Proceedings of the 2019 1st International Conference on Engineering and Management in Industrial System (ICOEMIS 2019)

1st International Conference on Engineering and Management in Industrial System (ICOEMIS 2019)

Industry and economy are vital national issues for many developing countries, particularly Indonesia. All of the industrial sectors in Indonesia are forced to adapt to the global economy that always changed dynamically. Therefore, it is essential to develop an industrial system with lean and agile capabilities based on innovation through the international scientific conference.

The conference took place from 8 to 9 August 2019 at Atria Hotel, Malang, Indonesia. Malang is one of the largest education city in Indonesia which interesting for researchers, students, education practitioners and industry players to visit. It will also allow all the contributor to dialogue and build the knowledge. Thus, it can improve the ability to make good policies, enable trade-offs between technology, cost, human, productivity, and safety.

Furthermore, efforts taken by peer reviewers contributed to improving the quality of papers provided constructive critical comments; improvements and corrections to the authors are gratefully appreciated. We are very grateful to the International and National advisory committee, session chairs, student volunteers, and administrative assistants from institute management who selflessly contributed to the success of this conference. Also, we are thankful to all the authors who submitted papers so that the conference became a story of success.

Last but not least, we are thankful for the enormous support of 'Atlantis Press for supporting us in every step of our journey towards success. Atlantis-press help us with professional, fast response, and patient with all the difficulties we face.

Sugiono, ST., MT., Ph.D.
1st ICOEMIS 2019 Chairman