Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICMESS 2018)

A Brief Talk about Camera Phone Photography in the Era of Digital Photography

Zhi Yang
Corresponding author
Zhi Yang
Digital photography; Camera phone photography; Spread; Development trends
The development of the modern society and the advancement of science and technology provides people with more methods and channels to gain images. Digital photography, which used to be a method to obtain high quality pictures, begins pursuing more convenient operation and easier intelligent user experience. Meanwhile, the number of shutterbugs is increasing. Photography becomes increasingly closely related to people's life. An age of mass photography has come. With the lowered barrier to entry for photography, cameras, which were rare in the past, are necessities in the modern life. Now everyone can be a citizen journalist. With the constant renewal of smart phones, the level of camera phone photography has been significantly improved. Today, photography is entering a "micro" era. The size of photographic equipment is becoming increasingly smaller while the quality of images is maintained. Therefore, the scientific and technological aesthetics and aesthetic connotation presented by camera phone photography has become a force that can not be ignored in the modern society. This article mainly expounds the development trend of mobile phone photography through three angles: the actual effect of mobile phone photography, the commercial needs and the historical needs. And through the summary of the characteristics of mobile phone photography, it will provide new ideas for future photography creation.
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