surabaya has a place to shop various fish processed products called Sentra Ikan Bulak (SIB) is interesting to inquire how the behavior of consumers. This study aims to analyze consumer behavior of Sentra Ikan Bulak....
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Dynamics of Social Life of Indonesian People in Dealing with Globalization Era

I Ketut Suda, Ni Made Indiani, Wayan Paramartha, I Wayan Winaja
This paper intended to study the dynamics of social life of the community, especially the Indonesian community who recently seemed disturbed. Historically, the people of Indonesia are very diverse, seen from the aspects of ethnicity, religion, and culture. In a very long time, the people of Indonesia...
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Dunia Sekar Branding Development through 2D Animation Illustrated Song

I Made Marthana Yusa
This research is a continuation of the author's previous research which is designing children's story book entitled Dunia Sekar as a medium of Hinduism values literacy. The focus of this research is on brand development as part of marketing strategy, instilling traits of character and conveying Hinduism...
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Seller’s Rights and Obligations of Marketplace in Indonesia

I Putu Gede Budayasa, I Gede Totok Suryawan, Ni Putu Suci Meinarni, Wayan Eny Mariani, Komang Redy Winatha
Business competition in the current era of globalization requires business people to innovate, not only in terms of production but also in marketing. Marketing media which currently a trend of society is through a digital store known as marketplace. Marketing through the marketplace requires businesses...
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The Influence of Intellectual Capital on Corporate Sustainability through Management Accounting Practices and Corporate Performance Companies of Agroindustry Based in East Jawa

Untung Lasiyono
This research is to test and analyze Intellectual Capital in influencing the Company's Sustainability through the Practice of Management Accounting and Corporate Performance in Agro-industry-based companies in East Java. The population of this research is Agroindustry companies in East Java, while the...
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Transformation of Cultural Capital to Economic Capital: Review of Patirthan Tirtha Empul Tampaksiring, Bali

Ida Bagus Dharmika, Euis Dewi Yuliana, I Gusti Bagus Wirawan, I Wayan Subrata
The place where Hindus take holy water for religious purposes is often referred to as the Patirthan Temple. Of the many Patirthan temples in Bali, the Patirthan Tirta Empul Temple is allegedly built during the reign of Bali Kuno Sri Candra Bhaya Singha Warmadewa who issued the Manukraya inscription on...
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Empowerment of the Smallholders' Cooperative for Palm Oil Plantation Replanting of Pir-Trans Scheme in Dharmasraya District West Sumatera Province, Lectures of Socioeconomic Departement, Faculty of Agriculture

Ira Wahyuni Syarfi, Melinda Noer, Ami Suma Utami
In West Sumatra, cooperatives of smallholders palm oil plantation (PIR-Trans scheme) generally no longer performs its function as a social economic institution. Therefore, it needs a strategy to empower the cooperatives (KUD) in replanting period. The main objective of this study was to identify and...
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Trading House Agency as Alternative Potential Marketing of Agricultural Products in Sidoarjo District East Java

Koesriwulandari Koesriwulandari, Nugrahini Susantinah Wisnujati, Dwie Prasetyo Yudho
The ASEAN Economic Community (MEA) is a free market in the ASEAN region that will impact on economic performance in the territory of Indonesia. The impact can be market opportunities and negative effects of lower competitiveness. Farmers are farmers with their products. Farmers have to produce with low...
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Analysis of the Characteristics of Potential Consumer Based on Motivation, Personality and Lifestyle of East Java Batik Consumer

Lestari Lestari, Kristiningsih Kristiningsih, Wiwik Herawati
The purpose of this study was determined the characteristics of batik consumers in East Java that would be useful in determining the strategy of market segmentation and targeting of batik products. In this study consumers could be segmented on the basis of several things, among others, based on their...
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Supply Demand Analysis of Oil Palm Commodity in West Sumatera Province

Lisa Nesti, Firwan Tan, Hendrizal Ridwan, Rika Ampuh Hadiguna
Oil palm as a leading commodity in the plantation sector in West Sumatra Province has contributed the most to GRDP. This condition should be able to prosper the economy of the oil palm smallholders, however, it is not as expected. One of the reasons is that the quality of Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) produced...
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The Prospect of Sea Protection (Coral Reefs) as Carbon Sink and Carbon Source Due to Climate Change

Ria Tri Vinata, Besse Sugiswati, Umi Enggarsasi
The sea as the outermost of the state is in uncertainty due to global warming as a result of increasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere, resulting in melting of polar ice or polar ice melts and changing patterns of seasons and sea level rise as a result of rising temperatures and temperatures Seawater...
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The Implementation of Surabaya Mayor Regulation No. 65 of 2011 on the East Coast of Surabaya

Lunariana Lubis, Agus Wahyudi
The purpose of this research is to know and analyze policy of monitoring and controlling procedure of mangrove area in Surabaya city area, especially Pamurbaya region and factors supporting and obstructing policy of monitoring and controlling procedure of mangrove area in Surabaya city area, especially...
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The Determinant of Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Examining the Mediating Roles of Job Involvement: Survey on lecturers of higher education of the ministry of industry in Indonesia

