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Predicting Turnover Intention Among Pharmaceutical Employee Through Psychological Contract Fulfillment For Work Engagement

Daniel Kisahwan, Andreas Wahyu Gunawan
The aim of this study is to analyze the implication of psychological contract fulfillment on employee’s turnover intention through work engagement. Data sample were collected from 240 employees foreign pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia. Data analysis using the Structural Equation Model. The data collection...
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The Gender Effect on Banking Performance in Indonesia

Suwinto Johan, Claudia Gita Hapsari
This paper aims to study the determinants of banking performance from human equality perspective. Banking is a service industry which heavily depends on the human resources. Therefore, the research will focus on the diversity of employees and board member in determining the financial performance. We...
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Trust Vs Satisfaction: Which One is More Important in Mediating the Impact of Website Quality Towards Customer Loyalty in The Indonesian E-Commerce Industry?

Nicholas Wilson
This research was conducted in order to assess which mediating variables had a greater role in mediating the impact of website quality on Customer Loyalty. This research implemented survey method, in which questionnaires were distributed to a total of 300 respondents. Out of 300 respondents, a total...
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The Antecedents Intention of Use Mobile Payment for Millennial Generation

Andreas Wijaya, Lelly Christin, William Andrean Wijaya
This research adopting Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Mobile payment system characteristics with perceived risk to ensuring and explore the model. The main purpose are determining Mobile payment system characteristics and perceived risk in the TAM model for millennial generation as the subject....
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Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance, CGPI Award in Indonesia

Felita Fabiani, Ririn Breliastiti
This study aims to determine how the influence of Corporate Governance (CG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on the company s financial performance. The Corporate Governance Perception Index (CGPI) ranking score is used to measure the CG mechanism, seventeen goals from Sustainable Development...
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Human Resource Practices and Organizational Commitment Through Work Satisfaction as a Variable of Mediation

Retno Sari Murtiningsih
This study examines the impact of human resource (HR) practices on organizational commitment through job satisfaction as a mediator variable. The primary data was gathered and collected from 135 respondents being employees of some private companies in Jakarta. This study used hypothesis testing as a...
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The Influence of CEO Characteristic on Banking Performance

Suwinto Johan, Wahyuni Rusliyana Sari
The paper aims to study the influence of a chief executive officer (CEO) characteristic on banking financial performance. CEO is the leader who will lead the company to achieve the vision, mission, and short-term target. Shareholders will determine the CEO to run the company for a specific term. Financial...
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Employee Innovation Behavior in Health Care

Abdul Haeba Ramli
The objective of this research is to analyze the influence of Humble Leadership towards Employee Innovation Behavior. This research Applies the explanatory type with quantitative approach. The sample that used for this research are 100 respondents of Hospital employee. The collection of data that used...
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Are Women in BOD Affecting the Company’s Financial Performance?

Darren, Sumani
This research aims to provide advice to policy makers to increase the number of women on the board of directors with the aim of improving company performance. The purpose of this study is to look at the effect of women in the board of directors on company performance. Previous studies that have been...
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The Green Hotel Knowledge Towards Consumer Behavior Intention: Empirical Model Testing

Robert Kristaung, Luki Adiati Pratomo
The results of the study empirically prove that attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control have a significant effect on hotel customer intentions. The study aimed to find the most influential role of the green hotel knowledge, among control, mediating, or moderating variable toward...
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Strengthening of National Resilience: Leading Sector Mapping for Digital Economy In Indonesia

Eduardo Edwin Ramda, Supandi
Economic growth in Indonesia in general has experienced rapid progress where Indonesia’s economic growth has increased every year. The development of a digital economy echoed by the government requires appropriate strategies and identification to be able to answer the economic needs of each region. Proper...
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Empirical Testing of Climate Work as Moderating at Regional Public Service

Dian Sudiantini
This study aims to examine the influence of strategic leadership competencies, organizational culture and work climate on the performance of public services, and the work climate moderates the strategic leadership competencies and organizational culture on the performance of public services. The study...
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The Effect of Job Satisfaction, Management Innovation, and Organizational Motivation on Organizational Performance

