Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICMESS 2018)

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Goral Dialect as a Part of the Central European Area (on the Material of Proverbs)

Olga Raina
At present many research works are devoted to areal linguistic contacts. Proverbs are not studied in connection with areal typology. According to many linguistic and ethnographic researches cultural and language community exists in Central Europe. According to H.Kurzová there are several Central European...
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Research on the Conception, Practice and Enlightenment of Global Citizenship Education

Rui Qi, Fangming Zou
This paper aims to make a systematic study of Global Citizenship Education to achieve some experience or enlightenment from it. In particular, the study in this topic has become increasingly meaningful since President Xi Jinping put forward the idea of "promoting the construction of a Community with...
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The Impact, Trend and Corporate Strategy of the FinTech Industry

Lei Xu
This paper explores the impact FinTech is exerting on financial business, its future trend, and suitable strategies of market players based on a dataset of 892 global representative entrepreneurial firms and interviews to some of them. We find that FinTech will profoundly influence six business sections...
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An Empirical Study on the Adult Learning in Cognition and Needs with the Health Community for the Aged Population in Taiwan

Hsiuling Cheng, Huichuan Wei, Yuze Shih, Weimin Huang
The main purpose of this study is to explore the cognition of importance and needs assessment with health community for the aged population. The study adopted a questionnaire survey method and 500 questionnaires from the elderly in Chia-Yi City responded. The statistical analysis of this study indicated...
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On the Online Courses Construction in Police Institutes-Based on an Empirical Study of Jiangxi Police Institute

Xinqi Xie, Huijuan Xue
This article takes Jiangxi Police Institute as an example to analyze the background and problems of the construction of online courses and explores the ways to promote its construction. It advocates that police institutes should take various measures to promote the construction of such courses actively,...
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Exploration of Teaching Reform on the Course Automobile Electrical and Electronic Technology

Xiao Mi
In order to meet the demand of the innovation and entrepreneurship education, the teaching reform research of the course Automobile Electrical and Electronic Technology is carried out. The new teaching flow is designed and several teaching projects is selected in this paper, besides, assignment book...
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The Rationality and Outlet of Education in Modern Private Schools

Yuyang Liu
At present, in those big cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and other places, the modern private school teaching mode has aroused widespread concern in the society. On the one hand, it is reasonable to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, promote the distribution of educational resources...
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Research on the Application of Block-chain Technology in Transnational Financing Mechanism based on Belt and Road Initiative

Hongzhen Lei, Bingxuan Wang
In recent years, the Belt and Road Initiative has provided a good platform for countries along the route to achieve win-win benefits, but there are still some weaknesses in financing. This paper tries to solve the problems in the financing of various countries under the Belt and Road Initiative background,...
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Research on the Influence of International Commodity Market on China Stock Market-From the Perspective of Financing Liquidity

Sicong Li
This paper studies the interaction mechanism between commodity market and China stock market from the perspective of financing liquidity. Since the financialization of commodities, the correlation between commodities and the stock market has experienced its first rise after experiencing the sharp fluctuations...
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On Blended Learning and Oral English Communicative Competence—Taking “Oral English 3” Online Course as an Example

Huijuan Xue
This paper explores the correlation of blended learning and the enhancement of oral English communicative competence based on the teaching of the online course “Oral English 3” and the empirical data elicited from the questionnaire with English majors. It shows that “online / offline + face-to-face”...
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Exploration of Teaching Reform of the Ideological and Political Theory Course for Science and Engineering Students—A Case Study on University T

Kaili Song, Jianxing Yu, Ying Ji, Zhou Liu, Zhen Luo, Jiming Zou
Ideological and political theory course is an important part of the ideological communication of the party and the state, and undertakes the important mission of arming with theories, value guidance and talent cultivation. As an important research university in science and engineering in China, university...
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Misunderstandings and Corrections of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Chinese Universities

Jian Chen
This paper tries to find out the misunderstandings in innovation and entrepreneurship education in Chinese universities and the correction methods thereof. By investigating the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education in China, the paper finds that some misunderstandings and practice...
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The Practice Model of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in China's Colleges and Universities

Jian Chen
This paper attempts to sort out and summarizes the development model of innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities, and explores the development path of innovation and entrepreneurship education that are in line with our national conditions. From the perspective of original...
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Analysis of Symbolic Meanings of Folk Paper-cut from the Perspective of Semiotics

