Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Management, Education Technology and Economics (ICMETE 2019)

Development Banks: Features and Activities

Petr I. Tolmachev, Irina A. Strelkova, Valentin K. Pospelov, Zhanna V. Ivanovskaya, Lyubov V. Krylova
Corresponding Author
Petr I. Tolmachev
Available Online May 2019.
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Development banks; Loan capital; Financial resources; Regional economy; Socio-economic projects; Integration and cooperation activities
The article deals with the evolution of development banks and their activities in the modern era. When collecting and processing materials for the article, the authors use general scientific methods of research (generalization, aggregation, classification, comparison), and methods of economic processes forecasting. The authors conclude that development banks are historically established investment financial institutions. The process of the development banks evolution includes four main stages, each of which reflects the socio-economic features. Development banks in the XXI century are established on a regional and parity basis by economically developed countries. The authors indicate strategic areas of the development banks activity at present stage, in particular, financing innovative and infrastructure projects in the transport, telecommunications and energy sectors, financing small and medium-sized business development projects, and providing social protection to the population.
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Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research
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May 2019
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Open Access
This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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