M. Arifin, Harif Amali, Hesi Eka Puteri
This study investigates whether Talent Management, Personality and Grit affect the Organizational Citizenship Behaviour and if so, whether the effect is mediated by Job Involvement or not. Using a sample of 217 lecturers at Higher Education of The Ministry of Industry In Indonesia in 2018, this study...
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Sorghum Taglines Campaign Analysis: Discourse approach

Muhammad Kusumawardhana, Endang Noerhartati
The development of sorghum as an alternative food in Indonesia has been carried out for several decades ago, but officially there is no national sorghum taglines intended as an alternative food campaign in Indonesia. This campaign is needed in order to anticipate the decline in the ability to meet needs...
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Spatial Macro Pattern of Belandingan Bali Aga Village

Ni G. A. Diah Ambarwati Kardinal, I Komang Gede Santhyasa, I Nyoman Harry Juliarthana, Komang Wirawan
Fifteen Bali Aga Village is designated as a supporting village for geopark batur which has been declare as world geopark by UNESCO. One of the fifteen village is Belandingan village. Information about Belandingan village is difficult to obtain. Even though Belandingan village also keeps the uniqueness...
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Privacy Related to Cyber Space Activities

Ni Putu Suci Meinarni, Emmy Febriani Thalib
Human Rights become an integral part in the various interactions that occur in cyberspace. Interaction between users of the virtual world is a distance interaction which is not necessarily meet in person. This can lead to potential lies or even the use of one's identity. Utilization of the intended identity...
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Accelerating Regional Economic Development through Tourism: The development of “Alas Kedaton” as a spiritual tourism destination

Putu Krisna Adwitya Sanjaya, Ni Luh Adisti Abiyoga Wulandari, Ni Komang Sumadi, Ida Ayu Widani Sugianingrat
Tourism has long been considered as one of vital pillars in economic development. It has been an important choice for development in Indonesia, not excluding Bali. Bali Province has varied tourist attractions, which are predominantly based on the spirit of Hinduism. Alas Kedaton, as one of these tourist...
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Religious Tourism and Community Economic Development Potential (Luar Batang Mosque cases in DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Sari Narulita, Rihlah Nur Aulia, Izzatul Mardhiah, Embang Syasyadin
Recent study data from the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia revealed that the interest in religious tourism visits in Indonesia reached 12% of all tourist visits. This article attempts to examine more in-depth into the economic development potential of Luar Batang community, which is living close to...
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Problems of Palm Oil Farmers in West Sumatra, Indonesia

Sawirman Sawirman
There are many problems of palm oil business to solve by the government instead of the black campaign from numerous international NGO on palm oil issues as an environmental parasite. This article just focusses on farmer’s problems, palm oil company problems, media of education, lexicons documentation,...
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Never Give Up! (Successful business of people with disabilities)

Sukaris Sukaris, Hindah Mustika
The aim of the research is to explore the successful business of people with disabilities, conceptualizing success as the economic independence of people with disabilities, using a single case research design, by interviewing people with disabilities how they go through the business success process....
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Strengthening Marketing Access in Supporting the Management of Productive Economic Business in the Village Community of Sambipondok Sidayu Gresik

Sukaris Sukaris, Budiyonos Budiyonos, Alkusani Alkusani
Increasing the role of the community in the development of productive economic enterprises must be part of efforts to advance the village in the context of rural entrepreneurship. With the demographic conditions of the village must be interpreted as a strength, the potential for innovation in how to...
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Smart People as a Participation Model for Infrastructure Development

Suning Suning, Dwi Muryanto
The research objective is to identify the coastal community participation model for the development of infrastructure that has been built with a slum-free city program (KOTAKU). The participation model smart city indicator is smart people. Research location Coastal village two areas in Sedati. Both villages...
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Portrait of Accounting Based on Pancasila Values

Tantri Bararoh, Erna Hendrawati, Mira Pramudianti
One form of application of UU Number 6 of 2014 about the village is the obligation of each village to prepare the development plan of medium-term village (RPJM Village) and the village government's work plan (RKP village). Every planning of village government implementation, development implementation,...
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Fishing Quotas Regulation as the Embodiment of Fish Resources Protection

Titik Suharti, Masitha Tismananda Kumala
Act No. 45 of 2009 authorizes the Minister to determine the Total Allowable Catches (TACs) in the Fishing Area of the Republic of Indonesia (FARI). The determination of TACs is used as an effort to preserve fish resources in Indonesian marine. TACs is catch limit by all the fishing actor within a certain...
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Intermediate and Entrepreneurial Motivation Analysis of Students Informatics Engineering Studies Program (Case study: STMIK STIKOM Indonesia)

Willdahlia Ayu, Ratnaningrum Rara
STIKI Indonesia is one of the IT campuses in Bali that has a concept as an entrepreneurship campus that is oriented towards developing and fostering the spirit of Entrepreneurship for students. Respondents in this study were students who were still active with a total of 124 respondents who had received...