Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICMESS 2018)

On Blended Learning and Oral English Communicative Competence—Taking “Oral English 3” Online Course as an Example

Huijuan Xue
Corresponding author
Huijuan Xue
Blended learning; Flipped classroom; Oral English communicative competence
This paper explores the correlation of blended learning and the enhancement of oral English communicative competence based on the teaching of the online course “Oral English 3” and the empirical data elicited from the questionnaire with English majors. It shows that “online / offline + face-to-face” blended teaching and learning mode facilitates students’ participation and interaction and develops their capabilities of making PPT presentations, their English thinking, oral expressive and communicative competence, thus effectively improves the teaching quality of oral English.
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