Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Physics

Photonic jets for micro-etching

Andri Abdurrochman, Sylvain Lecler, Frédéric Mermet, Joël Fontaine, Bernard Tumbelaka
Corresponding Author
Andri Abdurrochman
Available Online October 2014.
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Photonic jets, micro-etching, microsphere, silicon, power laser.
Photonic jet is a localized sub-wavelength beam generated at the shadow-side surfaces of microscale dielectric cylinders or spheres, when they are illuminated by an electromagnetic wave. We demonstrate the potential of the photonic jets for micro-etching using a nanosecond Near-IR laser (l=1064 nm) that has a typical spatial resolution around 70 µm, limited by its optical focusing head. Combining this laser with micro-scale glass (ns = 1.5) and BaTiO3 spheres (ns = 1.9) to achieve photonic jets, we can etch two substrates: silicon wafers, which have a significant absorption at 1064 nm, and glass plates, which have a lower absorption at this wavelength. The smallest marks achieved on silicon have an average diameter of 1.3 µm which is 50 times smaller than without spheres. And despite the low absorption, micrometric etchings have also been achieved on glass.
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Advances in Physics Research
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October 2014
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Open Access
This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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