Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Languages and Arts (ICLA 2018)

This proceeding includes peer-reviewed research papers from the Seventh International Conference on Languages and Arts in 2018 (ICLA 2018:, held by the Faculty of Languages and Arts of Universitas Negeri Padang in collaboration with Forum FBS Indonesia. This annual conference was held to commemorate the university anniversary, of Universitas Negeri Padang and was conducted in Padang, Indonesia, from 19-20 October, 2018.

The conference is a response to rapid changes and development of science and technology that have significant impact on and being about challenges in many aspects of our global world. In education sector, for instance, excessive use of gadgets by students often influences teaching and learning process. In arts, advancement of technology to some extent affects arts design and performance. In line with this, researchers and practitioners keep exploring new ideas for continuous quality improvement and finding solutions to emerging problems through field studies and classroom research. University should become a center of excellence where academics can inform and discuss the result of their studies and classroom best practices, and share ideas. For this purpose the 7th International Conference on Language and Arts (ICLA 2018) invites researchers, teachers/lecturers, and students to come as presenters or participants. This year theme is “Breakthrough to Excellence of Languages and Arts Research and Education”.

ICLA 2018 received 314 manuscripts, and 119 submissions had been accepted by our reviewers and the press. By submitting a paper to ICLA 2018, the authors agreed to the review process and understood that papers undergo a peer-review process. Manuscripts were reviewed by appropriately qualified experts in the field selected by the Conference Committee, who gave detailed comments and-if the submission was accepted the authors would submit a revised version that considered this feedback. All papers were reviewed using a double-blind review process. The Committees of ICLA 2018 invested great efforts in reviewing the papers submitted to the conference and organizing the sessions to enable the participants to gain maximum benefit.

We would like to express our best gratitude to Rector of Universitas Negeri Padang, Prof. Ganefri, Ph.D.; and Dean of FBS UNP, Prof. Dr. M. Zaim, M.Hum. for their tremendous support. Furthermore, we would like to thank Prof. Low Ee Ling (National Institute of Education, Singapora), Dr. Anna Filipi (Monash University, Australia), Prof. Dr. Khairul Aidil Azlin Abd Rahman (Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia), Prof. Syafnil, Ph.D. (University of Bengkulu, Indonesia), Prof. Harris Effendi Thahar (Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia), and Indrayuda, Ph.D. (Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia) as the invited speakers for their contribution and idea shared in the conference.

Hopefully, all participants and other interested readers will benefit scientifically from the proceedings and also find it stimulating in the process.

The Editors
Prof. Yenni Rozimela
Heldi, Ph.D.
Dr. Havid Ardi
M. Affandi Arianto