Tao Shen
Chinese folk paper-cut is an artistic sign of materialization. This art is the sign associated with the creator's certain expressive meanings. The artistic creation for the folk paper-cut is the process from a complete signifier (the form of a sign) to the higher-level signified (the concept or object...
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The Localization Model of Chinese Government’s Governance in the New Era

Denghui Gao, Shuyan Wei
From a comprehensive government to a service-oriented government, the governance model of the Chinese government has undergone many adjustments. In this gradual and continuous transformation process, the ideas, methods, structure, strategy and other elements of government governance have been adjusted...
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Key Success Factors of Enterprise Importing ERP System-Taking Electronic Information Motherboard Manufacturing Company as an Example

Chu Fang
This paper first gathers and analyzes the relevant literature to understand methods for successful implementation of ERP system. Next, it deeply investigates the methodology as well as the development process of a local motherboard manufacturing company. In this study, some in-depth interviews are conducted...
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Research on the Construction of Excellent Shared Course “The Principle and Application of Operating System”

Qiong Li, Lijuan Yan, Li Chen
As a basic and core curriculum in computer major, the Principle and Application of Operating System covers a wide range and develops rapidly, and its related concepts and system are also in development and improvement, which make it is hard to teach and make related studies. In order to solve this problem,...
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Analysis of Status of Cultural Cooperation Between China and Nations Alongside the Belt and Road

Yin Zhu
The paper analyzes the current status of cultural cooperation between China and countries in the Belt and Road region. Based on the previous research and theories, this paper particularly analyzes the cooperation situation in education, technology and tourism, including achievements that have been made,...
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Focus on Form Techniques in Second Language Teaching

Yuanqing Huang
As a second language teaching method,Focus on Form has aroused great enthusiasm among second language acquisition researchers and teachers since its proposal at the end of the last century. Most previous researches have proved that Focus on Form is effective in promoting both learners’ accuracy and fluency...
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Countermeasures and Influencing Factors of Minority Preparatory English Class

Hongxia Dai
Due to the self-development requirements of minority preparatory students and the requirements for the development of schools and society, minority preparatory teachers must achieve the goal of improving the effectiveness of the English class. The paper will discuss countermeasures and influencing factors...
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Improving Education Precision and Poverty Alleviation based on Big Data

Chenghui Yang, Yifeng Zheng
With the increase of the state's investment in "poverty alleviation", it is of great significance to realize the poverty alleviation of impoverished college students, but at present, the criteria for judging whether students are poor are not clear so we cannot accurately and quickly determine the targets...
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Research on the Cultivation of Workmanship of Higher Vocational College Students Against the Backdrop of Internet Plus

Linyun Chang, Shiming Zhu
In order to implant the idea and method of workmanship into the talent training scheme of higher vocational colleges and accelerate the construction of industrial workers in the new period, the paper explains the new demands of Internet Plus on industrial workers and the present cultivation situation...
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The Realistic Predicament and the Path Selection of Secondary College Governance

Jie Gao, Shiming Zhu
This paper aims to strengthen the scientific governance of secondary college which is also an important way to straighten out the university governance and promote the construction of modern university system, and also an important entry point for comprehensively deepening the all-round education reform...
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The Logical Construction and Analysis of "Three New" in the State Governance in the New Era

Yan Dong, Yanqin Yang, Jiayao Hou
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has been bravely practicing, actively innovating and gradually forming the new concept, new thoughts and new strategies for state governance by emphasizing on the major issue...
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Research on Crowdsourcing Self-organization Formation Mechanism Based on Entropy Model Interpretation

Xirong Gao, Fei Yang
In order to improve the crowdsourcing operation efficiency, the paper proposes the concept of crowdsourcing self-organization and introduces its connotation and characteristics systematically. By analyzing the logical relationship between entropy and crowdsourcing self-organization, the entropy model...
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Research on Teaching Mode of Broadband Wireless Communication Course Based on the Cooperation of Industry and University

