Proceedings of the International Conference on Science and Technology (ICOSAT 2017)

Pland Suitability Evaluation of Mangosteen Plant with Geoprocessing Model Approach Using Upland Soil Test Parameters

Syopiansyah Jaya Putra, Zainul Arham
Corresponding Author
Syopiansyah Jaya Putra
Available Online August 2017.
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Mangosteen, Geoprocessing, Upland soil test
In 2015, national exports of annual fruits consistent of 20 fruit commodities. Therefore, total exports of Indonesia annual fruits were valued US$ 35.98 million in 2015. Mangosteen export from Indonesia has increased since 1999 export volume of 4,743,493 kg with export value $ 3,887,816 and In 2015, the volume of mangosteen export was 38.18 thousand tons, from all annual fruit, it gave the largest contribution to foreign exchange with the values of US$ 17,212,084. Most of mangosteen was exported to Thailand, Malaysia and Hongkong, to date demand growth increased on average 35.6%. The high contribution of Indonesian mangosteen fruit exports is due the mangosteen is a unique commodity and specific tropical areas, so that competitors in the international market is not much. Mangosteen fruit is often touted as the Queen of Fruits because of its exotic form that makes a special attraction.This becomes very contradictory when viewed from the proportion of mangosteen fruit production compared to the total national fruit production of 0.5%. The main obstacle facing the perpetrators of mangosteen commodity agricultural industry is less availability of information on land suitability and recommendations of nutritional needs on production land of mangosteen plant. In the research will take land samples in 3 villages (Cileuksa, Pasir Madang and Cisarua), Sukajaya District Bogor, coordinate: 106º24'00'' - 106º30'00 '' East longitude and 6º32'00 '' - 6º43'00 '' South latitude. With 25 points of upland soil test area (pH, P, K, C-Organic, and Lime) and fertilizer recommendation SP36 (kg / ha), Kalium (kg KCl/ ha) and Organic Material (t/ha) using upland soil test kit and Georeference identification using GPS. Upland soil test parameters and georeferences obtained are stored in spatial database and spatial analysis of buffering and overlay geoprocessing model using ArcGIS on geoprocessing extension. This research produces maps and land suitability geographic information system with category classes: 63% appropriate, 26% marginal and 11% Unsuitable and nutritional needs of mangosteen cropland unity survey.
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