Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Management, Education Technology and Economics (ICMETE 2019)

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Research on the Basic Ideas and Methods of Enterprise Tax Planning

Rui Zhao, Liangyan Lu
With the continuous improvement of China's tax system con-struction, the tax-related matters of enterprises have gradually increased, and the tax burden has become an important expendi-ture of enterprises. Whether to minimize the cost is one of the important links in the realization of the financial...
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Practice and Thinking on Interactive Communication of “Mobile Radio” in New Media

Yuan Zhou
In recent years, the popularization of 4G, the reduction of network fees, the upgrading of hardware technology of intelligent devices, the popularization of mobile Internet and the development of vehicle networking have created complete conditions for the rise of network radio. Starting with the background...
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Diversity Index of Academic Community Ecosystem by Co-authorship Analysis with Granger Causality

Rui Wang
Compared to individual-level analysis, community-level analysis provides a new perspective to inspect network structure. It focuses on modeling the evolving relationships between communities. Intuitively, community-level analysis is a generalization of individual-level analysis. It reflects a macroscopic...
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The Application of Contemporary Expressive Painting Language in Cartoon Creation

Qiuyuan Li
Contemporary painting context is bound to break through traditional meaning, and the introduction of new painting language is one of the ways to break through traditional way. This paper, starting from the artist’s creative and the artist’s most impulsive and essential way of expression, attempts to...
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Research on the Dispositional Optimism and Mental Resilience of Rural Primary School Teachers in the Naxi Area

Changqing Li
To do research on the dispositional optimism category and mental resilience of rural primary school teachers in the Naxi Area, a questionnaire survey was conducted against 4,193 rural primary school teachers by the means of dispositional optimism scale and mental resilience scale. For rural primary school...
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Vertical FDI Spillover from Joint Venture to Host Country’s parent firm: Evidence from China

Minrui Li
Compared with earlier literature focusing on domestic firm in macro level or industry level, this study investigates the FDI spillover from joint venture to host country’s parent firm in firm level, especially vertical spillover. By matching two sets of Chinese firm-level comprehensive database and applying...
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Exploration and Analysis Based on Mass Customization Design and Production of Martial Arts Shoes

Hong Peng, Xinqiao Xia
This paper makes in-depth study of mass customization design and production methods, analyzes materials and technology in the application of a large number of customized design and production, then analyzes the world famous shoe enterprises for a large number of customized production cases, introduces...
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The Training Path of Big Data Talents in the Chinese Government in the field of Emergency Management

Fuyu Li, Shuyan Wei, Fucang Li
In the field of emergency management, the number of big data talents in the Chinese government is small and the quality is poor. In order to cope with the public crisis events better and meet the actual needs of emergency management, the Chinese government needs to cultivate more excellent big data talents....
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The Demand of Home-Based Care Service for the Naxi Elderly—An Analytical Perspective Based on the Status quo of Naxi Culture and Services

Muye He, Zhiqiang Mao
In order to investigate the status quo and influencing factors of home-based care service demand of the Naxi elderly, an interview survey was conducted among 176 Naxi elderly with the questionnaire on the home-based care service demand of the Naxi Elderly. Result showed that the total demand of home-based...
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A New Path of Freshmen’s Psychological Adaption Education in the View of Cultural Endogenesis: A Case Study of “National Datiao” in Colleges

Muye He
This paper explores a new path of psychological adaptation education for college freshmen in minority areas. The interview and literature methods were used to investigate the effect and influence mechanism of “national Datiao” on the psychological adaptation of college freshmen in western Yunan. The...
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Study and Practice of Formative Assessment Based on Metacognitive Strategy

Qiaomei Zhao
Chinese students have long been under the pressure of exam-oriented education. Although summative assessment are highly reliable, it can’t help students become self-monitoring, self-motivated and self-improving autonomous learners. At the same time, summative assessment suppresses students’ initiative...
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Financial Risk Analysis of P2P Industry-Taking “Yirendai” as an Example

Songqin Ye, Jin Huang
Nowadays, the risks of China's online lending platform mainly come from imperfect credit system, weak supervision of the network lending platform, and imperfect legal system. This paper takes the representative company in P2P network lending industry—the Yirendai as analysis object to analyze the company’s...
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Ideology in C-E Translation-A case study of President Xi Jinping’s Speech

