Proceedings of the International Conference on Science and Technology (ICOSAT 2017)

Reflexivity of Food and Plants on Islam With Theory H

Roikhan MA
Corresponding Author
Roikhan MA
Available Online August 2017.
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Food, Plant, Qur'an, Islam, Science, Theory H
This research aims to study about Islam and science that often faced with the question is there any relation between food and plant to Islam or the Qur'an based on science? Are there Qur'an describes including science sector that related with food and plants? The purpose of this paper is to analyze the reflexivity of food and plant to Holy Book that can be described in universality of Islam. Some reflexivities of Quran in food and plants science are: about water can foster growth of plants and turn the land of dead, mineral salts are carried by rain water is a fertilizer that was traditionally increase productivity of the plant or land, the benefits of plants as food for humans and animals, the advantages of herbal medicine, such as dates and honey which has benefits for the human body, the differences of taste in every fruit produced by the plant to the process of how plants produce energy, and how plants perform photosynthesis process. The methodology used Quran Surah Al-Hijr (15) paragraph 87, to developed a mathematical formula or equation of numbers H=ahslm or theory of H. The results show that in the beginning of plants science, Islam had explained many evidences in the Qur'an that describes food and plants. So, it is evident also that all branches of science have the meaning of Islam in it. Science originated from the Qur'an or culminate in the Qur'an.
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