Proceedings of the 2019 1st International Conference on Engineering and Management in Industrial System (ICOEMIS 2019)

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Redesigning Customer Satisfaction Measurement Instrument Using Multi-Criteria Decision Making Perspective

Primahasmi Dalulia, Ni Made Wiati, Aang Fajar P, Vetty Kartikasari, Ika Anggraeni KK, Erwin Dwi Pambudi, Pindo Tutuko
As an oil fuel distributor, Malang Oil Fuel Terminal should have some strategies in carrying out service activities to customers (gas stations / SPBU). Customer satisfaction is one of the goals of company to increase customer loyalty by fulfilling customer expectations. This study aims to re-design the...
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Standard of Green Industry with Green Industry in Go Public Cement Industry

Kukuh Winarso, Moh. Jufriyanto, Astri Putri Dewanti
One of the industrial visions in Indonesia is the realization of an industry that is independent, able to compete and implement the green industry. The Ministry of Industry responded to this by incorporating the green industry as the National Development Master plan in 2015-2035. To take the industry...
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Solving Office Ergonomics Problem Using Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA)

Ken Erliana, Fuad Kautsar, Digitha Oktaviani, Dani Yuniawan, Samsudin Hariyanto, Djoko Andriono, Effendi Mohamad, Rizal Firdiansyah
This research took place in the Industrial computation laboratory, where the main function of the laboratory as a place of practical activity related to industrial engineering software for students. From the results of the Nordic Body Map preliminary questionnaire (NBM) showed that the highest percentage...
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Simulation Study of Collaborative Inventory Management for Seasonal Products by Incorporating Newsvendor and Buyback Contract

Sahr Fillie, Niniet Indah Arvitrida, Nyoman I Pujawan
As supply chains become leaner, supply chain (SC) managers are often subjected to decrease inventory. Determining the appropriate inventory level for seasonal products without compromising the level of service provided to customers is crucial. This poses a challenge for supply chain managers to find...
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IoT Integrated Assembly Line - a conceptual model development for car toys assembly line

I Kurniawan, S. Awibowo, A T Pratama
Lean manufacturing is a common methodology widely used by manufacturers around the world. The keys in order to apply lean manufacturing are efficiency and continuous improvement. Efficiency can be achieved towards the utilization of technology between shopfloor and supporting business layers occurs...
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Wheelchair’s Design Development for Disabled People in Yogyakarta, Using Quality Function Deployment Method

Hapsoro Agung Jatmiko
A wheelchair is one of the most common tools for disabled people to mobilize. Using a proper and correct wheelchair will help the disabled to improve their life’s quality and also their social condition. Unfortunately, most of the wheelchairs are not correctly built or in a proper condition to be used,...
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The Effect of Pile Reinforcement To Bearing Capacity On Design Physical Modelling Of Residual Slope

Eko Indah Susanti, Sri Murni Dewi, Yulvi Zaika, As'Ad Munawir
Pile reinforcement in rows as slope reinforcement elements reduces lateral soil pressure through force is transfer to anchoring piles at a certain distance on the slope. The use of residual soil and embankment soil above with reinforced concrete piles is influenced by pile diameter, pile distance, the...
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Development Of Business Strategy Through Blue Ocean Strategy Model (BOS) (Case Study: Resto X, Batam)

Fuad Dwi Hanggara
Culinary business development is now growing quite rapidly, Batam became one of the target markets of domestic and foreign businessmen in culinary business. The high competition in the culinary business is a powerful reason to apply the right business strategy to be able to survive and win the competition....
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Quality Development Of Bar Chocolate Products Based On Consumer Preferences: Case Study On SMEs

Humiras Hardi Purba, Choesnul Jaqin, Siti Aisyah
Increased tight business competition requires organizations or companies to raise its competitiveness level. Increasing industrial competitiveness can be done through the development of product quality based on consumer preferences. This study aims to determine the quality attributes of bar chocolate...
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Identification Of Lean, Agile, Resilient, And Green (Larg) Practices On Agro Industry Indonesia

