Proceedings of 1st International Conference of Law and Justice - Good Governance and Human Rights in Muslim Countries: Experiences and Challenges (ICLJ 2017)

The International Conference on Law and Justice (ICLJ 2017) was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on November 7 - 8, 2017. The main topic of this conference is Good Governance and Human Rights in Muslim Countries: Experiences and Challenges.

Good Governance has been a crucial issue in the world today particularly once people discuss human rights and democracy. It concerns with: transparency, accountability, justice, fairness and participation. Among democratic countries, this concept has long been practiced and strengthens human participation and social life in general.

In recent times, Good Governance has also penetrated many aspects of human associations, because it is one requirement of making democratic society. In Muslim countries, however, this concept may encounter a variety of problems from conceptual framework to practical one. One may raise some puzzles, whether this is linked to religious or cultural issues. This conference, therefore, needs to elaborate some crucial issues of this themes in order to contribute to Indonesian Muslim in particular or Muslim countries in general. The absence of good governance is regarded as one of the root causes of all the evil in society as it is linked to the development of human beings and society. The term governance can be used in multi-forms such as; Corporate Governance, Financial Governance, International Governance, National Governance and Local Governance. In Muslim society, it is assumed that the problem of Good Governance is linked to leadership. In other cases, the political leaders of any parties to be weak and tend to corrupt. And the democratic governance failed to ensure Good Governance. These complex issues need to be answered from many perspectives and approaches.

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