Dimas Eko Putriyadi, Tiara Puspa, Justine Tanuwijaya
The aim of this study is to assess the impact of job satisfaction, managerial innovation and organizational motivation on the organizational performance of Riau oil companies in Indonesia in the current digital age. The reliability test was based on Cronbach’s Alpha, and a correction factor for the total...
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Unique Capability for Poultry Distributor Companies

Siti Mariam, Erie Febrian, Mokhamad Anwar, Sutisna, Budiman Imran, Abdul Haeba Ramli
The competitive strategy in the poultry distribution corporation in Jakarta indicates low company of innovation management and unique capability. The objective of this investigation is to decide the impact of low company innovation management and unique capability to competitive strategy. Quantitative...
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Perceived Organizational Support and Turnover Intention

Rowlan Takaya, Arsil, Abdul Haeba Ramli
This study becomes important to know the root cause of employee turnover intention in the hospital. The Study Focuses on Finding analyzing whether Perceived Organization Support Affect Turnover Intention through the Job Satisfaction. In this study there are four variables, Perceived Organizational Support,...
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The Effect of Non-Performing Loans on Profitability in Banking Sector in Indonesia

Catur Rahayu Martiningtiyas, Dewi Tirtarini Nitinegeri
The objective of this study is to analyze the effect of non-performing loans on bank profitability. The dependent variable in this study is profitability and the independent variable is non-performing loans by using control variables are liquidity ratio, capital adequacy ratio, gross domestic product...
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Work Life Balance Effect (Case Investigation on PT PJB Power Plant Maintenance Unit)

Budiman Imran, Damar Arvian, Abdul Haeba Ramli
This research is aimed to analyze the clout of Work Life Balance on Employee Performance with Job Satisfaction as Mediating Variables on PT PJB Power Plant Maintenance Unit. This research method uses quantitative methods and data analysis using SmartPLS 2.0 software. Data obtained using a questionnaire...
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Effect of Develop Strategy, Ethical Climate, on Quality Service to Customer Experience With Local Wisdom as a Moderating Variable

Golan Hasan, Farida Jasfar, Robert Kristaung
Research objective is to analyze whether local wisdom can moderate service quality with several variables involved, including developing strategy, service quality, customer experience, dimensions involved in this research are identifying the customer needs improvement strategy, and how the role of the...
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The Influence of Organizational Culture, Competence and Work Motivation Towards Employee Performance

PJP Ginting, Sarton Sinambela, Dessy Marhandrie, Elik
The purpose of this study was to analyze and test the influence of leadership, competence, and motivation on the performance of the State Civil Apparatus in the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Jakarta City, partially or simultaneously. This study uses quantitative methods,...
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Intellectual Capital Disclosure and CSR Disclosure on Company Performance

Tri Retno Indaryanti, Rini Lestari, Epi Fitriah
The current phenomenon is a decline in performance in Several mining sector companies. On the other hand, it is found that the quality and quantity of information disclosure is still low, such as intellectual capital and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) related to environmental activities / conditions...
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Evaluating Variable Which is Influencing Online Repurchase Intention to Increase Fresh Vegetables/Fruits Consumption in Indonesia by Using Importance Performance Analysis

Amir Fikri, Megawati Simanjuntak
The main focus of this research is to examine the importance of online repurchase intention to increase fresh vegetables/fruits consumption based on competitiveness from behavioral aspects and the situation of e-retailer. Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) method is a convenient method to concurrently...
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The Factors That Influence Student Satisfaction on Loyalty Students at East Java

Dyah Eko Setyowati
The research data used are primary data with a total of 231 students from a population of 479 active students at East Java, with a proportional random sampling technique. The analytical tool used is path analysis. The results of this study, IPIEMS student responses agreed and were satisfied with the...
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The Effect of Good Corporate Governance [GCG] on Disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] and Its Implications on Firm Value

Almatius Setya Marsudi, Gusti Putra Soetanto
The research examines the influence between Good Corporate Governance (GCG) represented by institutional ownership and public ownership on firm value. The study was conducted at 45 manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange during the period of 2015 to 2018. The sobel’s test method...
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The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Tax Aggressiveness: Moderating by Family Ownership in Indonesia