Siti Aisyah, Choesnul Jaqin, Humiras Hardi Purba
The undeveloped chocolate industry in Indonesia is characterized by low competitiveness. Improvement of the sustainable competitiveness chocolate industry need to be done. Several approaches (lean, agile, resilient, green) have been implemented in an effort to realize the sustainable competitiveness...
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Investigating Student Intention to support the Green Laboratory Program Using the Pro-environmental Reasoned Action Model: A case study from Bandung, Indonesia

Ilma Mufidah, Fachri Raziq, Medianti Arifia Dewi, Muhammad Iqbal
Industry 4.0 requires the educational sector to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency by considering the environmental factor. The green laboratory concept supports industry 4.0 through its energy-saving and getting more efficient and effective teaching and learning process. The teaching aid that...
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Development of Transportation Models for Scheduling Power Plants and Electricity Distribution

Wahyuda, Muslimin, Samdito Unggul Widodo
Transportation models are often used to solve problems of allocation and distribution of goods. This model is very simple and easy to use so that this model is widely applied to various allocation and distribution problems such as the problem of shipping goods, the selection of transport fleets, the...
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The Work Posture Evaluation at Assembly Work Station in MSEs of Silver Jewelry Handicraft with the REBA Method

Mochammad Rofieq, Ken Erliana, Ni Made Wiati, Samsudin Hariyanto
This research was conducted at MSEs of silver jewelry handicraft called SILVER 999. Workers in this MSEs, especially in assembly work station often experience back pain, neck pain, achy shoulders, achy hands called musculoskeletal disorders (MSDS). To reduce the risk of MSDS, ergonomic evaluation is...
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The Main Factors that Affect Pilot Attention and Decision Making During Landing Operation Leading to Runway Incursion

Hastawati Chrisna Suroso, Chindy Elsanna Revadi
A runway incursion is a problem which rare to happen but has a great impact while happening. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), there are three categories that caused runway incursion: Operational error, Pilot deviation, Vehicle/Pedestrian deviation. The major caused is pilot deviation...
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Performance Improvement Of Injection Pump Machines Based On Overall Equipment Effectiveness: Case Study In Oil Company

Choesnul Jaqin, Darso Alimudin, Humiras Hardi Purba, Siti Aisyah
Although the water injection pump system produced is not the main system in oil and gas production, but this system becomes very important because failures occur in the injection pump can cause pollution and loss of production opportunity-LPO. The Pertamina Exploration and Production-PEP field Bunyu...
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An Effective Scheme of a Depth Sensor Set Up for a Real-Time Ergonomics Assessment by the Gesture Confidence Level

Jauharah Hasna Dzakiyyah Adani, Teddy Sjafrizal, Rino Andias Anugraha, Muhammad Iqbal, Ilma Mufidah
Ergonomics assessment of human body movement demands a comprehensive and systematic data collection. The easy-to-use self-report (e.g. questionnaires, checklist, interview) and the observational technique (e.g. pose rating) are the commonly practiced techniques. However, these methods suffer from a high...
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Human Error Probability of Grinding Operation in Fabrication and Construction Company Using Fuzzy HEART Method

Mila Ariefiani, Lukman Handoko, Haidar Natsir Amrullah, Luqman Ashari, Muhammad Shah, Fais Hamzah
The accident record from the construction and fabrication company in 2015 until 2018 shows that the highest accident rate is in grinding operation with a percentage of 26%. The main accidents was caused by human error with a percentage 66.67%. This study aims to determine HEPs (Human Error Probabilities)...
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Worker Ergonomics Surveillance in Industrial Environments Based on Parallel Computing on Face Camera Using OpenCV and CUDA

Imam Cholissodin, I Made Setia Baruna, M. Ananta Pratama, Dwi Rama Malawat, Dewi Hardiningtyas
Modern applications today have used automation contexts to adjust application behavior to the received context, especially in industrial environment. This can highly increase the user experience of ergonomic comfort, safety, and health of workers. This context can be concluded by a program using variety...
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Assessment Of Worker Posture In Herbicides Production And Break Time Determination Using OCRA Index Method

Cahyaning Wulan Dhadhari, Wiediartini, Haidar Natsir Amrullah
Workers in the packaging process of pesticide factories constantly do repetitive jobs on belt conveyors, eight hours per shift. Results of preliminary observations used Nordic Body Map (NBM) questionnaire shown that there was the severity of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) on the upper body of the workers....
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Designing Classification Models of Patron Visits to an Academic Library using Decision Tree

