Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICMESS 2018)

E-commerce Supply Chain Routine Evolution and Dynamic Capability Formation Mechanism of Integrating Situational Knowledge

Shuyi Wang, Jianwei Xu
Corresponding author
Shuyi Wang
Situational knowledge; Routine; E-commerce supply chain; Dynamic capacity
The dynamic capability of e-commerce supply chain determines the competitiveness of e-commerce to a large extent, and it is the key for enterprises to gain competitive advantages. However, there is a lack of relevant research on the dynamic capabilities of e-commerce supply chain. This paper takes the dynamic capability of e-commerce supply chain as the research object, analyzes the situational characteristics of e-commerce supply chain using context perception theory and convention theory, discusses the formation mechanism of e-commerce supply chain service practice, and proposes the dynamic capability of e-commerce supply chain. The conceptual model and basic structure provide a new perspective for carrying out “conventional” research and capacity mechanism research in a complex environment.
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