Kennardi Tanujaya, Iskandar Itan
The design of this research is to analysis the significance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosures toward tax aggressiveness that moderated by the family ownership. The dependent variable in this research is tax aggressiveness. The independent variable in this research is CSR disclosure....
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Nonlinear Relationship Between Working Capital and Firm Performance Moderated by Financial Constraints on Manufacture Firms Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Azizah Rarasati Widhyadji, Farah Margaretha Leon
The research aims to analyze the relationship between the working capital and firm performance of manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia stock exchange (IDX). Data were obtained from 33 manufactured from 2014 to 2018 using the Eviews 9.0 multiple regression analysis methods. The outcome showed the...
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Tobaccopreneur: Determining of Selling Price with Intermediaries

Aminatus Zakhra, Amaliyah
The main agricultural product of Madura Island is tobacco. Tobacco from Madura Island is different from other regions because of its distinctive aromatic odor so prices are different. Madura tobacco productivity is determined based on TPI (Tobacco Planting Index) which is determined from total production...
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Transfer Pricing Dispute Analysis of PT ABX Fiscal Year 2016

Aristian Yudhistira, Danny Septriadi
This study focuses on the transfer pricing disputes analysis of PT ABX in Fiscal Year 2016. The transfer pricing dispute of PT ABX is a dispute on adjustments made by PT ABX that is not recognized by the Tax Examiner (DGT) in terms of increasing the level of comparability with the Comparable Company...
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Evaluation of Business Process in the Cash Disbursement Cycle in Increasing Operational Effectiveness and Corporate Internal Control (Case study: PT XYZ)

Rika Ramadiyansari, Catur Sasongko
An industrial estate management company PT XYZ’s actual situation based on internal audit report shows unusual activities and internal control related to the cash disbursement business process. The improvement process is needed in order to be able to run business process properly, avoid fraud, and present...
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Is GCG Strengthening the Influence Between Sustainability Reporting to Financial Performance? (A study in IDX companies)

Tri Gunarsih, Ralina Transistari, Ari Rudatin
This study investigates the sustainability reporting differences between banks and nonbanks sample firms and examines the effect of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in strengthening the influence between Sustainability Reporting (SR) to firm financial performance. The GCG proxied by the Corporate Governance...
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Honeybees Corporation Concept: A Corporate Concept to Support the Achievement of SDGs in Indonesia?

Qatrunnada Sausan, Nurleli, Rini Lestari
Corporate greed in exploiting limited natural resources to meet the needs of raw materials for production causes a variety of serious environmental damage and global warming that threatens human survival. Based on this phenomenon, the researchers got an idea inspired by Q.S A Nahl about the good behavior...
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Improving Employee Satisfaction Through Organization Support

Hilya Shiffa, Tiarapuspa, Sarfilianty Anggiani
This study aims to identify and analyze the effect of health protection benefits, recreation leave, and flexible working hours on job satisfaction in employees of PT. Pos Indonesia, South Jakarta branch. Retrieval of data is done through the deployment of a questionnaire to 109 employees PT. Pos Indonesia...
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Antecedent Counterproductive Work Behavior: Exploration in Services Industry

Tiarapuspa, Wiwik Robiatul Adawiyah, Mutiara Rizqi, Amelia Wanggi
This research is in the form of a conceptual study about the construct of counterproductive work behavior that occurs in Indonesia, especially in the service industry, both conducted by leaders and subordinates. The study results found that employees’ counterproductive behavior can be categorized into...
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The Attitude of Young People Towards Environmental Issues and Green Products

The main objective of this study was to analyze the attitude of young people towards environmental issues and green products, using gender as control variable. This research was conducted in the Faculty of Economics and Business, Trisakti University, where the students represented the Indonesian young...
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The Effect of Service Orientation, Perceived Organizational Support, Job Satisfaction, Towards Employee Engagement in Cikini Hotel, Jakarta

Rahma Dimitri Arifin, Dita Oki Berliyanti, Beta Oki Baliartati
This research aims to analyze the impact of employee engagement, service orientation, perceived organizational support, and job satisfaction at Cikini hotel in jakarta. Data were obtained directly by distributing questionnaires to 130 respondents and analyzed using the simple regression analysis and...
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Analysis of the Effect of Brand Image, Tourist Perception, Service Quality Toward Revisit Intention in Recreational Parks in DKI Jakarta

Sofia Maulida, Farida Jasfar, Mhd Zilal Hamzah
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of brand image, tourist perceptions and service quality toward revisit intention in Taman Rekreasi in DKI Jakarta. This research was conducted in four recreation parks in Jakarta, namely Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Ragunan...
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Analysis of the Effect of Leadership, Job Motivation, and Organizational Culture Towards the Employee Performance of STT PLN

Susanto, Lannodaya Tommy Syahputra
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of leadership, job motivation, and organizational culture on employee performance. The sampling technique used purposive sampling and a sample of 100 employees of the PLN Technical College. The analysis technique uses multiple regression analysis....
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Greenwashing, Does it Work Well for Indonesian Millennial Buyers?