Aisyah Larasati, Muhammad Farhan, Puji Rahmawati, Nabila Azzahra, Apif Miftahul Hajji, Anik Nur Handayani
Classification models of patron visits in library may help the library to reveal factors that affect patron visit and to predict how frequent a patron visit the library. This research aims to design classification models of patron visit in Library of Universitas Negeri Malang using decision tree model....
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Defects Tracking Matrix for Plywood Industry Production based on House of Quality

Yustina Suhandini Tjahjaningsih, Misdiyanto, Ahmad Izzuddin
Problems in the industry with the mass customization system are quite complex because of the frequent reconfiguration by the changes of production process systems according to customer orders, so quality assurance is demanded to be more accurate according to the number of different part types and...
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Implementation Concept of Industry 4.0 to Manufacturing Industry in Indonesia in Order to Optimize Supply Chain Management

M Y P Pane, R Hartono, Y Yuwana, S Raharno
Common manufacturing Industries in Indonesia are labour intensive industry, paper-based information flow thus un-well recorded. This behaviour can’t give real time and accurate information from shop floor which is important to make an effective production planned. This paper presents an approach to change...
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Design Of Rolled Conveyor Using Rational Product Development Method

Mira Rahayu, Amrullah Paksi Imami, Ikhsana Diana Putri
AMDK PDAM Bandung City Company is a startup company that produce mineral water size 220ml and 19liters. The production process, transferring process of 19liters gallon from sealing machine to loading bay is using manual material handling method without material handling equipment. The company has a policy...
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Design Of Electronic Supply Chain Management Information System In PT XYZ

Marwan, Harmein Nasution, Aulia Ishak
PT XYZ is a company engaged in the production of beverages. PT XYZ has several suppliers and distributors spread across several locations. PT XYZ requires a web-based application that can simplify business processes with suppliers, distributors and product ordering processes by reducing the level of...
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Route Determination Method to Minimize Distribution Cost and Total Time Balance by Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm

Krismodianto, Santoso
The subject of this research is a distribution company engaged in the distribution of eggs to many customers in Bandung. Distribution is carried out every day with 3 types of vehicles which are one way pick up, three ways pick up, and engkel truck. Based on preliminary research, the current route determination...
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Business Development on Bukasuara Startup With Startup Evolution Curve Methods

Nurina Sharfina, Yuniaristanto, Roni Zakaria
Technology and internet innovations are changing the world of mass communication with the presence of online media. The internet also changes the way people do business. A startup business is a company initiated by individual founders or entrepreneurs to search for a repeatable and scalable business...
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Farmer’s Work Posture Analysis Affected Musculoskeletal Disorders

Apsari Eka, Astrini Yuli, Hadyanawati Agripina, Purnomo Hari
Indonesia has an area of 8.1 million hectares of agricultural land. The extent of ricefields in Indonesia, will give an impact on the manpower increase in this field. However, this is not fully supported by the central and regional governments in a logistic way. The tools used by farmers are still classified...
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Application of Six Sigma Method with DMAI Approach in Railway Manufacturing Company

Tania Silvani, Agus Yanuar, Widia Juliani
As one of railway manufacturing company in Southeast Asia, quality is an important factor in maintaining customer satisfaction and one of the key success in business competition. During the railway production, there is problem in the assembly process of car body sub assembly, namely underframe. Defective...
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Development of Information Support System (ISS) Application for Organization Performance Improvement: Case in Tyre Manufacturer and Air Transport Company

S. Awibowo, A.T. Pratama, N.A. Puteri, F. Thomafi
In this era of global competition, management of an organization requires an application to support the information system, in order to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and also its competitiveness. Even though it is getting more comfortable, the development of the information support system (ISS)...
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Analysis of Simulation in Supply Chain Management Based on System Dynamics and SCOR Model (a Case Study : Newspaper Industry)