Ke Chen, Zhilei Wu
As a branch of pragmatic translation, C-E translation has become a hot topic in the translation field. It bears the important mission of delivering China’s voice to people of all countries in the world. However, in the process of carrying out specific translation practice, the translator is manipulated...
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Investigation on Consumer Finance Risk Management in Zhejiang Province

Saier Su
Consumer finance is becoming significantly important nowadays, given the reform of financial system and the development trend of financial internationalization. In recent years, the scale of consumer finance market in China has developed rapidly. Based on the first hand data collection through online...
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Design and Implementation of Accounting Information System Teaching Experiment Based on REA

XiaoLin Guo, Yongwang Zhang
In today's increasingly fierce business competition, the problem of information integration between accounting information systems and enterprise business systems has become more and more important. Traditional accounting information systems have abandoned a large amount of non-financial information....
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The Enlightenment of Tao Xingzhi’s Democratic Education Thought on College Ideological and Political Courses

Ruizhong Zhang, Zhiqiang Wang
Life education thought is the core of Tao Xingzhi’s educational thought, and democratic education thought is the soul that runs through life education thought. From the perspective of the nature of ideological and political education, this paper studies the purpose of ideological and political education,...
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Design and Application Research of Flipped Classroom Teaching Model in Applied Undergraduate Colleges -Taking Management Courses as an Example

Hongshen Yu, Jie An, Tingting Dou
College students of the post-00s generation have an active thinking and a high emotional quotient, but their self-learning habits have not yet been developed. The curriculum for management majors focuses on the cultivation of students' practical application ability, while the traditional teaching model...
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Discussion on the Individualized Talent Cultivation Mode of the Urban Rail Transit Operation and Management of Emerging Engineering Education

Jing Sheng, Ping Wang, Jun Tan
In order to cultivate advanced applied talents in urban rail transit management and R&D department, the individualized personnel cultivation mode is an important measure. In view of the problems existing in the talent cultivation of communication and transportation major (rail transit operation and management),...
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Research on Reporting System in the Enforcement Mechanism of Competition Law in China

Mingxin Huang
Reporting is the right that the Competition Law grants to private entity to participate in law enforcement. However, due to ineffective enforcement practice of China’s Competition Law, there is no provision on the legal status of whistleblower, the substantive rights he enjoys, and the anti-monopoly...
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Stochastic Computing and Intelligent Optimization Analysis for a Generalized Information Delivery System

Xiaonan Xiao
In this paper, we use the optimal nonlinear random filtering method and intelligent optimization algorithm to study the optimal control problem of a kind of incomplete data and continuous nonstationary stochastic information delivery system. We obtain the two optimal control mathematical models in these...
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Research on the Emotional Education of Contemporary College Students

Xinhao Liu
Emotional education is an important aspect linking ideological with political education of college students. At present, the discussion on the emotional education of college students remains in the theoretical stage, such as advocating the people-oriented education concept, focusing on improving moral...
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Construction and Practice of Service-oriented Engineering Training System Based on SPOC Concept

Jianhua Cao, Xuhui Xia, Lei Wang, Xiang Liu
This paper, closely focusing on the reform of national service-oriented education and the improvement of the comprehensive ability of college students and combining with the engineering training practice teaching link, explores and studies the individualized training mode and implementation approach...
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Practice and Exploration of Service-oriented Engineering Training Teaching System under the Concept of OBE Engineering Education

Xiang Liu, Xuhui Xia, Lei Wang, Jianhua Cao, Yuan Gong
Aiming at the problems such as the convergence of teaching contents and evaluation methods, the limited participation of students in the teaching process and the inadequate cultivation of practical and innovative abilities, this paper puts forward a method of adopting OBE teaching concept to carry out...
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An Analysis of the Impact of Publishing Media on the Use of Comic Shots

Liying Wang
In the comic creation of story type, the composition and combination of comic lens have a unique form for language expression. As the most important form of expression of comic picture and narration, comic sub-mirror is the language conveyed by creator to his creative intention, and it is also the key...
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Analysis of the Effective Integration of Visual Communication Design and Brand Image

