Proceedings of the International Conference on Management, Accounting, and Economy (ICMAE 2020)

The 1st ICMAE (International Conference on Management, Accounting, and Economics) is an international conference that brings academics, researchers, students, and practitioners into Economic and Business scientific forum in order to provide the opportunity to connect author’s ideas to be shared in the name for the betterment of society. The conference aims to discuss solutions for any problem that arise during the era, to share empirical results in accounting, economics and management perspective about how companies address the disruption challenge and the conference a platform to share experience between provider academicians and practitioners about any problems and solution in digital era.

The world is currently entering the era of the fourth industrial revolution which is often referred as the Industrial Revolution 4.0. To be in alignment with the new era, it is necessary to encourage various updates and betterments in all aspects of life. In this era, disruption becomes inevitable. Thus, innovation absolutely needs to happen being eroded by the rapid advances in this century. Disruptive innovation is currently coming up and creating various upheavals in the community. Through this consideration, several topics were raised in this year’s conference addressing the occurring problems, including Digital Human Resources and Management, Financial Management and Accounting, Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Financial Technology, as well as Sustainability Business.

The 1st ICMAE was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, February 13 – 14, 2020, and attended by participants from 8 countries around the world, which include Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and Qatar. Up to 175 scientific papers were submitted through this conference and made a contribution to the most recent scientific finding in the field of Economics and Business. It is a pleasure to say that these publications are indexed by Clarivate Analytics, Web of Science. This conference is supported by fifty two universities, which among of them served as co-host. In honour of all contributed authors and invited speakers, this book is created as a collection of abstracts from the submitted papers that are carefully arranged and organized to provide participants with a brief description regarding the discussed topic. We deeply hope that through this creation, new ideas and innovation can continuously emerge which stimulates further research and study for a sustainable future.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all speakers, co-hosts, committee, and participants for their contribution.

Conference chair,
Dr. Sekar Mayangsari, SE. AK.

The Editors
Prof. Dr. Ade Gafar Abdullah – Editor in Chief
Dr. Isma Widiaty, M.Pd
Ari Arifin Danuwijaya, M.Ed
Cep Ubad Abdullah, M.Pd