Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Language, Communication and Culture Studies (ICLCCS 2020)

It is our pleasure to present to your attention the Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Language, Communication and Culture Studies (ICLCCS 2020).

The 2020 International Conference on Language, Communication and Culture Studies was held by the International Science and Culture Center for Academic Contacts on October 28-29, 2020 in Moscow, Russia. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was held online on the Zoom platform. ICLCCS 2020 was jointly organized by the International Science and Culture Center for Academic Contacts (Moscow, Russia) and Zhengzhou Yingchun Conference Planning Co., Ltd. (Zhengzhou, China).

Scientific reports by participants from Russia, Colombia, China, Serbia, Slovakia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Denmark and South Korea were presented and discussed at the conference. 70 papers were accepted for publication after a thorough review by three reviewers.

The presented collection of articles implements an integrative approach to the problems of modern humanitarian knowledge. The collection reflects the work of the conference in several areas: cultural studies, educational techniques, literary studies, sociolinguistics, intercultural communication, conceptual studies, semiotics, discourse analysis, translation studies, etc.

Didactic foundations and methods of teaching foreign languages in a multicultural environment and mixed learning are presented in a number of works describing interactive and integrative approaches. A number of articles are devoted to interdisciplinary problems of communication, especially cross-cultural, and the problems of information dissemination through mass media and Internet platforms in the modern world. Scholars' interest in historical roots is not lost in the modern world. Researchers from different countries turn to folklore, historical writings, past events and try to understand their place in modern culture. These studies show that scholars pursue a considerable interest in the problems of the ecology of language and speech culture. The articles deal with the category of politeness, the use of stylistic means, etc. In the multicultural space that we are living in, it is impossible to ignore the topic of ethnic minorities and their right to self-determination. Naturally, this topic is also fully reflected in the presented collection. It is clear that the study of cultural and tourist cooperation between different regions of the world is a relevant topic even in the current conditions of the pandemic. It is interesting to note a certain number of cultural and linguistic works that reflect the interest in human health problems that has increased recently against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of articles are devoted to the topic of female images in the literature of different countries. Researchers develop the theme of self-determination and spiritual liberation of women.

The researchers' interest in the urban theme, the urban linguistic landscape, and the semiotic understanding of the images of cities is also reflected in these proceedings.

We hope that the conference and the publication of this collection of works will contribute to the generalization and systematization of current trends in the humanities, the identification and solution of their current problems, which will ultimately help to make our lives more harmonious.

Let us express our gratitude to all the participants of ICLCCS 2020 for their valuable contribution to the work of the conference. We would also like to thank everyone who worked hard to organize the conference and prepare the proceedings for publication. We especially thank Atlantis Press for our long-term collaboration.

The Organizing Committee of ICLCCS 2020