Proceedings of the International Conference on Management, Business, and Technology (ICOMBEST 2021)

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The Role of Monetary and Macroprudential Policy Instruments on Macroeconomic Stability in Southeast Asian Countries

Eka Febrianti Utami
The impact and trauma of global financial crisis overshadowed the post-crisis economic recovery in the last two decades. Monetary and macroprudential policies are the two most popular and general policies to maintain macroeconomic stability. Covid-19 has become a storm in the economy, paralyzing the...
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Comparison Analysis of LDR, NPL, ROA, CAR, and OER Before and During the Covid-19 Pandemic Period

Sri Ayuni, Bornok Situmorang
This study aims to analyze the effect of the Covid-19 pandemics on the financial performance ratios of BPR Dana Nusantara Batam, the BPR with the best performance in the Riau Islands Province. In addition, this study uses Bank Indonesia Circular Letter No. 6/23/DPNP Year 2004 to categorize the achievement...
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Corporate Governance Crisis Caused by Lack of Business Ethics

Organizational Behavior Analysis of LIBOR Scandal

Haoran Xu
Firstly, based on the fraud of Barclays Bank in the LIBOR manipulation incident, this paper analyzes the role of behavioral and psychological factors such as morality, the principle of reciprocity, conformity and obedience to authority in misconduct. Secondly, it analyzes the internal culture of commercial...
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Determinant of Purchase Intention on Platform Religios-based e-Learning

Sudaryanto Sudaryanto, Darien Nhisrina Arief, Fajar Destari
This study focuses on explaining the behaviour of purchase intention on platform religious-based e-learning in pandemic Covid-19 era. Furthermore, it explains the influence of religiosity on purchase intention through service involvement and platform involvement on platform religious-based e-learning....
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Islamicity Performance Index and Profitability Determinants

Neny Tri Indrianasari, Isti Fadah, Intan Nurul Awwaliyah
The importance of managing Intellectual Capital is particularly within the financial sector companies that has got to invest within the development of human capital, organizational processes, and knowledge-based companies so as to make a sustainable and long-lasting competitive advantage. Islamic banking...
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Probability Model for Looking for a Job Educated Job Seeker at the Labor Market in Central Java Province (Sakernas Data)

Dody Setyadi, Karnowahadi, Endang Sulistyani
This study aims to determine the work probability model for measuring the probability of looking for job by age, gender, status as head of household, income while looking for job, education level and market wages, using SAKERNAS data and multiple logistic models. This model will examine the significance...
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Do Changes in Trading Hours Affect Return, Volatility and Liquidity? Evidence from Indonesia Stock Market

Naufal Wicaksono, Intan Nurul Awwaliyah, Marmono Singgih
The COVID-19 outbreak triggered various responses around the world, particularly on the Indonesia stock market. It can be seen that the Indonesia stock market is highly affected due to COVID-19 pandemic. This makes BEI has to take a policy so that the stock market is still attractive for investors. BEI...
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Systematic Literature Review: Stock Price Prediction Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Grace Yoby Dopi, Rudy Hartanto, Silmi Fauziati
This research was conducted using a literature review method to analyze various studies that will identify the type of analysis with the attributes used, the methods used, the methods most often used, and the methods that have the best performance. This study collected research from 2016 – July 2021,...
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Knowledge Sharing and Business Performance: The Role of Innovative Behavior

Endang Sulistiyani, Karnowahadi, Dody Setyadi
The purpose of this study was to analyze the antecedent variables that affect business performance in the handicraft sector SMEs in Central Java. The population of this study are all owners of handicraft SMEs in Central Java. Samples were taken using purposive sampling method. Data were collected through...
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Purchase Decision on Green Coffee Shop: The Role of Green Promotion, Green Physical Evidence, and Environmental Awareness

Cempaka Paramita, Farhana Zia, R. Andi Sularso
The objective of this study is to examine the effect of green promotion, green physical awareness, and environmental awareness on purchase decision at green coffee shop named Retrorika Coffee Bar and Resto Malang. The sample consisted of 160 respondents taken by applying purposive sampling technique....
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Village Funds: A Study of Community Village Monitoring

Siti Nuraini, Dina Heriyati, Izzato Millati, Aprilia Dwi Puriyanti, Ratna Dwi Lestari
The village fund is one of the national programs to reduce poverty in rural areas, expand job opportunities by creating businesses in Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDesa) and improving rural infrastructure. Prioritizing community empowerment, village funds are managed directly by the community. This study...
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Increasing Destination Branding Through Destination Attributes and Tourism Promotion to Boost Visit Intention in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Gusti Ayu Wulandari, Sudaryanto Sudaryanto, Gusti Ayu Agustina Riski, Kamaliya Sagita Hasanah
This study analyses the effect of destination attributes and Tourism Promotion on Visit Intention on tourism visiting Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park through destination branding. The population in this study were tourists who visited the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The sampling method used...
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Increasing Work Engagement with Employees’ Perceptions of Psychological Climate-Based Organizational Changes

Rini Rahmawati, Ali Wardhana, Asrid Juniar
This study aims to analyze the effect of employee perceptions of organizational change on the psychological climate and work engagement, as well as to analyze the reciprocal effect of psychological climate and work involvement on employees of regionally owned enterprises in Banjarmasin City. Employee...
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Sustainability Based on Risk Management of Batik Sasirangan SMEs in the Banjarmasin City

