Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICMESS 2018)

Study on Current Situation, Causes and Countermeasures of the Education Model of "Key Competencies" in Primary and Secondary Schools in China

Jiangxin He, Xuan Huo
Corresponding author
Jiangxin He
Key competencies; Quality education; Countermeasures
The purpose of this paper is to propose corresponding countermeasures for the development status of "key competencies". This paper selects literatures in this field for study and analysis through the literature research method, carries out the questionnaire survey and data collation, sums up information of relevant schools and parents through the questionnaire survey method, finds the main factors that affect the development of "key competencies" in China based on the collation and summary of the document literature and the above data, and draws a conclusion. The survey shows that lack of the evaluation mechanism for old family education concepts and failure to supervise the management of extracurricular tutoring in primary and secondary schools are the main factors. This paper proposes countermeasures such as renewing education concepts of families, strengthening the evaluation mechanism construction and standardizing extracurricular tutoring.
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