Li Zhang, Zhuan Su
In modern business, we always give priority to the brand of the product, and judge the value of the product through the brand image. Therefore, the image of a brand is particularly important. It is closely connected with the rise and fall of a company. Many products have high quality and low price, but...
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Research on Teaching Innovation of Art Design Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Zhuan Su, Wen Sun
The emergence of virtual reality technology has made the art design industry completely new, and has greatly promoted the development of art design, which will bring revolutionary changes to art design. Based on the definition and characteristics of virtual reality technology, this paper puts forward...
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Innovative Research on the Design Concept of Green Furniture Products

Wen Sun, Li Zhang
Since the beginning of the 21st century, the national environmental protection strategies of various countries have begun to undergo a new turning point. The global green furniture industry restructuring has seen a new green strategic trend, which is to rationalize the utilization of furniture raw materials...
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Correlation Analysis of Energy Consumption and Industrial Structure in Transportation Industry-Taking Hebei Province as an Example

Xinyu Zhang
Taking into account the impact of the proportion of industrial structure on the energy consumption of transportation industry, the gray correlation degree theory is applied to analyze the relationship among the energy consumption of the transportation industry in Hebei Province, the first, second and...
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A Study on the Mechanisms of American Students’ Participation in University Governance

Zhiqiang Wang, Ruizhong Zhang
By analyzing the constitutional texts of several American universities, this paper finds that the mechanisms of American students’ participation in university governance including financial independence mechanism, personnel independence mechanism, information disclosure mechanism, information exchange...
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Study on the Interpretive Structural Modeling of Military-Civilian Integration

Xin Yang, Chuanwu Zhang
Based on the components of the military industry system and civilian industry system, we can use the Interpretive structural modeling method to analyze the elements’ interaction and interrelationship between the military industry system and civilian industry system in their process of implementing the...
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On the Understanding of Feng Qi's Aesthetic Concept

Qingqing Liang
The category of “beauty” has different meanings. Now when it comes to aesthetics, the first thing that comes to mind is design aesthetics. Design aesthetics is an attempt to apply basic design principles to art design in general. More importantly, it focuses on applied aesthetics. Compared with design...
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Research on the Participants of Primary and Middle School Students in Extracurricular Sports Activities

Chunjin Fan
Extracurricular physical activity is an activity course. The purpose of this paper is to define the participants of extracurricular physical activity course. The research mainly adopts literature method, logical analysis method and investigation and interview method. The results show that the effective...
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Application of Block Chain Technology in Logistics Industry

Yan Dai, Xu He
In recent years, block chain technology has emerged rapidly all over the world and is regarded as an important engine of the fourth Industrial Revolution, in which logistics industry is considered to be the field with the highest application value except for the financial industry. This paper introduces...
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Research on the Application of Fiber Art in Clothing Design

Dongliang Xu
In order to study creative design of fiber art clothing, this paper expounds the basic concept and research status of fiber art at home and abroad, combines fiber art, clothing design techniques, fiber materials and clothing design method, and combines with design case study, finally analyzes that the...
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Characteristics, Hotspots and Frontiers of the Research on Subjective Sense of Happiness in China

Changqing Li
In order to grasp the research characteristics, hot issues and frontiers of subjective sense of happiness in China in 2008-2018, the knowledge map is to be made with the 3960 articles included in CNKI with the CiteSpace knowledge mapping software. (1)Zheng Xue, Gan Xiong, Wang Jian and others are representative...
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Research on the Financing Mode and Problems of the New Agricultural Management Subjects in Neijiang City

Hua Guo, Yang Zhang, Junjie Wang
Now, the new agricultural management subject is growing into the most important force in China’s agricultural development. And this paper, taking the representative Neijiang City of Sichuan Province as an example, used literature research method, interview investigation method and case analysis method...
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Benefit Analysis of Receivables Securitization in Electric Heating Industry-Takes Tianfu energy as an Example

Songqin Ye, Huan Yang
Receivables securitization is a kind of credit asset securitization, which is a financing process to restructure the receivables of enterprises that lack liquidity but have future cash flow to issue marketable securities in the asset pool formed. Since the 20th century, the majority of China’s various...
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Mixed Ownership Reform and on-the-job Consumption Governance of State-owned Enterprises-Case Study Based on Chongqing Beer

