Proceedings of the International Conference on Management, Business, and Technology (ICOMBEST 2021)

This proceeding consists of selected papers of the International Conference on Management, Business, and Technology (ICOMBEST) held on 12 October 2021 as a hybrid conference. This conference was conducted by the Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, the University of Jember, Indonesia.

ICOMBEST aims to provide a platform where all stakeholders from academia, business, government, and society can interact through a series of academic research presentations, panel discussions, and keynote speeches. We also offer excellent opportunities to develop the networking of researchers, academia, and scholars and important channels to share their ideas and experiences within which the establishment of research and business associations with global partners can be nurtured to advance future research and collaborations.

The theme of the 1st ICOMBEST is “Post Pandemic Economic Recovery: Business, Management, and Technology.” We accepted papers in 5 thematic ideas with various methodologies and approaches. These include papers with the following topics: business, management and technology, accounting, economics and sharia, and strategy. ICOMBEST was attended by more than 200 participants and attracted more than 100 authors from five countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Nigeria, and Vietnam.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to keynote speakers, invited speakers, co-hosts, sponsors, participants, presenters, reviewers, and committees for their outstanding contribution to the ICOMBEST’s success.