Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Politics, Economics and Law (ICPEL 2016)

DPRK's Foreign Trade and the Issue

Chengwen Kang
Corresponding Author
Chengwen Kang
Available Online May 2016.
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DPRK, foreign trade, foreign trade dependency, Issue, influential factors.
DPRK's foreign trade, of which the structure has the characteristics of exporting primary products, importing industrial manufacture and exchanging resources with products, is easily influenced by domestic and international political circumstances. On the fundament of summarising the DPRK's foreign trade development, this dissertation is going to analyse the foreign trade structure and the influential factors positively in accordance with relevant statistical data, and the major factors that determine and restrain DPRK's foreign trade, as shown by outcomes of the analysis, are DPRK's unreasonable industrial structure, low degree of productivity development and the economic politic decision-making mechanism that still remains under the circumstance of planned economy system. Under the circumstance of economics globalisation deepening increasingly, DPRK is supposed to break through limitations of conventional planned economy system, to actively and reasonably bring in market economics, to coordinate the relationship between the project and market and to actively develop foreign trade, which is expected to significantly promote the DPRK's domestic economic development, therefore becoming a flourishing country.
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