Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Computing Technology

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Facial Animation System Design based on Image Processing

Xueyan Du
Using computer to make face model, establish facial expression animation and exaggerate facial image processing is a hot research topic in the current, which technology has a broad application prospect and huge economic benefits. For example, remote teaching, film and television entertainment, video...
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Design and Implementation of College Sports Management Information System based on UML

Shu-An Zhang
This paper used the methods like literature data method to analyze the present situation of university sports information management, expound college PE informationization goal, and use UML to conduct university sports information management system function analysis and design from the perspective of...
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The Application of Computer Aided Analysis in Graphic Design of Visual Aesthetics

Hong-Li Qiu, Hong-Lei Wang
Order beauty is the core of graphic design, with its good works follow the rules of th11e performance of the order (such as symmetry, golden section, etc.) consciously or unconsciously. In graphic design, these rules reflect the basic principles for the design geometry whose proper use can make the design...
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Usability Evaluation of Software Testing Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Dandan He, Can Wang
In software product development process, software usability testing is essential and must be carried out in the actual work tasks and operating environment of the user. Expand the availability of this article assessment of software testing based on analytic hierarchy process (AHP), it qualitative and...
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Early Warning System Design of Safe Production of Coal Mine Based on Improved BP Neural network

Hong-Li Qiu, Pei-shuo Sun
For staff, environment, equipment and management the four aspects, the early warning index system of coal mine safety production adopts the additional momentum method and adaptive vector, particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm and the method of variable weight and asynchronous learning factor and...
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Design and Implementation of Simulation Training System of Immersion Transformer Substation

Zhengjie Zhou, Yongsheng Luo
Transformer substation operation process should first ensure the running safety. Job skill of substation operation staff is one of the important factors to make sure the safe operation of power system reliability. Therefore, the attendant must pass professional training to mount guard operation. Traditional...
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PLC Control of Vending Machine and Design of its Simulation System

Zhengjie Zhou
Along with the social civilization progress and the development of advanced science and technology, automatic vending machines are widely used in bus station, shopping malls, hospitals, communities, schools and other public places, which brings great convenience to people's travel and life, such as all...