Baofeng Ji, Gaoyuan Zhang, Bingbing Xing, Guoqiang Zheng, Hongfeng Gao
In the electronics and information profession, "Broadband Wireless Communication" is a professional compulsory course, which covers many introductory knowledge in the communications industry and plays a key role in the students' future engagement in the communications industry. In recent years, the 5G/B5G...
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Discussion on the Team Construction and Teaching Method for the Undergraduate Teaching of Medical Equipment

Hao Ding, Yang Liu, Shijun Guo, Dan Lyu, Anmin Peng, Geer Yang, Jie Lyu
In order to protect human health and solve the relevant medical problems, biomedical engineering is emerging as a new discipline, and the medical equipment direction thereof is the product of medicine and various disciplines, and the development level represents the level of comprehensive strength and...
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A Comparative Study of the Alienation Theory of Marx and that of Marcuse

Qiaohua Ren, Qiuye Lu
Due to the different historical background, there are many differences between the theory of alienation of Marx and that of Marcuse. From the perspectives of human alienation theory, alienation theory of science and technology as well as human liberation theory, the paper compares the theory of alienation...
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A Study on the Application of Happy Teaching Method in the Teaching of Public Aerobics Course in Colleges and Universities

Lizhong Wen
With the continuous deepening of quality education reform, the teaching methods of each stage is becoming more and more perfect, and the happy teaching method is gradually applied to the public sports aerobics course in colleges and universities, which has greatly improved the teaching value of aerobics....
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On Natural Value Theory of Physiocracy: A Perspective of Marx’s Ecological Economics

Anqi Chen, Qiaohua Ren
The natural value theory of physiocracy indicates that the raw materials produced by the land are sources of wealth and economic value. However, the physiocrats fail to fully consider the relationships among the use-value, the capitalist production relationship and market values, and distinguish them...
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The Approaches of Teaching Reform in Universities in Audit Assessment

Rongxiang Guo, Hui Xu
Audit assessment is a new measure to adapt to the development of higher education, a new requirement that makes people satisfied with higher education, and a new requirement for realizing the medium and long-term development goals of the country. This paper discusses the ways in which teaching reforms...
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The Implementation Strategy of Student - Centered University Class

Hui Xu, Rongxiang Guo
The "teacher-centered" classroom teaching model results in poor teaching and learning, inadequate teaching content in depth and breadth, and a single teaching method and pattern. Therefore, this paper discusses the “student-centered” classroom teaching principles and classroom instructional design. The...
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The Differences between Art and Design in Italy and China: Definition, Education and Practice

Yeqiu Yang, Daojing Wang
For a long time, people have never stopped studying the relationship between art and design, the two human spiritual creation activities. The Art emerging for the solution of spiritual forms and the Design for the solution of material functions have always been influencing each other. This article aims...
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Analysis on the Product Package Design from the Perspective of Bionics Design

Ling Chen
From the perspective of bionics design, this paper analyzes the product package design. It can be seen that through the application of product package modeling, color, material texture and other elements, the design can not only satisfy consumers in materials, but also make them feel joyful at the spiritual...
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Research on the Transformation of the General Curriculum System in Colleges and Universities

Xiangxin Liu
As an important part of higher education and a powerful means of cultivating comprehensive talents. The curriculum system of general education is directly related to the success of general education. This paper will point out the difficulties and causes of the curriculum system construction of current...
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Exploration and Practice for Fusion Cultivation Mode of Innovative Talents Majoring in Biomedical Engineering

Anmin Peng, Zhaoyan Hu, Jie Lyu
Based on current situations in biomedical engineering discipline and existing problems of cultivation mode for talents majoring in biomedical engineering, the paper, combing new-rising discipline characteristics of multidisciplinary integration for biomedical engineering and cultivation requirements...
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A Study on the Quality Factors of Brand Culture and Its Transmission Path-Taking Eral Group Corporation As an Example

Zhixin Wu
Brand culture connotation enhances the brand’s value-added ability and competitiveness. On the basis of clarifying brand concept and brand culture, this paper probes into the most important quality factors in the brand culture elements, analyzes the importance of quality to the brand, and expounds the...
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An Empirical Study on the Driving Factors of Customer Value of Fashion Apparel Enterprises Zhejiang Province

Zhixin Wu
Fashion is always a theme, a trend and also the focus of apparel enterprises competition. It increases the intensity of competition in the apparel market. The customer value is the source to obtain sustainable competitive advantage source for fashion apparel enterprises. Based on the discussion of customer...
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The Teaching Reform of Network Engineering under the Thinking of "Internet +"

