Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Management, Education Technology and Economics (ICMETE 2019)

Research on Teacher Training of New Energy Automobile

Xinyu Li, Yongsheng Liu
Corresponding Author
Xinyu Li
Available Online May 2019.
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New energy vehicles; Teacher training; School-enterprise cooperation; Teaching method
Currently, in the context of continuous improvement of new energy vehicles, the new energy vehicle technology faculty should also be further cultivated to ensure that new energy vehicles can have sufficient high-quality professional teachers to support and cultivate local applied talents, then promoting the further development of new energy automobiles in the automotive industry. To address the problem of insufficient teachers and low level of teachers in new energy vehicles, this paper, taking “New Energy Automobile Teachers Training” as an opportunity, mainly analyzes and explores the training of the new energy vehicle faculty. It is to improve the teachers’ level of new energy automobiles, implement the requirements for the development of new energy automobiles, formulate plans and measures for teacher training, optimize the teacher structure, further improve the professional skills of teachers of new energy automobiles, deepen the cooperation training mechanism between schools and enterprises, and solve the problems of lack of teachers and low level. Ultimately, it is to build a high-level teaching staff not only engaging in the theoretical teaching of new energy automobile, but also equipping with excellent professional technology to engage in practical teaching, and adapt to the training of new energy automobile talents.
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May 2019
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This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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