Proceedings of the International Conference on Science and Technology (ICOSAT 2017)

Empowerment of Urban Marginal Community Through Urban Farming: Challenges and Solutions

Bekti Wahyu Utami, Hanifah Ihsaniyati
Corresponding Author
Bekti Wahyu Utami
Available Online August 2017.
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City, Garbage, Prosperous, Empowerment, Solution
Urban farming is a solution for the environment and urban communities, especially in marginal areas. These solutions include saving the environment by managing waste, improving urban aesthetics, increasing oxygen supply in the city, and increasing income for urban communities. Especially considering waste is a complicated problem in urban areas. If not managed properly, the waste will disturb the aesthetics of the city, a source of pollution, and endanger health. Solo City is inseparable from the waste problem including Kampung Bibis Baru RW 24 Kelurahan Nusukan and Kampung Ngemplak Sutan RW 37 (especially RT 03) Mojosongo Subdistrict, both of which are marginal areas both economically and socially. As the nearest university, Sebelas Maret University felt compelled to contribute in solving the problem. For that purpose, empowerment and facilitation efforts to realize the urban farming are prosperous. Empowerment is done through integrated waste management by fostering community entrepreneurship towards improvement of welfare. On the other hand, the role of the student as a change agent and the next generation is very important. Therefore, this social engineering activity is done by involving students in the KKN (Rural Social Internship Program) Program. Empowerment methods are implemented by combining different approaches, techniques, and types of activities. There are many challenges faced in assisting and empowering marginal people in urban areas. In order for empowerment to continue, it is found and implemented solutions.
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