Agustina Fitrianingrum, Selly Celsya
Greenwashing has been used by certain international companies as the strategy to improve the branding of products or services since years ago. Greenwashing defined as a promoting activity of green products or services that lead customers to have a perception and expectation beyond what products or services...
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The Effect of Market Orientation, Competitive Strategy on Firm Performance Through Support Government Policy as an Intervening Variable

Yulisnada, Haryono Umar, Willy Arafah
This research aims to examine the effect of market orientation and competitive strategy on firm performance with support government policy as an intervening variable. The data was obtained from Housing Developers in Indonesia. The sample is 220 individuals, consisting of large, medium, and small developers....
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Professional Identity in Private Hospital

Abdul Haeba Ramli, Arsil, Rowlan Takaya, Siti Mariam
The employee Health are part of the public health work force in Bekasi, and its shortage has been identified as an urgent priority that should be addressed. Turnover is one of the main contributors to the shortage problem. This research assessed the influence of Perceived Organizational Support and professional...
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Brand Image: Survey on Giro iB Wadiah Sharia Commercial Bank Individual Customers in Kota Bandung

Intan Permana, Nizar Alam Hamdani, Asri Solihat, Lindayani, Anggun Oktavia Herlianti
Indonesia has a largest market potential for various sharia-based products, services and services. Islamic banking has a relationship with religious factors of a brand image. This study aims to determine the image of the Giro iB Wadiah Sharia Commercial Bank service brand in Kota Bandung. The data analysis...
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Using Accounting Perspectives and Financial Performance to Detect Fraudulent Financial Reporting

Jasmine Irishabel, Aqamal Haq, Murtanto
The aim of this study is to examine whether various accounting perspectives and financial ratios can be used in detecting fraudulent financial reporting among the Indonesian agricultural sector, starting the year 2013 to 2016. The accounting perspectives used include Going concern and audit quality while...
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Financial Technology Phenomenon in Defense Economic Perspective

Supandi Halim, Muhammad Haikal Kautsar
Financial Technology become a enormous phenomenon in Indonesia Financial Industry. This Paper has purpose to study Financial Technology phenomenon in Defense Economic Perspective. This Study using qualitative approach to study the phenomenon. Data collected by study literature and short interview with...
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Study About Targeted Leverage Determinant Behavior and Speed of Adjustment in Secondary and Tertiary Sectors in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Purwanto Widodo
This research aims to look at the behavior of capital structure determinants derived from corporate and macroeconomic characteristics and determinants of speed of adjustment based on company characteristics in the secondary and tertiary sectors. The research methodology uses dynamic panel data and is...
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How is the Impact of Non-Cash Payment System on Sales of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise?

Stephani Salim, Diana Frederica
The purpose of this study are (1) to analyze the impact of non-cash payment systems on MSMEs sales, (2) to analyze the expectations of MSMEs related to non-cash payment systems, (3) to analyze whether non-cash transactions can facilitate the recording of MSME accounting. Data was obtained through a survey...
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The Quality of Corporate Governance and Its Effect on Sharia Bank Financial Performance in Indonesia

Susy Muchtar, Powell Gian Hartono, Wahyuni Rusliyana Sari
The research examines factors that impact financial performance of Islamic Banks. It focuses on the banks listed at Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK). The independent variables examined include the efficiency of the Board of Directors, Audit Committee, and Sharia...
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Factors That Influence Word of Mouth Behavior in Fast Food Restaurants

Theodorus Dharma Wibisono, Nico Lukito
This study aims to determine the Effect of Food Quality, Personal Interaction Quality, Physical Environment Quality, Perceived Value to Word of Mouth Intention via Customer Experience, Trust, and Commitment in customer of fast food fried chicken restaurant in Jakarta. This study involved 217 customers...
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Campaigning Reusable Bag: The Role of Retailers to Achieve Sustainable Consumption