Yasmine Arsyifa, Yuniaristanto, I Suletra, Wahyudi Sutopo
Supply Chain Management is a relationship between related components in a company. The relationship between the complex components of supply chain needs to be measured and evaluate the performance so it can be increased by effectively and the company can run the business properly. Case studies conducted...
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Resilience Measurement of SMEs Batik Sampang in Dealing with Natural Disasters

Issa Utami, Iwan Santosa, Atik Mardiana, Ari Basuki
Sampang Regency is one of regions in East Java affected by flood every year. This causes disruption to the economic system of the community, especially for SMEs. Batik is a potential creative industry whose production processes are influenced by weather and climate. The quality of colouring and drying...
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Identifying Waste Cooking Oil Chains to Become an Energy Resource: Study Case in Yogyakarta

Amalia Astuti, Utaminingsih Linarti, Mohamad Yulistiyanto
Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) is classified as municipal waste that potentially could pollute the environment. The form of the chains for waste cooking oil management has never been identified so the benefits are still unknown to the community. Up till now, waste cooking oil is always dumped into drains or...
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Supply Chain Performance Measurement using Hybrid SCOR Model and System Dynamics

Niura Ikasari, Yuniaristanto, Wahyudi Sutopo
Production unit of lithium ion battery Sebelas Maret University (UNS) that become Indonesia’s first solution to the problem energy in Indonesia, where the need is increased while the source of its acquisition will be increasingly rare. In this case, it is important to supply chain performance rated....
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Effect Ratio of Milkfish Payus with Tapioca Flour and Proportion of Water to Organoleptic, Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Fish Crackers

Issa Utami, Iwan Santosa, Rulli Annisa, Endah Retnaningsih, Ika Anna
SMEs producing fish crackers in Socah, Bangkalan do not have a composition standard for Milkfish Payus and the water proportion. Thus product quality cannot be maintained. Oftentimes, the fish crackers have darker color and harder texture. This research aims to determine the effect of ratio of Milkfish...
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Determination of Distribution Route using Linear Programming Model (Case Study at Washing Jeans Company)

Rainisa Heryanto, Yenny Steephani, Santoso
Distribution activity is important factor to determine service performance from producer to customer. One of distribution problems is about route determination. Some researches explain about Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). VRP is a development of Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) with various modifications...
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Spare Part Inventory Policy Planning based on FRMIC (Fuzzy-Rule-based approach for Multi-Criteria Inventory Classification) using Base-Stock Policy Method (S-1, S)

Anjani Maulaya, Ari Ridwan, Budi Santoso
Policy in managing inventory becomes an important part of a company, including in Food Factory that involve several production activities. To support production activities, company needs machines to carry out production activities. In order to keep production activities running well, the company always...
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Building a Predictive Model to Estimate NOx Emission Pollutant of Backhoe Equipment

Aisyah Larasati, Aal Mahardika, Darin Ramadhanti, Yuh-Wen Chen, Apif Hajji, Vertic Darmawan
NOx is one of emission pollutant resulted from Backhoe equipment. This research aims to build a predictive model to estimate NOx pollutant released by backhoe equipment using Support Vector Machine model. Two type of kernel types (radial basis function and linear kernel types) are compared. The study...
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Cargo Bikes in Transit Oriented Development: Concept and Route Clustering

Aziz Syam, Bonivasius Prasetya
The increasing growth of the e-commerce market makes the savings of the last mile shipping compete with each other to provide third-party logistics services with the type of shipping and competitive prices. The existence of Cargo bikes in Jakarta city has been popular since 2013 pioneered by the West...
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Decision Making Support in Developing Entrepreneurship Tenants of Uai Incubator Bussiness

Erwin Sardisan, Rantri Fauziah, Niken Parwati
Entrepreneurial incubators are established to develop entrepreneurship, in order to help entrepreneurs in carrying out their businesses. Entrepreneurship is the attitude, behavior, enthusiasm and ability of a person in running a business. Entrepreneurial incubators at UAI called Tajeer UAI are expected...
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Planning of Green & Smart Campus Design in Jakarta with Case Study of Early Energy Audit at UNSADA Faculty of Economics Building