Haixia Sun, Houdi Xu
In order to solve the problem of ineffective supervision of MOOC online education and the lack of student enthusiasm, this paper proposed a MOOC-based SPOC College mixed learning mode, which can not only promote internal teaching reform of college but also improve the external influence of college.
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Demand and Cultivation of Professional Talents in Clinical Engineering at Home and Abroad Based on the Analytical Theory

Yang Liu, Jie Lyu
With the development of medical technology, medical equipment is increasingly complex and the professional application of medical equipment continues to increase. However, due to the lack of knowledge in medical engineering for medical staff, the function of equipment can not be fully developed, restricting...
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An Ecofeminist Reading of Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Nanyan Shen
In order to explore Lawrence’s concern about men’s domination over women and nature as well as his ecofeminist awareness as revealed in Lady Chatterley’s Lover, the thesis applies ecofeminism theory to analyze the protagonist Connie’s relationship with men, nature and society. Through the analyses, this...
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Discussion on the Significance and Construction of Professional Culture in Vocational Colleges

Qiangye Gao, Yongdong Xie
China's vocational education has started to focus on significance and quality. The education based on professional culture is an important way to promote profound development of vocational colleges and enhance their core competitiveness. The paper systematically analyzes the concept, structure, function,features...
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Follow-up Investigation on the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Jilin Province National Plan Project

Liwei Jing, Guihua Wang, Jingyan Liu, Ke Zhang, Bo Zhang, Mohan Guo, Haiyan Chang, Yang Li
The National Science and Technology Plan Projects carry out the public interest and objectives of country in the aspects of scientific and technological innovation. Therefore, the concern for such projects is increasing day by day, but from the actual situation, the effect of project implementation results...
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Research on Mobile Applications Interaction Design Based on Cognitive Ability of the Elderly

Lin Lin
With the popularization of intelligent devices, more and more old people will become the consumers of mobile application. This paper firstly discusses the cognitive characteristics of the elderly. The cognitive ability of the elderly is characterized by a decrease in comprehension and performance. By...
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Research and Practice on Teaching Reform of Innovative Applied Talents

Guangming Cao
This paper expounds the research and practice on teaching reform in view of innovative applied talent training for engineering specialty of local colleges, personnel training specifications and general requirements, teaching content and curriculum system, modes of talent training and teaching as well...
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UK Science Research Management Mode, Development Status and Experience References

Xiaodi Wang
In the field of science research and innovation, UK has always maintained world-class development level. UK government attaches great importance to science research management system development, including science research investment funds, science researchers educational funds and academic exchanges....
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Teaching Design of “Electronic Technology Foundation” Based on OBE Mode

Shenghui Zhao, Panfeng Guo, Shiwei Su, Xiaodong Qu
In the paper the author puts forward the thinking of teaching design and teaching design scheme of the electronic technology foundation based on “OBE”. In the scheme, the author has completed the construction of the teaching system, analyzed the relationship between the teaching platform and the target...
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A Study on the Difficulties of Developing English Speaking Abilities among Chinese Tertiary EFL Students

Wenyu Xu
Globalization has greatly stimulated the demands and enthusiasm for learning English in China, thus the use of English has greatly increased with China’s strong desires to be the crucial character at the world stage. English plays a key role in many different fields, such as politics, economics and education....
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Benchmarking the Operational Efficiency of China’s Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms Based on Data Envelopment Analysis

Ao Liu, Xudong Deng, Zeping Tong, Yajuan Wang, Liang Ren
As a new financial loan model, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending has been widely spread across the world since emerging, especially in China. However, it often involves risk events, including difficult cash withdrawal, escaping with money, financial fraud, and trouble management etc. Therefore, how to evaluate...
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The Empirical Study of Agricultural University Precise Help to the Poverty-stricken Village-A Case Study of Tianjin Agricultural University

Qiaoli Zhang, Xia Yang
In order to grasp the work of Tianjin Agricultural University in 500 poverty-stricken villages in Tianjin, we have summarized the work in the past three years. By analyzing organization work measures, concrete results and existing problems, we found that the agricultural universities have technical and...