Sufi Jikrillah, Muhammad Ziyad, Doni Stiadi, Asrid Juniar
This study aims to analyze risk management as a basis for measuring the sustainability of the Sasirangan batik SMEs in the Banjarmasin City. The number of respondents studied were 39 entrepreneurs using questionnaires and in-depth interviews to dig up information in order to obtain an overview of the...
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The Effect of Imprudence, Self-Indulgence, and Lack of Self-Control on Male Shoppers’ Impulse Buying Behavior: A Case in Indonesia

Yulianti Prihatiningrum, Laila Refiana Said
This study aims to examine the role of consumer impulsiveness variables in predicting impulse buying behavior of male shoppers in retail setting. Data were collected by survey through questionnaires involving 185 male shoppers by using accidental sampling techniques. Further, the data is processed and...
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The Influence of HR Competencies and Entrepreneurs’ Skills on Sasirangan MSMEs’ Business Performance in Banjarmasin Municipality

Meiske Claudia, Rusniati
This study aims to determine and analyze the influence of human resource (HR) competencies and entrepreneurs’ skills on Sasirangan MSMEs’ business performance in Banjarmasin Municipality. The empirical data would be the basis for the formulation of suggestions for Sasirangan entrepreneurs so that they...
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Design E-Ticketing System to Increase Ticket Sales in Banyuwangi Branch New Star Cineplex

Anak Agung Gde Satia Utama, Pending Puji Dwi Astuti, Eka Elmi Hikmawati, Yashinta Setyowati
In the modern era, technology has developed very fast. Trades that are carried out manually have been able to switch to electronic media (e-commerce). E-commerce can also be applied in ordering or purchasing tickets online (e-ticketing). E-ticketing is already running on companies engaged in transportation,...
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Analysis of Performance and Competitiveness of Water Hyacinth Crafts Based on Product Differentiation, Creativity, and Green Entrepreneurial

Siti Aliyati Albushairi, Nuril Huda
This study aims to analyze the effect of product differentiation, creativity, and green entrepreneurial orientation on performance and competitiveness. This study was conducted in North Hulu Sungai Regency, South Kalimantan Province. The sample is set at 135 respondents. Data was sourced from observations,...
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Marketing Preferences of Farmers in Banyuwangi Coffee Market

Yusmia Widiastuti
The plantation sector is a sector that plays a role in the country’s foreign exchange earnings. One of the foreign exchange-producing plantation commodities is coffee. Around 61 percent of the total production is exported while the rest is consumed domestically and stored as carry stocks by traders and...
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Student Investment Interest in Sharia Fintech

Novi Puspitasari, Safira Meifindasari, M. Ahmad Ahsin Kusuma
Investment is the investment of resources or capital that is expected to generate profits in the future. Sophisticated sharia fintech, easy to use, and in accordance with Islamic sharia is the right choice for Muslim investors. This study is intended to analyze the effect of attitudes, subjective norms,...
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Manufacturing Company Dividend Policy

Which Financial Performance is the Determinant?

Hari Sukarno, Salma Fauziyyah, Khanifatul Khusna
The purpose of this study is to examine among the financial performance of profitability, liquidity, leverage and managerial ownership portion, which one is representative in determining dividend policy. This research is quantitative research with a hypothesis testing approach. The population and sample...
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The Effect of Entrepreneurship Orientation on Coffee Farming Performance in Banyuwangi Regency (Case Study in Glagah District)

Yusmia Widiastuti
Basically everyone has the ability to be an entrepreneur. To be an entrepreneur it takes courage to start something new, therefore there is often fear or doubt in someone in starting to become an entrepreneur because there is no certainty of profit or salary. Many successful entrepreneurs are also started...
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Green Human Resource Management and Organizational Environmental Sustainability During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Conceptual Framework

Mohammad Noor Khaled M. Alqudah, Yusnita Yusof, Malek Bakheet Elayan, Cempaka Paramita
This paper concentrate on underlying strategies for improving environmental sustainability, creating awareness among human resource managers and employees about Green Human Resource Management (GHRM), the green movement, and the use of natural resources to help organizations foster sustainable growth...
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Shariah Governance in Islamic Financial Institutions in Nigeria: An Empirical Study

Mohd Sadad Mahmud, Ibraheem Alani AbdulKareem, Muqaddam Oyetunji Ali, Isti Fadah, Ah Ali Arifin
This study examines the elements of Shariah governance in Islamic financial institutions in Nigeria. In this study, a quantitative research method is utilized to gather data via a survey approach using questionnaires. The data were acquired from members of ACE, SAs, academia, religious preachers, banks...
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Social Relations Between Markets and Farmers: A Sustainable Development Model for Coffee Commodities

Mochammad Farid Afandi, Siti Komariyah, Bayu Aprillianto, Dien Vidia Rosa
The socio-economic characteristics are used in making judgments about the effects of different effects on economic welfare policies. This research focuses on the issue of coffee farming as one of the objectives of the study to create empowered and prosperous farming communities. Thus, the purpose of...
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Re-use Intention of Online Learning Platform

Akram Harmoni Wiardi, Trisna Murni, Rina Suthia Hayu, Effed Darta Hadi
The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is a model used to predict user acceptance of information systems based on perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. If the user sees the benefits and ease of using the information system, it will cause the user’s actions to accept the use of the information...
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Developing a Waqf Crop Micro Takaful Framework Through Crowdfunding-Waqf in Malaysia

Fauzilah Salleh, Muhammad Shahrul Ifwat Ishak, Normazlina Abu Bakar, Siti Maria Wardayati
The agriculture sector contributed 7.1 per cent (RM101.5 billion) to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with 10.36% for employment in 2019. Agriculture is considered a high-risk industry due to adverse weather conditions and crop diseases outside the control of farmers that causes serious consequences,...