Proceedings of the International Conference of Mathematics and Mathematics Education (I-CMME 2021)

I-CMME 2021 – Mathematics become an essential topic in any kind of daily life. In this case, many researches are conducted in order to respond to it. Principally, everyone needs to develop knowledge and technology to measure everything we need could be accomplished easily. Mathematics is basic knowledge that help people to solve any complexes problem faces. In this coming era, mathematic has been understood as a fundamental requirement, while mathematic ability could enhance people thinking to face the fast coming issues. Magister of Mathematic Education Department, Universitas Sebelas Maret was honoured to be asked to host the 1st International Conference of Mathematics and Mathematics Education (I-CMME) 2021 which particularly encourage the interaction of research students and solving coming issues – with have compelled us to think deeply and critically about the issues, especially in the education field. Their contributions help to make the conference as outstanding as it has been.

We invite various field of researchers to share knowledge. Each article coming has been through an in-depth review process from experts. It divided according to the relevant sub-categories field, making it easy for everyone to read in the adjacent realm. All articles are monitored relate to the standard criteria, so that articles that are ready to be published are truly credible. We collaborate with Atlantis Press Publishing (AP), as a partner. AP is the right and trusted place for us to publish this work. Through AP, we hope to improve the reputation of writing so that it is more widely used. Publishers with global insight, as well as a large community will have a major impact on the development of science and technology.

We highly appreciated it for both the keynote and the participant. A lot of idea was built, also always any new insight offers for further wonderful future. A major goal and feature of it is to bring academic scientists, engineers, industry researchers together to exchange and share their experiences and research results about most aspects of science and social research, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. We also would like to express our gratitude to the external reviewers, for providing extra help in the review process, and the authors for contributing their research results to the conference.

These Proceedings will furnish the scientists of the world with an excellent reference book. I trust also that this will be an impetus to stimulate further study and research in all these areas.

We thank all authors and participants for their contributions.