Proceedings of the International Conference on Science and Technology (ICOSAT 2017)

Effective IT Governance in Higher Education Institutions: The Conceptual Model

Muhammad Qomarul Huda, Meinarini Catur Utami, Nur Aeni Hidayah, Qurrotul Aini
Corresponding Author
Muhammad Qomarul Huda
Available Online August 2017.
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IT Governance, Implementation, Effective implementation, State islamic university, Organizational factor
Recently, a considerable literature has grown up around the theme of Information Technology Governance (ITG) in the organization. While some research has been carry out on ITG in general, there is still very little scientific understanding of Effective ITG in the context of Higher Education Institutions (HEI). To gain the effectiveness of IT governance in HEIs need to follow the IT governance mechanisms that provide the set of process and procedures which is in line with the strategic alignment between IT and business. In essence, Effective IT governance will guarantee alignment between IT and the business goals. Organizations with vain IT governance will hurt due to poor performance of IT resources such as inefficient operating costs, inaccurate information quality, and even the decease of its IT department. This paper offer the effective of IT governance evaluation model that may can be used by organizational management in the HEI in particular. Furthermore, this study identifies the factors that contribute to effective IT governance based on past literatures on this domain. The proposed model need to be tested through empirical study in the future work by others. The result of the study can help to HEIs management to gain the effective IT governance implementation. Other than, this study will contribute to the knowledge of IT governance implementation in HEIs.
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