Ayu Ekasari
This paper aims to investigate whether retailers can contribute to sustainable consumption by campaigning the use of reusable bag. This becomes a challenge since thousands of Indonesian retailers use millions of plastic bags every day. Retailers can participate to reduce the use of plastic bags by developing...
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Destination Image of “Thousand Islands”: Antecedents and Consequences

Randy Keban, Rayi Retno Dwi Asih, Luki Adiati Pratomo
This study aims to examine and analyze the antecedents and consequences of destination image in the Thousand Islands, also known as “Kepulauan Seribu.” The purposive sampling method was used to obtain data from 213 respondents using the Structural Equation Model (SEM). The results showed that service...
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Implementation Application of Experiential Marketing to Brand Trusts and the Impacts on Purchasing Decisions

Harrie Lutfie, Dandy Marcelino
The large number of aviation industries in Indonesia made every airline compete to provide the best services. Garuda Indonesia is the only airline that is highly committed as full services airline with Indonesian services. With the introduction of the Garuda Indonesia Experience concept, Garuda Indonesia...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction and Purchase Intention at Pharmacy in Batam City

Erilia Kesumahati, Teddy Jurnali
Healthcare business in Indonesia continues to grow rapidly and remains attractive for local and global investors. Numerous healthcare providers offer a wide range of service and give their best service to customers to gain profit, win the market competition and also to be sustainable, including pharmacy...
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Impact of Social Media Influencer Marketing on the Intention to Buy Online Through Attitude on Advertising and Brands

Windy Dwi Astuti, Renny Risqiani
This research aims to study the impact of influencers through social media which is focused on Influencer’s Credibility, Influencer’s Attractiveness, Fit-Influencer-Product Level and Meaning Transfer on the intention to buy online through Consumer Attitudes towards Advertising and Consumer Attitudes...
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The Effect of Company Size, Age, Growth, Profitability, and Exposure Media on Corporate Social Responsibility

Fathan Mubina, Windhy Puspitasari, Muhammad Nuryatno Amin
This research aims to determine the effect of company size, age, growth, profitability and media exposure on corporate social responsibility. The purposive sampling method was used to obtain the financial statement of 45 companies out of a total population of 63 listed in LQ 45 from 2015 till 2017. The...
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Entrepreneurial Culture and Organizational Climate in the Barbers Village, Garut, Indonesia

Galih Abdul Fatah Maulani, Nizar Alam Hamdani, Sukma Nugraha, Teten Mohamad Sapril Mubarok
As the city of dodol, Garut is also famous for its most excellent barbers. A lot of barbers in Indonesia originate from this city, precisely from a village called Kampung Parung, Banyuresmi Subdistrict. After finishing high schools, most teenagers from the village go to big cities to start barbershop...
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Bankruptcy Prediction Analysis on the Manufacturing Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Henny Setyo Lestari
This research aims to determine the effect of liquidity, profitability, debt structure, solvency and activity ratio to bankruptcy prediction. The sample used in this research is a manufacturing company that in listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) in the period 2012–2016. The amount of the sample...
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Evaluating the Kemplang Tunu Production Training for Low Income and Education Communities Using the Kirkpatrick Model

Terttiaavini, Luis Marnisah, Yosef Yulius, Tedy Setiawan Saputra
The research aims to measure the achievement of the training program for the Kemuning partnership in Ario Kemuning regent of Palembang city. The participants consisted of the housewife and teenagers who has low education and income background. The training which provides was based on social problems....
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Empirical Testing of the Mediating Effect of Absorptive Capacity and Moderation of Cultural Intelligence on Intellectual Capital and Innovation Analysis on the Tourism Industry

Wisnu Yuwono, Dadan Umar Daihani, Willy Arafah
The research aims to analyze the innovation trigger factor in the tourism industry sector. The research about innovation in the tourism industry rarely found until nowadays. The researcher tries to analyze the effect of intellectual capital to innovation, intellectual capital to potential absorptive...
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The Effect of Strategic Leadership and Self-Efficacy on Organizational Commitment and Its Implication on Performance Defense Researchers

