Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Organizational Innovation (ICOI 2017)

Session: 1.1

5 articles

Study of the Consumer Life Style and the Shape Preference of Ming Style Furniture

Shuo-fang Liu, Min Jiang, Jenn-yang Lin, Zhang Yang
This paper explored the preferences of Ming style furniture in different lifestyle. First, basedon the AIOs Lifestyle Scale, the questionnaire was constructed. And then though the factor analysis, cluster analysis and OnewayANOVA, the furniture consumption concept was evaluated, the lifestyle group was...

Application of form generation in design for the improvement of users' perception of public faucet hygiene

Meng-dar Shieh, Chien-nan Chen, Ya-chi Chiu
With the growing global population, there is an increasing rate of human contact. In particular, we often find that many public restroom users collect water with cupped hands to pour on the faucet switch after washing their hands due to their suspicions about the lack of hygiene. This study redefined...

Apply out-side mold decoration technique to Cosmetic Package Design

Shih-wen Hsiao, Chih-huang Yen, Chu-hsuan Lee
To conform to fashion tendency and market requirements, cosmetics always pursue for fashion and innovation, thus package design is confronted with problems of limited design elasticity, complex follow-up job sequences, environmental pollution caused by technology and cost of high reject ratio. The essay...

A Study of Stationers Attractiveness Factors

Jia-xuan Han, Min-yuan Ma
As the changes in consumption patterns and impacts from the e-commerce, the operation conditions of stationers has gone from bad to worse day by day, and how to find the charming factors of the physical stores of stationers to attract consumers becomes the impendent topic faced by the entity stores of...

A Study of Taiwanese Design Student's Preference and Imagery for Textures of "Tujia brocade"

Wei Chow, Meng-dar Shieh
Tujia minority is located at the border of four provinces including Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, and Guizhou. With long-term historical and cultural influences, Tujia minority eventually formed its own unique style of folk craftworks, among which the "Tujia brocade" is one of the most representative art form....