Erwin Sadirsan, Tifa Asrianti, Ratna Ariati
Energy conservation is one of the renewable energy sources that is seldom explored although Government of Indonesia has issued a series of regulation and legal basis on the issue. Darma Persada University (UNSADA) and other education institutions are included in the institutions that should implement...
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Mental Workload Evaluation of Machining Tool Operators in Manufacturing SMEs

Atya Aisha, Fida Nugraha, Litasari Suwarsono
Human resource is an important factor that affects productivity in manufacturing companies. 37% product completion delay in a manufacturing SME in 2017 was due to human factors especially mental workload related. This study aims to measure the level of mental workload based on the type of work and shift...
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Comparison of Job Evaluation Methods: Implications for the Salaries Design in Publishing Company

Litasari Suwarsono, Atya Aisha, Fida Nugraha
Job evaluation is an crucial factor in compensation design because it relates to issues of equity and worker satisfaction. Case study at the Human Resources Department of a publishing company show that there is a problem with the compensation system that is felt to be unfair. The existing method used...
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Rubber Spare Parts Supplier Selection Model Using Artificial Neural Network: Multi-Layer Perceptron

Aulia Ishak, Tommy Wijaya
Supplier have an important role in the availability of raw materials for the ongoing production activities of a company. The selection of the right supplier is not only profitable for the company but also can increase customer satisfaction. Therefore, in the selection of suppliers the company must have...
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Supplier Selection Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS)

Aulia Ishak, Syafiah Parinduri
Supplier selection is an important issue in decision making. In the manufacturing industry, one of the important activities is the procurement of raw materials by suppliers This Study Case which is a company engaged in the field of building materials with the main product in the form of nails with raw...
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Identification of Risk Event of Mushroom Supply Chain in Langsa City by SCOR Method

Nurlaila Handayani, Yusnawati, Yusri Nadya
Supply chain risk management is a series of activities that consist of identifying and managing supply chain risk with a coordinated approach among members of the supply chain, to reduce the disruption that occurs along the supply chain member. The negative impact of risk management can reduce company...
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Choosing Alternative Managements of Solid Waste from Tofu Producing Small and Medium Enterprises in East Aceh District by Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)

Yusnawati, Nurlaila Handayani, Yusri Nadya
Many tofu is produced by small and medium enterprises (SME). The process of producing tofu the resulting output is tofu and secondary products. The secondary products are solid and liquid waste. The solid waste produced has a crude protein content of around 21.29%. Because the protein content found in...
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Design of Improvement to Minimize Motion Waste in Production of Head Casing Part at PT. Multi Instrumentasi with Lean Manufacturing Approach

Williardy Pratama, Agus Yanuar, Meldi Rendra
PT. Multi Instrumentasi is a manufacturing company that produces water meters. In producing water meters, one of the parts is the head casing. Head casing part consist of two types namely LF-1 and LF-2. Constraints experienced by companies are the inaccessibility of head casing production targets that...
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Online Travel Agency Channel Pricing Policy based on Dynamic Pricing Model to Maximize Sales Profit Using Nonlinear Integer Programming Approach

Salman Shadiqurrachman, Ari Ridwan, Artha Kusuma
A dynamic pricing strategy on the cooperation between a hotel and an online travel agency (OTA) is commonly applied to build a pricing policy. The purpose of this study is to propose a pricing policy according to the dynamic pricing model on a single online travel agency channel. The paper provides a...
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Optimizing Milling Process Parameters of Bovine Horns forMaximizing Surface Quality and Minimizing Power Consumption

Audrey Unadi, Teddy Sjafrizal, Rino Anugraha, Muhammad Iqbal
Bovine Horn is an abundant natural resource, yet its industrial application is limited. Introducing this natural material to the machining process is expected to improve the adoption of this material in producing industrial products. This study aims to describe the optimization of bovine horns milling...
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Enhancing Thermal-Shock Reliability of a Sleeveless Power Inductor Assembly upon Reflow Soldering

Fildzah Fajrina, Teddy Sjafrizal, Rino Anugraha
Employing magnetic resin in between the upper and bottom flange of a drum core is proven design in boosting the performance of a power inductor. The optimum core design and magnetic resin characteristic were investigated to improve the thermal shock reliability of the component upon reflow soldering....
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Design Improvement At Shearing And Tandem Cold Milling Process Of Full Hard 0,2 X 914 Mm Products In Steel Manufacturing With Six Sigma Method