Muhammad Nakir, Panjta Djati, Willy Arafah
This study is aims to analyze the effect of strategic leadership and self-efficacy on organizational commitment and its implications for performance. The research design used in this study is testing the hypothesis. This research is a non-quantitative experiment, using a questionnaire given to 125 respondents....
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Effective Strategic Planning and Knowledge Management Effects on Organizational Performance Mediated by Dynamic Capability Towards Threats of Chemical, Biological, Radiology, and Nuclear (CBRN) Weapon

R.A. Nora Lelyana, S. Pantja Jati, Willy Arafah
This study aims to determine the extent to which the Resources-Based View (RBV) concept of Dynamic Capability plays a role in providing solutions to the performance of the Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Defense. Dynamic capability acts as the formulator of general policy and the bearer of the national...
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Carbon Emission Reduction’s Impact on a Company’s Performance

Syuangelia Octaceria, Liana Rahardja
This study explores carbon emission reduction’s impact on a company’s performance in Indonesia. The examples are seven companies that were publicly listed between 2008 and 2013. Carbon emission is the independent variable and financial performance (ROA, ROS, ROE) is the dependent variable. Therefore,...
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Influence of Information Technology, Organizational Communication, and Leadership Towards Employee Performance

Sarton Sinambela, PJP Ginting, Erwin Marojahan Simanjuntak, Mochamad Agus Ridwan
The research aims to find out how information technology, organizational communication, and leadership have influenced employee performance. The data analysis method used is multiple linear regression analysis. The sample used 168 respondents were determined. Data collection techniques are by distributing...
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Economic Valuation and Sensitivity Analysis of Triple Has Prospect Under Gross Split PSC at PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore Southeast Sumatra (PT. PHE OSES)

Ardian Aby Santosa, P Widhyawan, Anik Irawati, L.D Rifqi, Sri Hartanto
Offshore South East Sumatra Block is an active oil and gas block in Indonesia operated by PT. Pertamina Upstream Energy Offshore South East Sumatra (PT. PHE OSES). The research framework of the economic valuation is started with evaluating the business environment for PT. PHE OSES based on external situation...
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Analysis Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Performance Report Forward Financial Performance on Proper Ranking Companies in Indonesia

Hendro Lukman, Rousilita Suhendah, Jesica Evan
Profit is not the sole purpose of the company. An established company must be able to provide benefits to the owners and stakeholders. Therefore, the company must maintain relationships with stakeholders and maintain the sustainability of the existence of resources so that the company grows sustainably...
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Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Commitment and Job Performance in the Private Hospital

Abdul Haeba Ramli, Fairynda Novariani
This investigation is aimed to anatomize the effect of Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Commitment to Job performance. The investigation was carried out with a sample of 251 respondents from Private Hospital. The collected data was anatomized using structural equation modeling (SEM) with the...
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The Factors That Influence the Creativity of Employee in Three Star Hotel

Evi Silvana Muchsinati, Regina Michelle Hawidi
Creativity can be meant as the new idea, that is useful for product, service, process or procedure developed by the employee in a social system, which they will collaborate with others. Creativities of the hotel employee are very necessary to create a new idea and make a strategy to develop the hotel...
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Job Stress, Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention

Budiman Imran, Siti Mariam, Fika Aryani, Abdul Haeba Ramli
It’s become important to know the root causes of turnover intention, for good companies the turnover rate will be low. But it become a question if an enterprise with employees does turnover too often. With the occurrence of turnover illustrates that employees are not satisfied with the place where they...
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The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction in the Hospital

Fairynda Novarian, Abdul Haeba Ramli
This watchfulness is aimed to analyze the effect of Emotional Intelligence to Job performance through job satisfaction. The watchfulness was implemented with 251 of sample from Private Hospital. The collected data was analyzed using SPSS and SEM-Lisrel to verify the hypothesis. The result was Emotional...
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Sustainability Branding Strategy Through ICT Networking of Tourism Development

Isdarmanto, Christantius Dwiatmadja, Hari Sunarto, Antonius Suryo Abdi
The current aspects of global multimedia have an important role in the dissemination of all types of information and news through information and communication technologies (ICT) quickly and effectively. Why this is important, because every individual can access, load, download, copy, even edit by various...
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Professional Ethics in Providing Credits for MSMEs