Songqin Ye, Yinhui Luo, Mengyi Tan
Mixed ownership reform is the core content of the development of state-owned enterprises. However, the reform is restricted by the long-standing governance problems of state-owned enterprises in China. In the government work report of 2019, it proposed tasks such as “actively yet prudently advancing...
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Lenin's New Economic Policy and Its Enlightenment to Contemporary China

Ziyi Liu
Lenin's new economic policy proposes a series of new ideas that various economic components can coexist. It is a great exploration and innovation of the theory of socialist construction, and it also has great enlightenment for China's socialist construction, especially during the period of construction...
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Elementary Exploration on the Reform of Mathematics Teaching in Higher Vocational and Technical Education with Chinese Characteristics

Heqiong Zhang
According to the current situation and development trend of mathematics teaching reform in higher vocational and technical education in the world, our college takes the existing higher vocational students as research object and takes the improvement of student’s core literacy as the “dissolving agent”...
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Research on the Design and Practice of Scaffolding Teaching in Building fire Engineering Course with Professional Direction

Ying Song, Haixia Li, Junwei Shi, Hongyuan Shao, Chao Mu
In close combination with the current examination outline of registered fire engineers, the teaching design of the Building Fire Engineering course is constructed to cultivate students who are good at learning and innovating, and to improve students' ability to link theory with practice based on the...
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Research on the Training Mode of Market-Oriented Targeted Accounting Talents

Songqin Ye, Sitong Hu
With the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for accounting professionals has increased, and the demands for quality of personnel training has increased. The function of accounting is transforming to value management and risk control. Accompanied by this transformation is the increasingly...
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A Preliminary Study on the Construction of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Course Integrating Specialty and Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Vocational Colleges—Taking the Course Nutrition and Diet as an Example

Li Zuo
In order to adapt to national strategy of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” and to cultivate high-tech skilled talents with capacity for entrepreneurship and innovation, higher vocational colleges should vigorously promote the entrepreneurship and innovation course construction integrating specialty...
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Exploration and Analysis on Cultivating the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ability of Higher Vocational Students Based on Mathematical Modeling Platform

Fengtai Mei
The reform of public basic courses in higher vocational colleges should adapt to the new economic situation in China and cultivate students' innovation thinking and innovation ability. By building mathematical models, students can use mathematical theory to solve practical problems. In the process of...
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The Relationship between College Students’ Initiative Personality, Job Hunting Clarity and Career Decision-Making Difficulties

Yuan Zhou
Based on the decision theory, 325 college students in Datong City, Shanxi Province were randomly selected. The questionnaire survey was used to investigate the current situation and characteristics of college students’ job hunting. The relationship between college students’ active personality and career...
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Status Analysis of Agricultural Disasters in Yunnan Province

Kaimin Li, Guang Li
Yunnan Province is rich in natural resources; however, its geographical environment is complex. The mountains are high and the slopes are steep; the water-holding capacity of the cultivated land is poor; various climates are distributed crossly; and drought and flood disasters are prone to occur frequently....
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Research on Mental Health Education for College Students from the Perspective of New Media

Wei Li, Xiaodong Ding
The purpose of this study is to strengthen mental health education of college students from the perspective of new media and to focus on cultivating students' positive, optimistic and healthy mental quality, which is an important way to ensure college students' mental health. We use questionnaire approach,...
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Integration and Functionalization of Spatial Boundaries-A Case Study of Macau University of Science of Technology

Zhaoqi Wu, Jie Tang, Yan Hui, Lei Ding
As a defining element between spaces, boundary is defined by spatial extent and attributes. This paper discusses the feasibility of dealing with spatial images and background relationship by analyzing concepts, effects and forms of existing spatial boundaries and combining the relationship of graphics...
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Research on Technology and Fashion Design from the Perspective of Cross-border Thinking

Dongliang Xu
This paper studied the combination of science technology and fashion design from the perspective of cross-border thinking. The paper introduces the categories and characteristics of crossover design respectively between industry and industry, designers and artists, brand and brand, and science technology...
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The Basic Application of Digital Online Technology in Design Teaching

Wenzheng Cui
The software practice teaching now takes up a lot of class time in professional design courses, thus both reducing the teaching contents with respect to design creativity and limiting the students in classes. It is also difficult for the students to master all knowledge learned with the help of a traditional...