Andini Pratiwi, Marina Lubis, Agus Yanuar
This research aims to address the problems that are facing a largest steel manufacturing in Indonesia in producing steel is production failure that is caused by process so that it produces defect.The steel manufacturing produces 3 types of products, the named are Hot Rolled Plate, As Rolled and Full...
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Parameter Optimization of Tray Dryer Machine Endless Chain Pressure (ECP) with Taguchi Method at PT PN VIII Purwakarta

Yonatan Pranata, Mira Rahayu, Erna Febriyanti
PT. Perkebunan Nusantara is a company that produce black tea. One of the step to make black tea is the process of drying tea leaves to have a water content of 2.5% - 3%. The company use Endless Chain Pressure (ECP) type machine.Inside the ECP machine there is a tray where the tea will be dried. Tray...
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Marketing Strategy Analysis of Arca Industry as Furniture Business Using the QSPM Method

Muhammad Irwan, Endang Chumaidiyah, Wawan Tripiawan
Arca Industri is a company engaged in furniture. Arca Industri revenue results from November 2017 to October 2018 are obtained that there are several months in which income does not meet the specified target. Therefore, Arca Industri must plan a new strategy in order to experience an increase in income...
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Indonesia Sea Toll Strategy Framework Directive: Innovative and Participatory Decision-Making Methods Towards the World Maritime Axis

Yuka Manti, L. Kusuma, Adinda Ramadhani, M. Majid
The Government of Indonesia, through the Ministry of Transportation, has established a sea highway program as one of the main programs in the national midterm development plan for 2015 to 2019 [1]. Based on the literature we collected from the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia,...
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The Impact Of Motivation, Work Satisfaction And Compensation On Employee's ProductivityIn Coal Companies

Muhamad Ekhsan, Nur Aeni, Ryani Parashakti, Mochammad Fahlevi
In order to make the company able to compete in globalization area, the company has to increase the human capital implementation within the organization. The company then expected to adapt with the changing environment. A good human resource management is affected by several factors such as : motivation,...
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The Effect of Vibration Energy Changes on Compressive Strength of Concrete Paving Block (CPB) in Concreting Process with Vibropressing System

Erno Widayanto, Agoes Soehardjono, Wisnumurti, Achfas Zacoeb
The Concrete which has low w/c, or Concrete Paving Block (CPB) requires technology in the compaction process. Compaction with vibropressing technology is a compaction technology that combines vibrations and presses that carried out simultaneously. The objection of the researchis finding the effect of...
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Application of Grey Teory Method for Halal Food Risk Assessment Based on the Traceability System in Food Supply Chain

Dwi Handayani, Haryono, Tri Prihatiningsih
The purpose of this study was to assess the risk of based halal food. The method that will be used in conducting a risk assessment using the Grey Theory method.There are three risks that need to be considered for fish meatball SME, namely the risk of adding preservative supporting ingredients to meatballs,...
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Spatial Planning of Renewable Energy-Based Minapolitan Region

Henny Handayani, Erwin Sadirsan, Aep Uyun, Slamet Soegeng
Minapolitan derived from the word 'mina' which means fisheries, and 'politan', means multi-activities. E3i village concept (Energy, Economy and Environment Independent) aims at empowering rural communities to have access to renewable energy for the improvement of economic and production activity in the...
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Minimizing Corrective Maintenance Cost through Spare Parts Classification and Inventory Control

Puspitasari Sukma, Amanda Sahara, Agustina Eunike
Maintenance operations have a significant portion in manufacturing cost. It will become larger when related to the value of lost business opportunity while repairs process, and the impact of customer dissatisfaction when his order was short or late. For this reason, this paper studies how to minimize...
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Mobile Application ‘Doogether’ Evaluation With Usability And User Acceptance Approaches

Nilla, Amyra Wahyuningtyas, Dian Safitri
DOOgether is an electronic commerce as a sports venue booking platform that provides easy access to various types and sports venues in Jakarta area, Indonesia. It uses mobile application media for its sales. The number of visitors increased from year to year in line with improvements made. Apparently...