Yanuar Ramadhan, Charlin Sitompul, Dian Oktavia
Professional ethics is a branch of ethics that critically and systematically reflects the moral problems inherent in a profession. Sometimes, Business Ethics also called management ethics is the application of moral standards in business activities. Business is an individual business activity that is...
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Budget Deficit and Debt: Descriptive Analysis of Indonesia’s Case

Masfar Gazali
The purpose of this paper is to examine Indonesia’s state budget and debt deficits. Using the descriptive methodology analysis. The secondary data collected from 1998 – 2014. The finding is deficit that occurs due to inadequate income from taxes and non-taxes that the deficit is forced to pay off the...
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Integrated Service Quality Analysis Towards Performance of Employee Agency Integrated One Door Services (BPTSP) in DKI Jakarta With Customer Satisfaction as an Intervening Variable

Sri Kartika Sari Antariksa
The purpose of this research is to investigate the influence of service quality, customer satisfaction, service quality to employee performance in BPTSP DKI Jakarta. The sample of this study as many as 300 respondents. Data processing method, using SEM technique. The type of data in this study is qualitative...
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The Role of Corporate Governance to the Relationship Between Income Smoothing, Dividend, Growth and Earnings Informativeness

Vinola Herawaty, Anggun Prabowo
The objective of this empirical study is to analyse the influence of dividend policy, company growth, and income smoothing to earnings informativeness on manufacturing companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2016 – 2018. Earnings informativeness represents market reaction of price change to company’s...
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Financial Literacy in Millenials Generation in Indonesia

Delia Anindita Prashella, Farah Margaretha Leon
This study aims to examine financial literacy in millennials in Indonesia. The dependent variable used in this study is a propensity for indebtness. The independent variable used is financial literacy as measured by financial behaviour, financial attitude and financial knowledge. Variables that act as...
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Bankruptcy Prediction Analysis: A Case Study of Retail Companies in Indonesia

Fredella Colline
This research aims to predict bankruptcy on retail companies in Indonesia. A total sample consist of 22 retail companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange for the period of 2015 to 2018 have been assessed by using Altman, Springate, and Zmijewski model whether those companies are potentially bankrupt or not....
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Website Costs-Operation Phase Compliance Analysis on Financial Statement of E-Commerce Company in Indonesia: A Case Study of PT. X in Jakarta

Yohanes, Desi Susanti
The purpose of this study is to analyse website cost – operation phase of PT X whether it is in accordance with PSAK 19 Intangible Assets, ISAK 14 Website costs and taxation rules. PSAK 19 and ISAK 14 state that the costs related to the website are divided into development and operation phase. In accordance...
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Exploring the Consequences of Brand Authenticity

Luki Adiati Pratomo, Ovy Noviati Nuraini Magetsari
Brand Authenticity is essential for luxury brands. This study aims to explore the consequences of Brand Authenticity in luxury brands. Furthermore, it will analyse the effect of Brand Relationship Quality and Brand Trust toward Purchase Intention for data collection; this study conducts a survey that...
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The Influence of Transformational Leadership to Organizational Innovation and Explorative Learning Mediated by Generalist Human Capital at Oil Company

Putri Marina Sijabat, Deasy Aseanty
This study aims to analyse the effect of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Innovation and Exploration Learning mediated by the General Capital Human Oil Company. This research was conducted by distributing questionnaires to 150 respondents and the respondents were employees. Hypothesis testing...
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Detecting Financial Statement Fraud Using Diamond Model: Evidence in Indonesia

Driya Sudaryono, Bambang Soedaryono
This study aims to determine the factors that affect financial statement fraud. The number of observations is 72 which 18 companies of transportation and infrastructure sectors listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange during 2015-2018. The methods used in this study are balanced panel data with a random...
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Do Western Hegemony Exist in the Selection of Independent Auditors?

Riesanti Edie Wijaya, Sally Kurniawan
Most business people perceive that big four affiliated public accounting firms have better quality than others. We use the mixing method to uncover the phenomena of internationalization among the auditor selections. This study only explores the empirical aspects of western hegemony in auditor selection...
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Facts on Organizational Performance in Indonesia

B Medina Nilasari
The purpose of this research is to examine social media on employee performance with entrepreneurial orientation as a mediating variable. Structural Equation Model (SEM) method used in this study. Respondent in this research were management-level employees, namely general managers, managers, head departments,...
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Employees Creativity Not Required for Employees in the Television Industry?

