Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICMESS 2018)

Analysis and Construction of Multidimensional Industry Chains of Agritourism

Shuai Mao, Yang Song, Xiaolin Meng, Faroq Abdulkarem Ahmed
Corresponding author
Shuai Mao
Agritourism; Construction; Industry Chains
Multiple influencing factors and multidimensional industry chains can lead to some difficulties in operations management of agritourism. Five industry chains have been established to analyze the multidimensional agritourism industrial chains, including the value chain, supply chain, product chain, technology chain and space chain. Firstly, in agritourism value chain, core competence has been created. Secondly, in agritourism product chain, three types products chains have been built and analyzed. Thirdly, in agritourism technology chain, the technologies used at every point of the chain have been discussed and lined. Fourthly, in agritourism supply chain, two main structures have been analyzed depending on whether there is deep-processed and transportation. Lastly, in agritourism space chain, the types have been drawn and discussed based on different types of nodes. On the basis of these analysis, we can achieve the overall planning of agritourism from the large economic region, which forms the characteristics of the operation and coordinated development in different regions and helps to solve the issues of residents' leisure, pension, livableness, environmental protection and so on.
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