Kirana Kemala Dewi, Tiarapuspa, Safnita, Andreas Wahyu Gunawan
This paper was to investigate the impact of transformational leadership and perceived organizational support on employee’s creativity in PT. Omni Intivision. Data obtained directly through a questionnaire submitted to 117 respondents, namely to employees in the television industry. The research design...
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The Efficiency and Profitability Level of Indonesia Banking System Adopting Fintech in 2018

Hartini, Jakaria
This study aims to examine the efficiency and profitability level of the Indonesian banking system with and without the use of fintech technology. This is a quantitative research, with data obtained from the 96 banks in 6 groups published in the 2018 financial statements in accordance with the adaptation...
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Food Security Towards Sustainable Development of Food Security in Indonesian Provinces

Jakaria, Lydia Rosintan Simanjutan
Food security is essential in order to fulfil other fundamental human rights, such as education, health, and employment. Its sufficiency is essential for availability, accessibility, stability, and utilization. This research, therefore, aims to examine the problems associated with food security among...
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Investor Sentiment and Stock Price Movement Property Sector in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Tri Kunawangsih Purnamaningrum
This purpose of this research is to analyse the effect of sentiment investor (behavioural finance), fundamental macro economy and fundamental finance of corporate towards the property stock price listing in Indonesia Stock Market. Fundamental macro economy using two proxy variable are growth of PDB and...
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Audit Quality in Indonesia

Sekar Mayangsari
Indonesia has a continuous concerned on its audit quality since the impact of global changes on the accounting profession. The data was obtained from interviews with practitioners which have given the notion on how far Indonesia has already gone to improve audit quality. We also review several documentaries...
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The Impact of the Implementation of Government Restrictions on Mineral Exports in the Mining Sector and Its Sustainability

Rinaldi Rustam
The purpose of this study is to analyse investors’ abnormal returns on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with the PP No. 1 of 2014. This law is in accordance with the government policy on the Gradual Restrictions on Mineral Exports, while developing smelter for exporters. This is a qualitative research, with...
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E-Commerce: The Booster for Brand Advocacy Ratio in Asia

Intan Permana, Sukma Nugraha
The Brand advocacy ratio is one of the marketing productivities measures that can be applied in various industries. In the present study, the authors examined the role of ecommerce in raising customer’s brand awareness, encouraging purchase, and promoting the brand of Apple in Asia. This study was conducted...
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Nostalgic Marketing: A Study on Baby Boomers Generation

Nizar Alam Hamdani, Intan Permana, Sukma Nugraha, Galih Abdul Fatah Maulani
Nostalgic marketing is a stimulus for customers to travel back in the past so that they enjoy nostalgia. Customers as individuals involved in marketing activities have experience. It is interesting to find behaviour of the baby boomers as the first generation. Data obtained through interviews with 30...
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How to Measure the Financial Health?

Dafid Richi Setiawan, Sri Handayani
This study aims to determine the level of the financial health of company. The data analysed is the company’s financial statement data for the 2015-2017 period of PT Perkebunan Nusantara VII. The results of the analysis of the ratio of the company’s health level shows is not healthy with a weight of...
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Analysis of Public Interest in Sharia Investing Through Financial Technology Companies

Rizky Amelia, Dedi Wibowo
Nowadays, a trend is developing to seek the application of sharia law in every line of life, including in finance, especially investment. Given that Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, it is the right place for the Islamic financial market share. But in reality, the share of the Islamic...
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The Development of Case Assignment in Forensic Accounting Education

Masako Saito, Sekar Mayangsari
This paper studies for the develop of good materials and tools in forensic accounting education based on the Japanese cases. We use undergraduate students as respondents. In this paper, we suggested the case assignment that was developed by the past fraud cases, as the proposed educational material and...
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The Influence of Leverage, Cash Flow, Tax, R & D, Economic Growth and Inflation on the Financial Distress in the Sub-Sector of Property and Real Estate Companies

Khirstina Curry
This study aims to estimate and analyse the influence of leverage, cash flow, tax, R&D, economic growth, and inflation on financial distress in the property and real estate companies’ sub-sector. The first four attributes form the internal factors of the company, while the remaining is external with...